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Posted in: Pearl Harbor dead remembered in ceremony curtailed by pandemic See in context

I usually agree with P.Smith but not in this case. Every soldier is a potential murderer, sanctioned by his country. One might make an exception for those drafted like in Vietnam, or my dad in 1943.

Is it a pity that the Japanese declaration of war on the USA came 30 mins too late?

Why was it late?

What would have changed if it were delivered in time?

Would have changed anything at all?

Don't mind me, just asking questions and waiting for downvotes.

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Posted in: Thermos-style rice and soup bowls serve piping hot food and are easy to handle See in context

I don't need that. I got a cat's tongue already and when I'm able to hold the bowl in my bare paws it means the food or drink is at safe temperature. Who would prefer a blistered tongue over a luke-warm soup?

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Posted in: Who are your favorite fictional detectives of literature, film or TV? See in context

Inspector George Gently (taught me a lot about the 60's in England) and Inspector Barnaby (glad that Midsomer doesn't exist in real life)

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Posted in: Argentine soccer great Diego Maradona dies at 60 See in context

Cheater, coke-user, pimp, doing pot shots at journalists... this guy almost put me off football.

De mortuis nihil nisi bene? No. Coke dug him his early grave and I do not miss him.

And all this adoration makes me feel sick. He may have been a good football player but never a good sportsman.

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Posted in: Kagura performances go online to thrill audiences worldwide See in context

Never watched kagura but as I'm very interested I upvoted all of yous. :)

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Posted in: Trust in vaccines vital to halting pandemic: WHO See in context

@ Raw Beer: Overdosing on vitamin D may lead to kidney failure and other illnesses, even psychosis.

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Posted in: Johnny Depp exits 'Fantastic Beasts' franchise See in context

I don't care about the verdict. His ex-girlfriends stood by him - can't remember an ex defending a potentially abusive mate before. I wish him good luck!

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Posted in: Kanye West gets some 60,000 votes; hints at 2024 White House bid See in context

@ Toasted Heretic: Not sure, check it out:

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Posted in: 75 years later, Japanese-American man recalls bitter internment in U.S. See in context

I recommend this graphic novel shedding some light on the matter of Americans of Japanese descend:

Especially about the infamous questions No. 27 and No. 28.

Serving a country that took your properties and businesses and put you in sheds behind barbed wire? I would have answered "no".

Forswear any allegiance to the Japanese Emperor? As an American citizen? What kind of loaded question is that? Another "no".

It's sad, especially because the USA seem to have learned nothing and are still putting children behind barbed wire.

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Posted in: German leaders condemn far-right attempt to storm Reichstag See in context

A short summary in simple German, just run it through a translator:

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Posted in: German leaders condemn far-right attempt to storm Reichstag See in context

I still feel sick at what happened in Berlin. This is exactly why the protest demonstration should have been banned but it seems democracy only serves to empower the forces using it to abolish it.

I'm at my wit's end. How to deal with antidemocratic nutjobs while adhering to democratic values?

It's a rhetorical question and I don't expect an answer that gives me hope.

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Posted in: Who would you like to see become Japan's next prime minister? See in context

Taro Yamamoto

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Posted in: Australian state of Victoria to deploy military, impose hefty fines to enforce virus isolation See in context

Moderate lockdown in Germany worked fine until the anti-lockdown nutters took to the streets and excercised their right to demonstrate against reason. Numbers are up again here.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivor keeps up fight for nuclear disarmament See in context

I've studied the history of WW2 in the Pacific area since 1977 and I think I know rather well what happened and how it happened.

I'm still dumbstruck that there are still people around who believe in the tales of "nukes ended WW2" and "the use of atom bombs was justified to save the lives of US soldiers". The bombings were clearly used as tests which is proved by the fact that the targets chosen were previously unharmed by fire-bombing. If the US had wanted to set an example, a warning about what might happen, they could have chosen an uninhabited island far off the main islands of Japan. This was not even considered.

And don't get me started about the terms of surrender - there were none. The US made it clear there were no terms and the Japanese should they surrender would lose everything. Which nation would have agreed to that?

Einstein requested Roosevelt not to use the bomb on people but alas, Roosevelt died before he received that letter. And Truman never gave a toss.

So hundreds of thousands of civilians and POWs got incinerated, burned, irradiated, survivors got their DNA harmed which resulted in cancer and other diseases in their descendants.

Do you really believe a baby deserves that fate just because his father or grandfather got drafted to Imperial Japanese Forces?

Chemical and biological warfare got banned, yet it is still researched and probably used. But the threshold to use it has become a high one. Conventional warfare is bad enough. The use of anything else should be banned forever.

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Posted in: Which current world leader do you respect the most? See in context

As I mentioned before, as a German and Democratic Socialist, I have never voted for Merkel's party but credit where credit's due: Despite of displaying a tendency to sit through a crisis in her early years she did an overall good job as a chancellor. No-one in her party, the CDU, would have done better than her and I must admit I don't want to see her replaced by any of those who are currently discussed as probable future chancellors.

