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Posted in: In your experience, which country's airport immigration offices have been the rudest or most difficult to deal with? See in context

Only had two difficult experiences so far, one while transiting through the GDR from Hamburg to West Berlin in 1982, the other at London Heathrowback in the early 90s. While the issue with the GDR officials was solved quickly by giving me a temporary passport (setting me back 10 DM) I was held up for several hours at Heathrow. Double bag-search, testing "unknown substance" (a small salt shaker which surprisingly contained salt), rub-down body search, questioning why I did not go for the exit straight away but spent time "looking around"... When I was released my hotel reservation was gone and I had to look for cheap accomodation around Paddington late at night. I would have preferred to start my London holidays less stressful.

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Posted in: A simple chicken tikka masala that's neither mushy nor dry See in context

@Strangerland, over here I buy my spices at an Indian supermarket. I don't know if there are as many stores in Japan as in Germany but TRS has a variety of masalas, curry powders and other ingredients that can also be ordered online. Try "pickle masala", I wouldn't want to cook without it once I tested it...

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Posted in: Trauma fears cloud upbeat picture of Thai boys rescued from cave See in context

A lucky outcome helps battling traumata - no doubt some of the boys might suffer from fear of enclosed, dark spaces but I'm sure they'll have all the help they can get. I wish them luck!

It would be far worse if they would be left alone like so many other people who survived horrible experiences. The boys got help, they are heroes of resilience and I have no doubt that they will recover.

And some of them may have found some inner strength that will enable them to do great things in the future.

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Posted in: Trump calls off Eagles visit to White House over NFL anthem dispute See in context

I don't get what's disrespectful about kneeling. If the players dropped their pants and wiggle their bare butts in front of the cameras while the Anthem was played it would be a different matter...

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Posted in: Unjust dessert? Japan demands Koreans wipe map off summit dinner mousse See in context

Guess I need new glasses... I can see Jeju and Ulleung on that map, but that miniature speck of land halfway between Ulleung and Okinoshima escapes me. Could that blotch right of Ulleung be Jukdo by any chance? For if that's supposed to be Takeshima/Dokdo, the Korean cartographers' skill leaves something to be desired.

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Posted in: What is your image of yakuza? See in context

Since I read about the murder of Junko Furuta I feel nothing but disgust and comtempt for Yakuza and their ilk.

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Posted in: 18-year-old mother arrested for killing 2-year-old son See in context

To you who assume the young mother is a cold-hearted bitch, would you consider her as heartless if you learned she was raped by her uncle? Of course, that's just assuming too. But with so little information I'm not willing to condemn a child bearing a child.

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Posted in: What would you say is Japan's most well-known food overseas, after sushi? See in context

Over here it's sukiyaki.

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Posted in: Now 80, Jane Fonda says she didn't think she'd live to 30 See in context

Well, from my German point of view standing up against a country that commits war crimes is considered very honourable. Especially if it's your own country!

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Posted in: Miniature European village See in context

As a citizen of Hamburg I feel unimpressed. We have this:

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Posted in: Osaka may end San Francisco sister city ties over 'comfort woman' statue See in context

I just noticed there's a line in my post that could be misunderstood - I did not mean it were bad taste if Israel having Holocaust memorials all over their country, but South Korea having Comfort Women statues even in buses and in front of the Japanese embassy is definitely going too far. Out of proportion, one might say.

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Posted in: Osaka may end San Francisco sister city ties over 'comfort woman' statue See in context

I was in my early teens when I watched the movie "Sandakan No. 8" and I was shocked to learn that young girls were sold into sexual slavery by my beloved Japan. It took a while to realize that this seemed to be common practise not only by Japan but in general. So let's put the facts together:

In the 20th century females were abducted, sold and tricked to serve as prostitutes in brothels. There's not doubt about this fact.

Japan had her share in this loathsome practise. This cannot be disputed either.

A large part of those unfortunate women were Koreans. I guess we still agree on this.

After the war, Japan has made several apologies and paid a large sum of money to compensate the victims. This can be checked by searching Wikipedia.

South Korea invested the money to develop the infrastructure.

The poor victims didn't get the compensation money.

