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Posted in: What do you think Noriko Sakai's fate should be? See in context

500 hours community service going round every high school telling them the stupidity of doing meth and/or bcoming a yak.Then she has to come round and clean my house

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Posted in: 'Gayjin' find it tough going in Tohoku See in context

Your lack of knowledge and understanding of Japan is unbelievable.When you HAVE been here 5 years you will lok back at this and be totally ashamed.LOL

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Posted in: Ai Iijima's last days shrouded in mystery See in context

“Her room was messy with books, clothes and bottles strewn about when she was found,” says a police investigator.

Ouch!Sounds like mine. Is that like a bad thing?

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Posted in: Who is really unemployed? See in context

The other day I saw 6 guys cutting one piece of grass.One was cutting,one carrying a petrol can, 4 others guarding the area from pedestrians who may have wanted to try to jump under the lawnmower.My question is "Do the 5 not doing anything count as unemployed?"I believe if we were really to look at people doing useful work in this country then the unemployment rate would be around 20%

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Posted in: It isn’t easy being green in Japan See in context

Japan has pretty much given up on recycling a while ago.Almost everything is lumped together and burnt now-to heat council buildings,swimming pools etc.It is all about money and always was.Do not get any crazy ideas that there is any environmental friendly issue here. If there is a money reason they will do it. Actually most Japanese in Tokyo blame Koreans and Chinese for ruining the recycling system by ignoring it and making it too difficult to do the sorting. Its all a big mess.Heaven help us!

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Posted in: Waseda student arrested for stealing woman’s underwear in Nara See in context

Why do they not give more details about the type of underwear it was?Perhaps a photo? Hope it was worth it for him.Getting his name and details splashed around the media for this is hardly a good look.Keio kids getting busted for smoking pot,now this! Not the Japan I used to know

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Posted in: Teacher, 38, arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting 11-year-old girl in Ibaraki See in context

And the principal of the school knew about it 16 months ago and did nothing.Presumably all the other teachers at the school knew as well.Does that make them worse than the 38 yr old teacher?He is mentally ill.The rest are presumably not but tried to cover it up presumably to protect their school's name.Interesting society .My girlfriend tells me even 8 yr olds are online and meeting up with men and getting money for performing for them and letting them touch them.

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Posted in: Akihabara becoming increasingly weird See in context

Could Akihabara be an indication of what all Japan wil be like in say 20 years?

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Posted in: Cop arrested over sex with woman involved in crime investigation See in context

This story interested me as I once did a female J-cop.I got her number after she stopped me for allegedly stealing a bicycle.Some of these J-Girls are fairly aggressive.12 midnight in his car.Can`t cops afford a hotel?Poor Guy.Hope it was worth it!!My 2 yens worth...

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