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Posted in: Spotify sued over alleged unpaid royalties See in context

In February, Spotify said it paid $9 billion to musicians and publishers last year, about half of which went to independent artists.

But how much did Spotify pay to itself in profit?

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Posted in: Japan city councilor quits over harassment of Australian mayor's daughter See in context

he held the microphone close to the lower body of the mayor's daughter, who is in her 20s. Nagata said earlier this week that he wanted to set the mood for the party

Naah, that's not creepy at all from a 71 year old.

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Posted in: Two things to do, and two things not to do, when leaving a traditional Japanese inn See in context

I've stayed at some lovely ryokans over the years and always try to follow the rule of keep the place neat, but it's getting hard to find them for future bookings since Covid.

I certainly don't want to be reduced to standard western-style hotels for my next trip!

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Posted in: Japanese 'sugar baby' gets 9 years for scamming men out of ¥155 mil See in context

So she scammed 155 million yen out of the three men, yet evaded income tax by hiding around 40 million yen derived from the scams.

Does that mean she declared the other 115m yen? Nine years does seem a little harsh.

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Posted in: Not a toddler, not a parent, but still love 'Bluey'? You're not alone See in context

It's an excellent show. Why should the kids have all the good stuff to themselves?

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Posted in: Slow down See in context

Man, that's some strong lipstick!

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Posted in: Japan's population falls below 125 mil; down for 13th straight year See in context

Meanwhile, the foreign national population rose 243,000 to about 3.16 million.

OK, but how many Japanese people left the country in search of job/life opportunities?

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Posted in: Princess Aiko begins work See in context

They really have no idea about being a regular member of society.

And yet when they do try, people monitor their every move and pick on every tiny hint of privilege or error.

Good luck to her, I say. Better than sitting round in a palace surrounded by servants.

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Posted in: Song lyrics are getting simpler, more repetitive: study See in context

Would you ever get a modern artist coming out with something sublime like this?

We skipped the light fandango

Turned cartwheels 'cross the floor

I was feeling kind of seasick

The crowd called out for more

The room was humming harder

As the ceiling flew away

When we called out for another drink

The waiter brought a tray

Mind you, as I type this, I'm watching an AKB48 2012 concert boxset that I picked up from a charity shop. It all sounds quite profound when you can't understand the language.

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Posted in: Fan outcry over K-pop star's date highlights 'harsh' industry rules See in context

"When I started out in the entertainment business, there was one thing people wouldn't stop telling me," she said in the film. "You are a product. You need to exist as the finest, top-quality product to the public."

I'm guessing the people who are saying this are the ones making the serious money off the image of their "product", while the singers are given tight contracts and small percentages.

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Posted in: Chocolate snack-shaped translator earphones See in context

Can't wait for the first news report of someone getting chocolate mushrooms stuck in their ears.


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Posted in: Boeing urges airlines to check switches after LATAM plane plunge See in context

I'm not an expert, but putting switches on flight deck seats doesn't sound very safe to me. Especially ones that have a "motorized feature to thrust the pilot into the controls".

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Posted in: Lawyers' group urges Tokyo to halt park development, calling its impact review unscientific See in context

I just checked and Joni Mitchell wrote/sang Big Yellow Taxi in 1970:

Don't it always seem to go

That you don't know what you've got

Till it's gone

They paved paradise

And put up a parking lot

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Posted in: Osaka Prefecture eyes collecting fixed fee for inbound tourists from 2025 See in context

Here's an article giving details on some of the other countries that charge some form of tourist tax.


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Posted in: Ghibli Park Catbus picks up passengers for first time, with a very special number plate See in context

But can I buy one to use on the streets of London?

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Posted in: More Japanese women buying Valentine's Day chocolates for themselves See in context

So does this mean the end of one of the classic anime tropes? What will happen to those high school comedies/dramas when February comes around and they can't show the horror of a clumsy girl forcing herself to learn how to make chocolate for the boy she loves?