While the rest of the world moved on and other countries did not make an issue of the hideous practice of abducting girls for brothels, South Korean nationalists hijacked the issue and started to erect statues in other countries.

Japan gets annoyed and protests about that.

If I have overlooked a bit, please remind me.

IMHO Korea has no business placing statues all over the world. Should Israel put a Holocaust memorial in, let's say, New Zealand? Or Canada? If they do it in their own country, fine with me - bad taste still, but okay. But dragging the world into their mindset feels wrong.

And please leave Germany out. When Willy Brandt dropped to his knees at Warszawa it was an outstanding gesture of humility leading to much controversy at home. Some things can't be compared to Japan.

Would Korea expect a similar gesture? By a Japanese representative? By Abe? Or by the Tenno himself?

I'm afraid nothing would be good enough to Korean nationalists. Nationalists are made that way: Let's wallow in our anger, for it is all we have left.

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Posted in: Jewish groups around world alarmed by far-right breakthrough in Germany See in context

The left certainly did not choose Merkel. They voted for Die Linke ("The Left") or some tiny, unimportant Marxist-Leninist parties. Anything right from Die Linke like the social democrats (SPD) or the Green Party doesn't really count as "left" over here in Germany. For me as a democratic socialist it's embarrassing enough having to defend Merkel from far-right attacks. At least she stopped that nuclear power madness and showed a heart for refugees when most other politicians seemed to feel fine with letting them drown in the Mediterranean Sea.

I really wonder where Bass gets his information on Germany from. He's clearly not living here like I do.

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Posted in: Singer Amuro to quit showbiz in September next year See in context

For those who were wondering, the tattoo on her arm reads "My mothers love live with me Eternally in my heart".

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Posted in: KitKat bets on weird and wonderful flavors in Japan See in context

Perfectly happy with matcha kitkats. Sadly not available over here...

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Posted in: Death rates far higher for 'alternative' cancer cures: study See in context

I agree with goldorak, proper cancer treatment needs to come first. But in cases when chemotherapy fails and there is hardly any hope left, alternative treatment may improve whatever lifespan is left. My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 80s and 8 years after, after undergoing several chemos, she is as fine as a 91 year old can be.

A friend of mine, after diagnosed with malignous lymphoma, underwent six chemotherapies in one year, lost 20 kg of weight and and her will to live. Her sister talked her into trying alternative therapy: She was given Bach flowers, homeopathic treatment, acupressure, massages, physiotherapy and vaporized marijuana. One month later she was able to eat again, slowly gaining weight. Two months after that she was able to walk again, even doing a little bit of gardening. She was happy to sit in the sun, enjoying the few months her doctors had predicted for her. She managed to hold on to life for a full year and pneumonia, not cancer, ended her life.

Why not try alternative treatment while conservative treatment is in given? Maybe she would have lasted even longer.

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Posted in: Merkel stands by her 2015 decision to open German borders See in context

@Jim - you think it would be fair to call everybody a neonazi right of me then? trying out elasticism

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Posted in: Merkel stands by her 2015 decision to open German borders See in context

Merkel is conservative, she's never been "socialist" - and me, the socialist, would never have thought having to defend her!

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Posted in: Merkel stands by her 2015 decision to open German borders See in context

I'm flabbergasted by some of the posts here. In which far-right information bubble are you caught? Let me, being a German living in the second largest city, tell you about reality.

Hamburg being a major port in Europe has always been multicultural, and it is now on the same level as London was in the 90s. Nothing wrong with that, and the refugees did not change anything. I experienced our new citizens as helpful and willing to integrate into society. Who carried my friend's luggage up the stairs when she came to visit me? A young Sudanese. Who offered me his seat in the bus? A young Syrian. Which neighbour kept giving us home-made sweets and BBQ invitations? Right, an Iraqi. The vast majority of the refugees are glad to have made it here alive and they act accordingly. Should we leave them to drown just because 1% of them might be bad apples?

Germany has dealt with many more refugees right after WW2 when firebombed cities lay in ruins and there were no places to house the hundreds of thousands who fled from East Prussia and Pomerania. That's why Germans in general welcomes refugees.

