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Posted in: Gov't will not ask people to forgo summer travel due to virus, Suga says See in context

Politicians seem to be stupid, no matter where you are in the world.

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Posted in: Helpful tips See in context

I have a vague memory of this image being shown when they were trying to allay fears of heat stroke at the Olympics. ...I guess they just released the poster, even when there are no Olympics?

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Posted in: Japanese government to urge more teleworking as coronavirus cases surge See in context

Unfortunately my company doesn't want to let people telework or have social distancing because "The State of Emergency is over!"

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Posted in: Why have no COVID-19 clusters occurred in pachinko parlors? See in context

Because people at the pachinko parlour are already dead. Ha.

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Posted in: Social distancing - surf style See in context

I guess I was lucky growing up in a small city in Australia. Sharing a beach with hundreds of other people looks terrible.

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Posted in: Downloads of Japan's COVID-19 tracing app slow to 7.7 mil See in context

Well, they aren't testing anyone in my city, so no one would get a positive test result to add to the app. Totally pointless. I've just been washing my hands every hour, wearing a mask, checking my temperature, and staying as far away from others as possible.

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Posted in: Supreme Court rejects appeal by 'vagina kayak' artist over obscenity See in context

Her whole purpose as an artist is to showcase the the vagina and vulva isn't obscene, and that it's ridiculous for Japanese society to view it as such. The government proved her point.

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Posted in: Gov't to exclude trips by Tokyo residents from Go To campaign See in context

I think they should just sell tickets for transport, accommodation and activities now, and allow people to use them later. But banning Tokyo is at least better than nothing...

It does seem kind of too late though. I live in a tourist city (Hakodate), and many shops and restaurants have already closed down. So unless people want to rent an empty shop, not sure how they can help.

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Posted in: Competition between streaming services heats up in Japan See in context

My TV is basically just a monitor for games consoles. I haven't watched live TV in years (because Japanese TV is just awful). I mostly watch Netflix, and occasionally an exclusive show on Amazon Prime, because for whatever reason it keeps giving me free trials. Prime's UI is terrible though, and doesn't encourage me to give them money.

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Posted in: Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Koike says See in context

Even if the situation is under control in Japan by that time next year, if it's continuing as it is right now in countries like the US, I don't think bring in people from overseas would be a great idea.

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Posted in: Skin trouble on rise as face masks become essential See in context

We are required to wear them at work, so I'm wearing a mask at least 8+ hours a day, 5 days a week. Yes, the back of my ears hurt like hell. Yes, my acne has been breaking out really bad. But, I have pre-existing conditions, and work with others that do too, and don't want either myself or them to die if infected.

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Posted in: Tokyo's daily coronavirus infections hit new record of 243 See in context

A 13% positive rate is crazy. And they're still doing almost no tests. The number of actual infections must be so high.

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

I wish the government would declare a SoE again, just so that my workplace would take corona seriously. They're back to 'business as usual' because there's no state of emergency. Like... The virus just got up and left because it ended. Stupidity of the highest degree.

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Posted in: Women bear brunt of recession as pandemic unravels Abe's 'Womenomics' See in context

Japan is still a deeply sexist society, and companies don't want to offer full time permanent positions to women because they assume they are just working until they get married and or pregnant.

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Posted in: Japan to launch coronavirus contact tracking app next week See in context

Isn't this useless without testing?

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Posted in: Virus travel bans separate families even as restrictions ease See in context

My grandparents are 92 and 90 so I'm worried about them suddenly falling ill. I was supposed to visit them for a couple of weeks last month, but of course that didn't happen.

My home, job and money are all in Japan. I can't get stuck in Australia.

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Posted in: Japan to adopt selective, rather than blanket, approach in coronavirus tests See in context

Last week, my friend and mother in Australia were able to get tested within an hour of asking because they had cold or flu symptoms. The whole process took less than another hour. And they paid nothing.

I don't understand why Japan can't just test people showing symptoms. They don't have to test everybody. It's impossible to track the spread of the virus and predict potential clusters if they don't test.

The only lucky thing is that it seems Japan has a weaker strain which doesn't kill people as easily.

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Posted in: Japan OKs saliva-based tests for coronavirus detection; 34 new cases reported in Tokyo See in context

I'm sure they will also not actually use these newly approved tests too. They keep talking about how they've increased testing capacity... But continue to do next to no tests.

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Posted in: Suicide hotlines busy as coronavirus ravages economy See in context

I read that youth suicide was down in Japan recently because of school closures. I wouldn't be surprised if there's an uptick once they open again.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor seeks to back anti-hate laws with criminal punishment See in context

"protect group consensus, and avoid rocking the boat." Sadly, in Japan (as in many other countries), not rocking the boat includes being racist.

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Posted in: Japan set to fully lift coronavirus emergency in Tokyo, 4 other prefectures See in context

I don't have any problem with checking fruit and vegetables, but this whole time, elderly people in my area seem to not care about the coronavirus at all. Many not wearing masks, coughing and sneezing everywhere, standing really close (too close for normal circumstances), and several times when people have been social distancing in line, an elderly person will come and stand in the gap. :|

Usually I don't mind that old people don't give a crap, but now it's a little...

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Posted in: Delivery of 'Abenomasks' starts in 34 remaining prefectures See in context

Even in Hokkaido, one of the 'special measures' prefectures, and one of the few that still has a SoE, I haven't seen any sign of the things. And regular masks have started coming back into stock this past week, so it's useless now anyway.

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Posted in: Abe ends state of emergency in Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo; Tokyo's may be lifted Monday See in context

I have pre-existing conditions, so I'm glad the SOE is continuing in Hokkaido, as it means I can work from home. I'm just a little worried about what the true situation here is as Hakodate is doing less than 1 test per day.

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Posted in: Business almost as usual in parts of Japan still under restriction See in context

That photo of the surfers looks terrible. Can't understand the appeal of crowded beaches.

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Posted in: As Japanese gov't slow-walks stimulus, small businesses fear collapse See in context

I know it's the Japanese government, so expecting them to use technology is a stretch, but this should be all online applications with direct debit. Enforces social distancing, can be approved without staff and would be much faster.

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Posted in: Has Japan dodged the coronavirus bullet? See in context

My city has no testing, no masks and no money. What a great, successful response! :D

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Posted in: Lengthy school closures may be fueling internet, game addiction See in context

I spent my Golden Week playing Animal Crossing with friends. It was... Relaxing. The horror!

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Posted in: Japan to revise criteria on symptoms for being tested for virus See in context

Changing the requirements for calling to consult isn't going to increase testing. Many people call the consultation lines and most are refused testing even if they have all the symptoms because they haven't been in contact with a 'confirmed case'. But they're not testing anyone, so there are almost no 'confirmed cases'. Hospitals here in Hakodate are refusing to test because they don't have the resources to deal with COVID patients. Ridiculous situation.

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Posted in: Cash handout program won't start soon in many cities See in context

Well, my rent is due in 3 days, so that's not particularly helpful. And who knows what will happen after this one time payment gets used up by paying 80%~ of my monthly bills.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce online system for reporting coronavirus See in context

An app probably isn't going to help if they still won't test people.

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