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Posted in: If you are an employee of a company, educational institution or organization, do you like your job? See in context

Actaully, I would like to be employed again. Being self employed sucks.

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Posted in: Osaka Expo mascot needs name; organizers ask for suggestions See in context

Well... it's a grinning, dripping, bowel-headed thing with 5 eyes. Not even Lovecraft imagined anything like this.

I have no idea what to call it but whatever you do, do NOT say its name thrice!

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Posted in: Report: Germany top buyer of Russian energy since war began See in context

Just some thoughts...

Sanctions work mid-term, realistic effects will not be seen before summer.

It's a shame that Germany didn't see Putin for what he is but who else did?

Relying on Russian Gas was a mistake started by then chancellor Schröder, a social-democrat by name only.

The crap was fortified by Merkel, probably the biggest mistake she ever made.

However, shutting down NPPs was not - we can see in Ukraine what a vulnerable tech they are.

Lots of industries in Germany like steel and glass require factories to keep working 24/7, cutting off energy would mean totally wrecking them. Rebuilding would be costly and take years. That's why Germany is hesitating to cut off Russian gas until an alternative source comes flooding in.

50% of German housing is heated by gas - just like me, as a tenant I have no say in that matter.

I wish JT would ban those Putinistas regurging their same old crap.

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Posted in: Do you think the online advertising ecosystem involving multiple technologies wielded by ad networks, social media companies and publishers is getting too complicated for users to understand? See in context

Instead of the option "I don't know", a simple "eh?" or "huh?" would have been more appropriate.

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Posted in: What do you think of Tesla CEO Elon Musk? Is he the sort of person you'd like to work for or with? See in context

I don't know him personally but from what I read he's not the type of person I would like to know personally.

I'd rather work in a soup kitchen serving the homeless and refugees instead of enriching someone who has more than enough.

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Posted in: Missiles cause multiple explosions in western Ukraine city of Lviv See in context

*meaning "the WHOLE Ukraine" - wouldn't mind if she gets access to the Caspian Sea while going.

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Posted in: Missiles cause multiple explosions in western Ukraine city of Lviv See in context

I used to be part of the German Friedensbewegung way back in the early 80s. I have learned painfully that you cannot appease a raging bull (or in this case, bear) by waving an olive twig and asking him to come to the negotiation table. You can either hide behind said table and wait until he comes crashing through or get the weapons necessary to blast that menace to peace away.

Frieden schaffen ohne Waffen (make peace without arms) only works as long as you're dealing with someone with a conscience, with morals, with values like human life is prescious.

Putinistan has made clear it has no such values.

Give the Ukraine anything she wants, bayraktars, tanks, anti-rocket systems, long-range missiles, submarines, cruisers, whatever.

Cut off the bloody purchase of Russian coal, oil and gas NOW. And keep sanctions intact until Putin and his ilk are gone and the Ukraine is rebuilt.

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Posted in: What do you think the outcome of the war in Ukraine will be? See in context

Not quite sure what I "think", but I "hope" Putin gets his arse kicked, I "fear" Ukraine will not get enough help and I'm "prepared" for WW3. Not that I would like to die from radiation sickness in my dingy old flat, but I would rather suffer that than enduring more years of Putinism.

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Posted in: Some are hurt by remarks meant as goodwill gestures, like, 'You just haven't met the right person.' See in context

Some don't seem to get what Mr Nakamura says. It's like offering a beefsteak to a vegetarian saying, "oh, maybe tomorrow you'll get hungry enough to eat it".

It is deeply offensive.

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Posted in: U.S., Ukraine quietly try to pierce Putin's propaganda bubble See in context

Hack their TV and send them a mix from Western media news, subtitled and on permanent loop, updated daily.

Can be done but needs constant input from worldwide hackers.

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Posted in: Are there any circumstances that justify war? See in context

From a supporter of the 1980s Friedensbewegung: Yes, there are legimitate reasons to wage war - if your country is attacked, for instance. There are less reasons to declare war, but at the moment I'm under the influence of friends fleeing from Ukraine.

