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Posted in: Nuclear power advocates say it is a necessary energy source that will buy the time needed to develop cleaner and safer alternatives. Do you agree with this statement? See in context

Nuclear energy makes up only about 10 - 15% of overall energy. Throroughly possible to shut all NPPs down NOW just by lowering energy consumpion. Cut down on flashy illumination, build zero-energy-houses and bio-fuelled block-type thermal power stations. And develop better storage for energy generated by water, wind and sun soon.

Should have happened decades ago but the nuclear family has always blocked everyone from throwing a wrench into their subsidised crap.

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Posted in: Free speech or hate speech? Netflix at eye of LGBTQ storm See in context

Imagine a TV show where intergenders made fun of hairy males and big-bosomed females or where asexuals elaborated their disgust of exchange of body fluids in a humourous way and wait for the response.

Transphobia is strong here among the posters.

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Posted in: U.S. sets new lower salt target for food industry See in context

It depends whether you have an impaired renal function which triggers salt-sensitive hypertension or not.

If you don't just keep your blood pressure monitored.

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Posted in: Toilet seat up or down after use: What's the rule in your home? See in context

Tricky question - I guess it depends on the flush. If it resembles a waterfall I'd recommend to put the lid down to prevent a geyser-like spraying all over the seat. In such cases I advise to put the lid up back again and wipe the underside to prevent unwanted particles to stick on your shirt in case you or your guests lean back while taking a dump.

If unsure whether your flush is of the geyser type or the mellow trickle my toilet produces, flush while seated. You will know immediately.

And about seats - after years of shared flats there is only one rule: Guys sit down or clean the whole bathroom every single time. Writing "SIT DOWN YOU PIG!" on the underside of the seat has proved very efficient.

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Posted in: Want to live forever? Theoretically, you could, study says See in context

If someone is healthy in body and spirit, good for them. Personally I think hitting 75 is good enough for me. I've been suffering from arthrosis since my mid-twenties and if you can't walk half a mile without pain setting in, how can you enjoy nature? What will be left of my beloved forests and coasts in 20 or more years?

I don't want to live forever. I just want to go placidly, with enough time to settle my accounts, make peace with everyone, and not struck down by sudden accident or stroke. Even cancer doesn't scare me as it would give me the time needed.

Who wants to live forever?

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Posted in: 'The Big Delete:' Inside Facebook's crackdown in Germany See in context

I think the nutter shooting that poor student working at a petrol station triggered the response. However, there had been numerous accounts of misguided folks attacking shop assistants asking them to put a mask on, spitting at emergency service workers and policemen beforehand.

Lots of videos anti-mask, anti-vac activists screaming their hate everywhere, and that's just Germany.

I want to scream back, "Your freedom? Free yourself from the laws of having to wear a seat belt and next time you hit a tree, fell it with your teeth like a beaver! Your children? Teach them at home and have the government taken from you to place them in a proper home where they can get education! Your right as a citizen? What about your DUTY as a citizen?"

I could go on but the point is: Facebook and their ilk need to take responsibility for the rabble they have risen.

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Posted in: Can family relationships and friendships broken or frayed because of differences over vaccinations, restrictions, mask-wearing and lockdowns due to the pandemic be repaired? See in context

One of my oldest friends is avoiding vaccination because she is sure there are proper meds to be treated with in case she would get Covid. She has "heard" lots of horror stories from acquaintances who suffered severe vac reactions but wouldn't listen to me. Another friend who is a naturopath has denied vaccination as well. The only way to keep talking to them requires total exclusion of the topic.

But it makes me sad.

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Posted in: ABBA announces comeback album, London show after decades apart See in context

Never liked ABBA in my teens because of Agnetha's soprano voice and the fact that my dad loved them while I loved Uriah Heep and Kiss (which, in a teenage brain, is enough to loathe).

But there are loads of ABBA fans worldwide and why not give them their pleasure?

And I secretly liked at least the lyrics of "Fernando".

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Posted in: What happens when the COVID-19 vaccines enter the body? See in context

I had a proper immune system reaction after my Janssen-shot, it felt like a real flu condensed to 10 hours of suffering. But it was a lot better than the chance of hospitalization from getting the real bug.