I'd love to see Sahra Wagenknecht or Gregor Gysi as a future chancellor even though it's pretty unlikely given how strongly the conservative and far-right agitate at anything standing left from them.

Thousands of voters hate Angela Merkel. Millions like her. And many millions know she just did a fine job that nobody else would have wanted.

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Posted in: Shock in Germany as hundreds run riot in Stuttgart See in context

Passport holders, definitely. If they were of foreign origin but naturalized they would have been termed Germans.

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Posted in: Shock in Germany as hundreds run riot in Stuttgart See in context

Don't know if anybody is still interested in this but according to different news agents the 8 perpetrators who got caught were German, Croatian, Iraqi, Portuguese and Latvian, aged between 16 and 33 years.

Typical party-goer mix in Stuttgart.

A 16-year-old is being prosecuted for attempted manslaughter as he had kicked a student who tried to intervene in the head.

It's sad that only the heritage of the perpetrators involved seems to be of any interest, and not the reasons for going crazy.

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Posted in: Slowly, surely, U.S. houses of worship emerge from lockdown See in context

Baptist church opened after ease of lockdown in Germany resulting in over 100 new cases.

Expect the virus to flourish in the USA. Sad news,

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Posted in: How to make amazing Japanese fruit flower sandwiches See in context

While they look almost too pretty to eat I'd suggest replacing that pale "bread" by thick, fluffy pancakes.

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Posted in: Could the new coronavirus weaken 'anti-vaxxers'? See in context

I'm old enough to be convinced that vaccines have saved my life: Polio, diphtheria, tetanus to name some of them. And after a near lethal bout of flu I was convinced annual flu shots were beneficial.

As shots for measles, rubella, chickenpox and other childhood diseases were not administered yet in the 60s I had to endure the diseases as well as their effects that affected me later in life.

I do not understand why parents would take the risk of harming their children by not vaccinating them.

I can only feel pity for the kids born to such parents.

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Posted in: A super-cheap, semi-secret alternative to a coffeehouse break in Tokyo See in context

I guess the food, internet access and a few hours of just being away from the crowds would enable me to endure the smell of stale tobacco. Thanks for the idea!

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Posted in: How deadly is new coronavirus? It's still too early to tell See in context

@Strangerland: Correct, rhinoviruses (common colds) and other coronaviruses (flus) are instable and tend to mutate happily. If COVID is stable as it seems to be it might go away like SARS did. If it doesn't I hope we'll be able to get vaccines in time like the ones actually working for influenza.

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Posted in: World battles virus epidemic as cases multiply outside China See in context

@zichi: at your age oxygen sat at over 85% is considered okay, please don't worry. Individual levels of oxygen utilization may vary, someone who has lived in a mountainous region may have an oxygen saturation deemed critical for other persons. Good luck! :)

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Posted in: World battles virus epidemic as cases multiply outside China See in context

In Germany we got pretty large bread bags... some other advice I heard was to breathe through slightly closed lips or onto your finger in front of them when you have breathing difficulties - if this makes breathing easier, you got asthma. If it doesn't, see a doctor...

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Posted in: What makes dogs so special? Science says love See in context

I'm a bird person. I don't like dogs much. I don't like their smell, their slobbering, their attitude of gnawing at or eating anything they can get. They are like wolf pups, forever stuck in lupine childhood.

But why do they love me? Sometimes I wish they would love me a little less, especially the slobbering ones...

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Posted in: World battles virus epidemic as cases multiply outside China See in context

Over here in Germany it is indeed a wee bit worrisome that the poor fellow who came down with COVID has been merrily celebrating carnival in the west of the country and his wife, who has meanwhile been tested positive as well, is a kindergarten teacher. It might lead to another cluster like the one in northern Italy and despite I firmly refuse to give in to overworrying, I might use public transport a bit less and wash my hands more thoroughly after gripping handles. Still no need to panic, though.

I might panic if folks in hazmat-suits paint my door with a plague cross because I dared to cough in public. It's hay fever season yet!

Be sensible and take precautions - fear will only make your immune system more vulnerable.

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Posted in: Have you been on one of those giant cruise ships for a holiday? What was your experience like? Did you have a good time? See in context

No desire to travel on a floating city with bars, theatres, and thousands of people. However, travelling on a freighter, dining with the crew, reading lots of books and maybe helping a bit in the galley - that sounds somehow enticing to me.

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Posted in: In honor of Valentine's Day, we ask what is your favorite chocolate brand? See in context

Lindt is my favourite.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy arrested for stabbing mother with scissors See in context

At least he called 110 and didn't run away or tried to kill himself. There's still hope...

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Posted in: WHO to reconsider declaring global emergency as China virus evacuations begin See in context

@Peter14: Agree with you on taking action on battling climate change.

Not agreeing with you on the new virus. It's less deadly than influenza:

About 2%, all fatalities in China.

Please don't panic. Even if it goes world-wide, it will just be another case of "flu" - and a rather mild one, unless it chooses to mutate.

There is still time to panic later.

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