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Posted in: 18-year-old schoolgirl arrested for dumping newborn infant in garbage See in context

and that is the mentality here.......

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Posted in: Man held for cutting woman's pants with scissors on train See in context

look at his mentality...another baby-nut going around who cant control his correct behaviors and take correct actions...he needs his azz beat.

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Posted in: U.S. vet who caught Tojo speaks out See in context

Yuko Tojo 66 (a stauch right winger)granddaughter of Hideki Tojoke, hangs out in the Yaksukuni regularly and tries to resurrect her grandfather's ideology in the JN's brains, who was executed as Japan's top war criminal in 1948: she often comes to interviews with foreign journalists carrying a box of mementos that include nail clippings, a lock of hair and the butt of the last cigarette (sic) the general smoked while awaiting the hangman's noose in Sugamo Prison is/was located in BUNKYO-ku

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Posted in: Woman enters Gifu police station, threatens to kill officer See in context

where is Gifu?

oh....a's a prefecture located in the Chūbu region of central Japan. Its capital is the city of des so so so...

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Posted in: Generations See in context

I wonder if the nationalist will give them reparations in the future?

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Posted in: Pen pals See in context

Well its the meeting of "those minds" at a specific place of their political ineterest or other "agendas" Hope the "brew" can be keystone monitored, and to not hatch another would be Akihabara man....

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Posted in: Wonder of the world See in context

"I wish" JapanToday (for convenience sake in English)would let us know also when US celebs are coming to Tokyo, so we can attend such activities. That would be a positive for a change.

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Posted in: It’s time to get rid of sound trucks See in context

Hey you forgot,

... to talk about the guys who drive the black truck and vans with mega watt speakers on top, playing that very loud, old right-wing, red_a_my,key-_tone, nationalist, yasakuni-yak, gaisen sha, bullshyt propganda music.

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Posted in: Yamaha offers electric scooters for green errands See in context

Where can you by the electric bicyles in Tokyo?

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Posted in: Over 1,000 items found during search of underwear thief's home See in context

hrd1231 said: Maybe he was going to sell them...

Maybe he was going to smell and sell them.....

altogether now: suspended sentence

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Posted in: Mitama Festival See in context

Let's not forget....

that on other days crowds of JN's in black trucks, buses, and cars with loudspeakers, microphones, and posters and such, hang out at the "Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo"...and the keystones are nearby monitoring them?...

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy fatally stabbed by grandmother in Gunma See in context

"What would another week in Japan be without the ubiquitous family killing?" aint that the truth..........

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Posted in: Hokkaido cop arrested for drunken driving See in context

another keystone...whoopsy daisy...

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man attempts to rob police station in Miyagi See in context

now that takes the cake....

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Posted in: Off duty officer caught taking up-skirt video at Yokohama bookstore See in context

OK folks this is at least the 3rd or 4th time or more this year a keystone has been caught doing this shyt... from all ranks....

Again they need a keystone section on this site.

These keystones that they catch not discounting the ones they dont catch...purely depicts the nature of theses keystones among the perverted mentally weak problematic types.

And when I see the keystones profiling gaigins in parts of Tokyo especially in Bunkyo-ku ....It really makes me think of the type of twisted hypocritical perves are hiding behind those tin badges.....

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Posted in: Kobayashi leaves jail after hot dog contest fracas See in context

should have read:

FORMER UNEMPLOYED Japanese eating champion Takeru Kobayashi, arrested at a July Fourth hot dog-eating event, was freed Monday after a night in jail, looking a little weary and saying he was hungry.

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Posted in: Ex-champ Kobayashi arrested at New York hot dog event See in context

Well he got charged with:"with resisting arrest, trespass and obstructing governmental administration" X4 crimes, NY police don't play around.....well they definately locked him up, finger printed him, and booked him, with a permanent arrest record (32-year-old Kobayashi )...... and if they push it he can get a felony charges...

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Posted in: 1 dead, 10 injured after ex-Mazda temp hits 11 plant workers with car See in context

suspended sentence................

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Posted in: 1 dead, 10 injured after ex-Mazda temp hits 11 plant workers with car See in context

suspended sentence....

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 8-year-old son in Fukuoka See in context

And this JN society despises righteous critiscism as you can see from the ones who come to the rescue to save its face no matter how sick the crime is...this is the hidden crux of the problem here...never facing reality is the foundation of doom

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Posted in: Iwate police officer beats girlfriend after drunken birthday celebration See in context

Dayum... Sounds like he was about to take her off the set....she must of craked on him and he "typically" exploded. What way to celebrate..or was it the culmination of his celebration?

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Posted in: Woman stabbed in back on Ibaraki street See in context

@ Betting:

"No idea meloveulongtime, but there seem to be a lot of them around. I'm actually not very worried about getting robbed for my wallet in this country, I more worry about some person who stabs, injures, kills complete strangers because they want to see what it was like, or due to the stress in their life."

This is the truth!

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Posted in: Former Yankees pitcher Irabu arrested in LA for alleged drunken driving See in context

Well he's probably got a felony record now for DUI ...and if he continues to live in the US his record will folow him everywhere in the US for life.

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Posted in: Now hear this See in context

AudreyRugburn at 09:31 AM JST - 13th April

This is "creating a public nuisance" , "noise pollution" , they should tone it down or be fined.

I agree 100%


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Posted in: Women's sock thief busted in Nara See in context

and the Jospel according to Juke 893.....makes we wanna puke....

well the j-fetish-post-modernism wierdo-phile.... finally got sniffed out.....

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Posted in: Man slashes two women on Sapporo street See in context


"dolphingirl - The numbers are still quite low compared to other countries;That may be so, but the knife crimes in other countries are usually the result of street and bar fights. They are not the result of some lunatic walking around randomly slashing at people, as is all too often the case in Japan."

I agree, thanks for keeping the FOCUS, that's a main problem over here in Japan.

BTW you should see what the US embassy says about "crime in Japan its very intersting.

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Posted in: Man slashes two women on Sapporo street See in context

@ bushlover

"Stupidity, selfishness and being generally spoiled may have something to do with it."


and tying to cover up for criminals, or excusing bad behavior is good old stinking thinking.

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Posted in: Cop arrested for molesting woman on train See in context

Miyaratmosphere You are telling the truth: OMFG!! Here we go "again" with these pervert KeyStones!!!

Is that all they can do?? Well they can very well when it comes to having selective amnesia, attending a crime seen after the crime, profiling "gaigins", and chatting with Yaks in the Kobans

This is what they do best....

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for rape after threatening victim on cell phone See in context

Get the Jenglish right:

19-year-old "man" then it says: the suspect, who cannot be named because he is a "minor"

Grown Man/Adult or Minor which is it......Someone please tell rush limbaugh :)

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Posted in: Bodies of elderly couple found in two-family house See in context

Hello everyone!

"Bunkyo Ward home in Tokyo"- otherwise known as Bunkyo-ku, an unsual place if you are not Japanese.

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