I got the shot, arm did hurt a bit but no worse than after a regular flu shot. Seven hours later my idling immune system was up in full alert screaming "Intruder!" all about the body.

The next day was devoid of fun but I got over it. Hospitalization of any kind, even for a single day, would have been worse. And my chance of hospitalization due to covid would have been about 25%. My chance of intensive care 10%. My chance of dying 5%.

I'm glad I got the vaccine.

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Posted in: What are some jobs that you think will never see humans replaced by robots or artificial intelligence? See in context

Cartoonists, satirists, ballet dancers, drag queens and artists in general.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite movies that you can watch over and over again? See in context

Too many to mention, actually. From old Cary Grant movies to old Johnny Depp movies, from Monty Python to old Japanese jewels like "The Man who stole the Sun", it's hard to take a pick.

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Posted in: Some people think leisure is a waste of time: Here's what I found See in context

A beach in itself is leisure. It does not matter if you walk along to collect sea treasures like shells, fossils, stones or whatever, lie on it to get tanned, sitting in a Strandkorb as we love to do in Germany or do some kind of exercise.

The beach is important. The breath of the sea, the breeze, the smell of the coast, the sound of waves.

For me, leisure means beach.

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Posted in: The 'wadokei': the old way of measuring time in Japan See in context

I find that Buddhist concept of time really fascinating. I was born in the year of the tiger and within the hour of the snake, I hope that doesn't make me a tiger snake.

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Posted in: Despite its reputation as a superfood, natto has failed to gain popularity outside of Japan. It has, however, attracted enough attention to end up in the Disgusting Food Museum in Malmö, Sweden. Have you tried natto? Do you like it? See in context

I eat lots of healthy foods already so I give natto a pass.

Made Kimchi last year but after a few weeks it developed those strings...

I guess I messed up with the fermenting progress so I had to discharge the lot.

Strings and goo are a big no-no.

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Posted in: Which is more popular in Japan: British English or American English? See in context

@ Jimizo: True, Klopp's English isn't too bad but I was always reminded of old war movies in which the Germans had lines like "Ve heff vays to make you talk!" and such. Or English speakers trying to speak German, like "Feldwaybel, hair!" (Feldwebel, hierher!) which wasn't much better.

Friends of mine sporting a heavy German accent had been greeted with "Hyle Hitlar!" before and as I loved Britain I just tried to avoid such embarrassments.

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Posted in: Which is more popular in Japan: British English or American English? See in context

Considering my Japanese friends I guess American English is being taught but in a fairly understandable manner.

I'm German, my English class teachers were Germans too, so the first thing I opted for was to eradicate any trace of German accent. Listening to the BFBS and BBC1 for hours a day, repeating everything I heard recording on tape until I was satisfied with my pronunciation, picking up lines from various speakers - and various dialects.

When I went to London many years later nobody thought I was German - they guessed at everything from Estonia to Aberdeen but that was good enough for me at the time.

By now I have adopted an understandable, inoffensive Transatlantic English. I usually adjust to the accent I'm spoken to.

But expressions like "dinna", "canny" and "wey aye" still creep up, as well as replacing "oo" for "ow".

Anything sounds better than a German accent.

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Posted in: Women filmmakers denounce Spanish cinema prize for Depp See in context

Rather ill-informed than toxic femininity. Depp's not the first to lose a legit libel case in Britain but at least it ended up a bit better than for Oscar Wilde.

I'm all for abused women to bring their cases to court but in this special case I think the ruling was wrong. And I think we all know that if there's any toxicity, then it's in British tabloids.

Usually, if a husband gets accused of DV, his ex-partners will strengthen the prosecution by adding their experiences. In this case, Depp's ex-partners came to help him to testify that he was never violent towards them, that he's great with kids and so on. OK, he's got an alcohol problem but he's always been gentle.

Depp was warned to hook up with Heard let alone marry her but I guess male menopause and hormones can't be subdued by ratio. He paid for it - now let him come to his senses and make some more great movies, ok?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics draw to a close See in context

Considering how anti-Olympics I felt at the beginning I'd just like to say I watched more and more of the Games as they went on and I really liked the closing ceremony. Great music mix - ska, brass band, folk, taiko, "Ue wo muite", Woodkid and finally Tomita's perfect version of "Clair de Lune".