Anton drove his wife and their two kids to the Polish border just after the war started, then turned back to fight for his country. He was basically just delivering goods from Lviv to Kyijv when he had to avoid some road damage and came across some village. The village was a mess, hardly one structure remaining and a massive crater right in the middle. Dead cows and pigs strewn everywhere. When he got out of the lorry, a chicken limped towards him, both wings dragging, obviously broken.

He collapsed, and all he ever said since then was "Kurka, kurka...".

He was hurried back quickly towards the Polish border together with some other shell-shocked or handicapped mates and is somewhere along the miles-long line of refugees right now.

If there is a reason to wage war, then it is to prevent anything like this.

I hope Anton will get help in Poland.

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Posted in: With Ukraine war, Europe's geopolitical map is moving again See in context

Lavrov, the ugliest bulldog in history, has made clear that Putin will not have less than total Ukraine.

He will opt for total war next. I listened to his speech for a minute or so and threw up right after.

Maternity hospital housing secret warriors and so on while pregnant ladies and babies were still being rescued from the rubble.

Will the world continue to watch while Putin uses worse weapons on civilians?

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Posted in: With Ukraine war, Europe's geopolitical map is moving again See in context

Not easy to join NATO, even more difficult to join EU. Maybe we need a new organisation which steps in when global peace is in danger, whole countries being attacked, civilians murdered, and lies planted like seeds on a field of destruction.

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Posted in: Which of these three characters do you want as the mascot of Osaka’s World Expo? See in context

Blue beat me to it. Reminds me of the creatures I "met" during our Cthulhu-roleplaying campaign decades ago. Insanity points included.

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Posted in: Are you planning any trips to or from Japan over the next few months? If yes, do you understand what anti-coronavirus measures you may have to take beforehand? See in context

Not planning trips to any country which hasn't abolished the death penalty yet, thank you.

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Posted in: Reading Putin: Unbalanced or cagily preying on West's fears? See in context

Most definitely unhinged. Remember when Putin assembled his inner circle to pay obedience? Naryshkin trembling and fumbling? If your own secret service chief is afraid of you, then something's seriously wrong.

Sadly, this does not help in any way. Putin wants his way and he needs to win, and as long as the overpatient NATO steps in, racks up DEFCON and puts an ultimatum on ceasing hostility NOW and removing Russian troops from Ukraine territory within, say, 48 hrs, I fear thousands or more civilians in the Ukraine will lose their lives.

If Putin succeeds to grab Ukraine, he will not stop. In his delusions of grandeur, he will undoubtedly go for the next "disobedient" ex-Soviet state, be it a Baltic state or Poland or whatever. NATO states? No problem, NATO has proved it is weak.

He needs to be stopped now. Permanently.

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Posted in: What do you think is Russian President Vladimir Putin's endgame following the Russian attack on Ukraine? See in context

Putin's endgame is to become a new Tsar and getting back any territory that once was Russia. He's a megalomanical liar and will stop at nothing until his own people remove him from power or he got assassinated by some other power.

I blame the West for not realising that after his speech in Munich 2007, his grab at Crimea in 2014 and becoming even more dependant of gas/oil imports even after.

But ultimately it's Putin who needs to be removed. Attacking the Ukraine for accusing their jewish, democratically elected president for being a "neo-nazi", lying about not targetting civilians (which clearly happened) and making fresh recruits join an "excercise" which actually was a full-scale attack on the Ukraine, shows who or what Putin ultimately is.

An insane, megalomanical narcissic murderer who is willing to throw his youths, his country and his country's reputation under the bus for his own delusions of grandeur.

My Russian friends are ashamed and ask for the Mossad to put an end to his tyranny.

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Posted in: Ukraine crisis exposes Putin's 'isolated, paranoid' world See in context

Shadows of 1939. Brainwash your people, slip in some racial superiority, some false-flag-operation and there you go with another World War.

You can't make a bargain with psychopaths.

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Posted in: How the media failed Japan’s most vulnerable immigrants See in context

@Strangerland, I think democracy means a vote is a vote, not like in Japan where some votes count more than others or like in the US where gerrymandering strips communities off voting.

If a rural vote would count thrice in Germany like it does in Japan it would cause an uproar.

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Posted in: Calling the coronavirus the 'Chinese virus' connects label with bias See in context

Closest relative of covid-19 found in bats in Laos. So much for your engineered in Wuhan-lab narrative.