I do not worry about IS terrorists among refugees - those will have fake passports and arrive by plane anyway. I do not worry about refugees in general - there are courses to teach them the language and European values. But I do worry about neonazis and those ultra-right who are ultra-wrong living in their own comfy info bubble spreading their poison to the moderate media.

I never voted for Merkel but I respect her for having a heart rather than that lump of ice some of you keep in your chests. Shame on you - imagine you were left with the choice of death, disease, hunger and no future for you and your children in your home country or trying to escape all that! Would you not try to venture into the unknown? Have a little respect please. Nobody makes such a decision light-heartedly.

And for the "info" of Germans being evicted to make space for refugees, that has been debunked as fake news a year ago. As are the "infos" of burning of churches, kidnappings, multiple rapes and whatnot. Some of you guys are living in a nazi fiction and that's what worries me, not the refugees.

What happened to humanity? Have agitprop media like Breitbart gobbled it up and spat it out as fake news?

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Posted in: Born this way? Researchers explore the science of gender identity See in context

Some comments here make me really sad. You have no idea what it means to live with a body that does not fit your mind.

I was BORN with my gender identity and only the terror of surgery and the firm belief in a next and better life keeps me from shaping my body to fit my mind. That, and the evaluations by psychiatrists, the humiliation of undergoing endless tests to prove what you have known since earliest childhood. No one I met in the internet ever questioned my gender - "course, that's a bloke, totally gay but a bloke nonetheless".

I've known from kindergarten that I didn't fit the stereotypes but what could I have done? Pretend I was anything I was not? I just hoped that, like my grandma used to say, was a late developer.

My heart goes out to the TG convict and I hope she does not read the comments posted on JT.

Gender identity is not about WANTING to be, it's about BEING.

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Posted in: 55-kg giant tortoise goes missing from Okayama zoo See in context

Escaping silently she's probably a ninja turtle...

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Posted in: New Kit Kat factory opens in Japan to meet exotic flavor demand See in context

Just ship a couple of tons KitKat Matcha to Europe and save me from explaining that those delicious green bars are not available at stores over here. My friends are hooked now and need supply!

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Posted in: Do Japanese take use-by dates too seriously? See in context

Same here in Europe. People seem to think "best before" means "deadly poisonous after".

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Posted in: Clever trick fights soy sauce stains is a godsend for people clumsy with chopsticks See in context

@MsDelicious: That's true, grease spots will look as good as new if you refresh them with a dollop of butter once in a while.

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Posted in: Tsunami simulation drill See in context

I don't think those hoodies are useless. They won't help if a building falls upon you, but they do protect from falling wires, glass splinters and smaller debris that would cause severe injuries to the bare head. In shelters they can be used to sit upon and even act as floating devices in flooded areas.

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Posted in: She's a lady See in context

@Kurobune: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Always liked her and her music.

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Posted in: Comedian Pikotaro astonished by viral success of 'PPAP' song See in context

Don't get me wrong, everybody should enjoy what they like best as long as nobody's harmed.

After listening to it the first time I couldn't help feeling some kind of embarrassment. What does Pikataro have that PYG and Godiego hadn't? Is this 'song' gaga or Dada? Brilliant satire or plain stupid? When I ask my friends what they like best about Japanese entertainment, "Takeshi's Castle" always comes first. But that doesn't explain "PPAP"'s success in Japan... I'm still confused but I don't want to watch that vid again. I'm afraid the floor would be littered with burnt out brain cells if I did.

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Posted in: Why stay in a hotel when you can spend the night in this Tokyo bookstore instead? See in context

Great idea! Though I wouldn't need a sleeping suit as I'd be up all night reading...

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Posted in: Foie gras hamburgers being added to menu at Freshness Burger See in context

Actually, this is how foie gras is produced:

Watch and allow yourselves to be educated. Even if the birds were not force-fed, nothing could make me eat a diseased organ!

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Posted in: Philippines leader likens himself to Hitler; wants to kill millions of drug users See in context

Back in August I had advanced the opinion that the guy was either nuts or a dangerous criminal if not both and got downvoted for that. I don't mind the voting as Duterte confirms my view every time he opens his mouth.

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