Looking forward to the Paralympics now. :)

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 76th A-bomb anniversary as virus, Olympics roll on See in context

Way back in the late 70s I was required to read a presentation for physics lessons at middle school. I was assigned to "atom bomb" and so I spent countless hours at libraries. While gathering information about the functioning of the bomb I read lots of stuff about the actual effects of an atomic bomb. I got a "3" rating for my presentation which was not too bad, with a reminder by the teacher that I should stick to history classes.

And I did that.

Instead of pointing the finger at anyone, could we at least agree that war is bad and that everyone engaged in war is or has been comitting war crimes?

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 76th A-bomb anniversary as virus, Olympics roll on See in context

@Reynard, if I remember correctly the only condition the Japanese insisted upon was that the Emperor (who had little influence in the war) would not be tried as a war criminal. I think that was a fair offer.

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 76th A-bomb anniversary as virus, Olympics roll on See in context

There are no innocents on the side of the aggressor.

What about the children, the babies, the unborn?

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Posted in: WHO says it is deeply concerned by Long COVID See in context

One of my neighbours developed long covid after a seemingly mild infection last year. He is still in rehab, lung function less than 50%, neurological symptoms like numbness in feet and hands and short-term memory loss.

Quite bad for a healthy 35-year-old half-marathon runner with no known previous health issues.

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Posted in: Karate kicks off See in context

Can't cast any votes, only practised wadoryu...

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Posted in: 'Kotodama': the belief in the magic power of words See in context

I think there's some truth in that - not just in Japanese.

My favourite word in German is "Brandung" meaning "sound of waves", "baarlung" in Frisian and 潮騒

in Japanese. It makes me feel and smell the wind at the shore, and I can feel it even though I'm not there.

There is some magic in words.

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Posted in: Swimming gives your brain a boost – but scientists don't know yet why it's better than other aerobic activities See in context

I think @Sal has a point here. The experience of floating might do something that other physical activities cannot achieve.

My first experience with sea water was when I ran towards the waves at the coast just six months after being able to run at all, promptly got dunked and my dad jerked me up to the surface. I screamed, "Again! Again!"

So I got swimming lessons by the age of 3, learned to dive at 5 and had a head start at school.

There were no swimming lessons at school so I'm grateful I had learned to keep myself afloat beforehand. From the age of 7 to 12 I spent most summers at next town's public pool.

I guess it did me some good - when I got asthma and was no longer able to swim in chlorinated water, my progress at school stalled. Or it was due to puberty setting in. Whatever.

Anyway, swimming is good for you.

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Posted in: What pairs with beetle? Start-ups seek to make bugs tasty See in context

I agree on eating protein that's not from farmed animals is a good thing, and if I were a farmer in Africa who's crops are being eaten by locusts - I'd eat them all!

But alas I'm a pampered European and would rather stick to lovely veggies, cheese, milk, tofu, nuts and the like to boost my protein intake.

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Posted in: Europe flood death toll tops 160; costly rebuilding ahead See in context

@Avenger, the village hit most severely by the flood sits in a natural river bend, no concrete, no previous reports of flooding this scale. Low pressure area was locked by high pressure at the east that's why this enormous rainfall was possible. If anything like this had ever occurred in the west of Germany, there would have been precautions. There's a difference between 1 ft of water in your cellar or your house being swept away!

Climate change is real, expect more and worse.

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Posted in: Alcohol linked to 1 in 25 global cancer cases: study See in context

Bad enough alcohol causes diabetes and a lot of other illnesses. My dad virtually became legless due to his alcohol consumption. Do we really need cancer to tell us drinking too much is a bad thing?

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Posted in: Sleep, if you know what’s healthy for you See in context

Old news. Whether you're a shift-worker and have noisy neighbours or you work regular and have noisy neighbours, it all boils down to one thing: Lack of respect. Taken Japanese building regulations no wonder people snap.

How to gain proper sleep with all that noise around you?

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Posted in: Merkel urges Germans to get vaccinated for 'more freedom' See in context

@ Zaphod: If Germany is a dictatorship under Merkel I'm fine here. Wouldn't want to swap it for Japan, England, USA... whatever.

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