Newly Discovered Bat Viruses Give Hints to Covid’s Origins - The New York Times (

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Posted in: How the media failed Japan’s most vulnerable immigrants See in context

Back in the 80s, a friend of mine got held over a "brawl" with some youths. While in detention it happened he overstayed his visa and so they held him even longer for overstaying. He wasn't charged with anything about the "brawl" which might have been nothing more than an exchange of words but he was still held for over 6 months, during which he lost his job in and had to pay about 4,000 DM to be let off and sent back to Germany.

He wrote about his involuntary stay in Japan, the cell he had to stay in, the food he was given and the fact he was allowed only 1 phone call during all of his stay. He managed to send that letter to his parents via a friendly inmate who had some contacts out there. There were no visits of lawyers, no visits from anyone from the embassy, basically he was kept in limbo not knowing what would happen next.

3 months after he took his life.

I love Japan but until it changes into a democratic country, I will not visit.

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Posted in: Slovenia's historic ski jump gold overshadowed by skisuit disqualifications See in context

How about measuring the suits an hour BEFORE the jump, not shortly after? The German lady had to stand for 20 mins in her undergarments while her suit being under the scrutiny of the (male) Finnish inspector who had been never appointed to inspect ladies's suits before.

Seems kinda dodgy to me.

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Posted in: If you could go back in a time machine to observe any three events in history, which three would you choose? See in context

There are no events in history I would like to observe.

If I had a time travel machine, I would go back to collect the photos I lost during my last move, to go back to my mother who died when I was not there and to relive one day with my parents at the sea.

That is my history.

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Posted in: Denmark lifts COVID restrictions, opens many public venues See in context

Come to Denmark, Zaphod... and be amazed!

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Posted in: One view on dealing with the coronavirus is that we have to learn to live with it. What does "live with it" mean to you? See in context

*distance - wish we could have 60 seconds of mending after posting...

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Posted in: One view on dealing with the coronavirus is that we have to learn to live with it. What does "live with it" mean to you? See in context

There is no reason why we should live with the virus. There are enough vaccines helping us not to get severely sick, masks and social distancing help us not to get infected and the narrative "get it and get through" has been proved nonsense with every new virus variant.

Get your vaccine shot, booster when time is due, wear masks and keep a distrance. That's the only way to control the epidemic.

Not getting vaccines, not wearing masks and not keeping a distance will encourage the virus to develop more variants, probably a more nasty one.

Living with that one could mean dying with it.

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Posted in: Japanese parents weigh pros, cons of having their children vaccinated See in context

Next door's kid is still in hospital since December 29th after getting Covid at a jollygood Christmas party. He is 14 years old, no underlying health issues, and half of his family are still sick of their party. I guess you would rather have your kids die rather than accepting that vaccines are helpful! The boy got from feverish to blue-fingered within 24 hours, and I wouldn't want that happening to anyone!

You make me sick!

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Posted in: Military staff step in to help strained London hospitals See in context


Yes, I know about the underfunding - a friend of mine had a broken tooth pulled when a crown would have done, breaking her jaw and leading to infection and several years of treatment.

But refusing to give vaccines because of a covid outbreak?

The logic in that escapes me.

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Posted in: World passes 300 million COVID cases as Omicron breaks records See in context

Northern Germany had the lowest infection rates in Germany until the highly contagious Omicron set in - now infection rates are rocketing sky-high. We also have a decent vaccination rate and, by nature, do not hug and kiss each other at every instance. So, hospitalizations are still workable and death rates are for the non-vaccinated.

What do we learn from this? Get your shots, keep a distance and wear a mask. For now, it's working.

Me, being boostered but at risk due to numerous ailments, will keep to the old Krupps' song: "Isolation is for me the only way to be free"

Isolation is liberation, my friends!

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Posted in: In Sweden, which has legally declared the prohibition of physical punishment and promoted an awareness-raising campaign on the issue, it has been reported that the efforts have produced tangible results in reducing physical punishment and abuse. The legal revision will also have large significance in Japan. See in context

@Wobot - guess you're trolling. In Japan, disciplining children means shouting at them, slapping their heads, making them stand on the balcony in the freezing cold and even more evil.

None of this has ever been good for a kid.

Only leading by example and rewarding good behavior will work.

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