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Posted in: Japan’s Homo Sausage now comes with cheese See in context

It looks like the perfect product to be sold by CMOT Dibbler.

Sausage inna bun.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for Kyoto Animation arson attack See in context

"I didn't think so many people would die, and now I think I went too far," Aoba told the Kyoto District Court when the trial opened in September.

Sorry, what!? "I think I went too far"? There speaks a man who still hasn't accepted the responsibility for his actions.

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Posted in: In Davos, an Australian mining boss presses industries to go green See in context

While solar and wind energy can be used for power generation, maritime shipping, aviation and road haulage will still require fuel, she said.

Yes, because no-one could possibly imagine a world in which maritime shipping uses wind power!


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Posted in: Why rich families are rich and poor families poor in Japan See in context

As Billie Holiday sang, nearly a century ago:

Them that's got shall have

Them that's not shall lose

So the Bible said and it still is news

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Posted in: Help, I’ve just discovered my teen has watched porn. What should I do? See in context

Help, I’ve just discovered my teen has watched porn. What should I do?

Congratulate them for reaching puberty?

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Posted in: OpenAI to launch anti-disinformation tools for 2024 elections See in context

ChatGPT maker OpenAI has said it will introduce tools to combat disinformation ahead of the dozens of elections this year in countries that are home to half the world's population.

Well, I for one feel reassured that our IT overlords are looking out for our welfare!


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Posted in: Legendary Paris restaurant reopens with view of Notre Dame's rebirth and 2024 Olympics See in context

The simplest fixed-price lunch menu runs to 150 euros ($167)

So just two and a half times the price of my return ticket from London on the Eurostar. Somehow I don't think I'm the clientele they are looking to attract.


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Posted in: Snow job See in context

Usually one waits for the snow to stop falling, don't they? Not that we here in the UK have that problem (London is apparently set for its warmest Christmas since 1920!).

Enjoy the festive season, wherever you are.

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Posted in: Court revives Nirvana child pornography lawsuit over 'Nevermind' cover See in context

Someone needs to point out that being naked is not always about sex/pornography.

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Posted in: Losing control See in context

It appears a number of comments think this is a problem peculiar to Tokyo/Japan. Sadly, it is happening everywhere. Oxford Street in London is a hotbed of people addicted to screen staring.

When I was young, I trained myself to read and walk by honing my peripheral vision and not blocking out the sound of traffic. Perhaps what people need is a course on how to stare at a screen while walking without crashing into people or walking into traffic. Maybe a good idea for a start-up?

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Posted in: AI could judge if user is of porn-watching age under new UK guidance See in context

Expect to see AI given as the answer to all life's problems for the next year or two, until the whole shaky edifice comes crumbling down. Surely people can spot a inflating tech bubble by now?

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Posted in: Japanese workers took 62% of paid leave allocation in 2022: gov't survey See in context

It seems that like workers in the U.S, Japanese people love working and are very loyal to their company,

Sadly, the companies very rarely show a similar level of loyalty to their staff.

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Posted in: Law change puts traditional Japanese daikon farmers in a pickle See in context

The Food Sanitation Law was amended in 2018 in response to an E. coli outbreak in 2012 in which eight people died after consuming pickled cabbage in Hokkaido due to a problem in the manufacturing process.

But was it in one of the large-scale factories or a small traditional local producer? It would be ironic if a tragedy caused by a big company ends up shutting down all its small scale competitors.

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Posted in: Chaos at unstaffed Japanese bento shop shows pitfalls of technology See in context

Most problems are customer generated except for the occasional unreadable barcode.

Not the case in my experience. There are also the frequent problems when the weight doesn't quite match what has been coded or the discount on the shelf hasn't been updated for the registers, and recently I had to wait two minutes for a coin, while the machine rattled and whirred (with the attendant watching on) looking for the coin. A local store has four "cash or card" machines, three of which are regularly adorned with a sign saying "card only".

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