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Posted in: Japanese men share a list of common male woes before and after marriage See in context

A loving husband never complains and a loving wife shares in everything. There must be a symbiotic relationship between husband and wife. Sharing is love. Love begets love and pass it on in your siblings. As a wife I never had these experience but what I felt was that in everything I do its for my family whatever happens. Now am a widow am still doing what I think I should pass it to my children and grandkids that love conquers all .Errors becomes a mistakes if you don't correct it.

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Posted in: Hostage crisis reminds Japan it is a target: analysts See in context

The two hostages does it in their own free will to travel to that area. Now its the government woes and Japanese citizens were shocked to learn about them. Only a wise decision and strategic plans by the government can convince the so called ideologists can soften their hearts to release these captives.I pray that Prime Minster Abe will give his strong and will power as a leader to prove that not all wimps and demands can be achieved through threat and blackmailing and coercion. To the hostage-taker I will pray that Allah will forgive you .Humanity is destroyed because of power and greed.

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Posted in: 9 reasons why Japanese men hesitate to say 'I love you' See in context

I think they takes time to express their feelings in a manner that they will tell it to the right woman they love.Like for example I have been dating a Japanese man .we are now almost 9 months. Being a woman ,I can always express my feelings to him and I could easily say I LOVE YOU to him but he doesn't answer me in return to say he loves me too.I feel sad about it coz in my mind he just having good time with me, However, I continue sending him messages and ends with saying I love you and surprisingly he replied that he loves me very much. the word means to me a lot.AISHITERUYO! NOW I can say that's how Japanese express their feelings to women in a sensitive manner.hahaha! I love him lol!

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Posted in: Mino Monta resigns from long-running news show 'Asa Zuba!' See in context

why some parents suffers what their children is doing.? is it a karma? so many critics expressing their feelings about the father and the son is displaying displeasure to his parents I cannot find a reason of what the children did is what you get for being negligent to their outside activities. Shame begets shame?.No sweat lol! May the father find peace in the family and true friends around him. Resigning is not a shame but to preserve your dignity and delicadeza..God bless you!

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Money is need not want so the old guy spent it what he wants.i respect Him to the highest esteem of respect. I pray for more blessings and good health. Thanks guys to all comments you shared.i learned a lesson from your opinion.For Kawashima -san I salute you! Godspeed!

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Posted in: Japanese husband and Nissan go all out to give wife anniversary surprise of a lifetime See in context

The wife is very lucky to have a partner who knows how to reciprocate her goodness being a good wife. May your tribe increase!

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Posted in: Digital SLR camera D5200 from Nikon See in context

Nice to have one someday.

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Posted in: Club boss caught on camera beating elderly taxi driver See in context

Justice should be served to the poor old cabbie. My heart melt when i saw the video. I thought that this sotb fellow respect older people in this country.

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For 6 yrs in my job i never had inclination to quit but my good sacho told me to take a vacation for sometime coz its hima (slowing down) of its demand. Assured me to return to work when it is busy.i waited for months but to no avail. Until i gave up but i need s ome little gratis for my loyalty but was never compensated. I went to authorities concerned to complain but my complaints was twisted in favor to the company.If you are a mere worker are gaijin speak little nihonggo you have a little chance to ask what is due to you. Hope your advice will be effective to others who desire to continue serving this country. Am now 65 yrs old and had difficulty finding a job. Thank you.anyway no regret for such experience. Am a sansei from Okinawa.

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Posted in: 35-year-old man held over murder of grandmother in Aomori See in context

If you are a God-fearing person you will never do to kill especially your loveones. Any sinful acts are being mastermind ed by bad spirit.through drugs and mental disorder. Justice shall prevail to the poor old woman.

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Posted in: Syrian driver says pro-Assad militia killed Japanese journalist See in context

Who was responsible of her death?the rebels..?the pro assad men?Nobody knows.She risked herself because she wanted the whole world to know what really is happening there. A hero for the sake of journalism.May she rest in Peace!I condoled with the Yamamoto family.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea play hot potato with Noda's protest letter See in context

Resolve the issue diplomaticallyBoth will set down and discuss in the open table.Set aside both pride.consider the welfare if citizens. LOVE AND PEACE NOT WAR.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea play hot potato with Noda's protest letter See in context

Do not live by the past.just learn a father was an illegimate son, a remnant of war they say.lived with humiliation,poverty but he still lived without hatred but moved on till he died poor without seeing the life he wished for his fsmily.Let bygones be bygones.! Nobody owns the island but God.whoever be the caretaker of it let be him and his to protect.

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Posted in: S Korea rejects Japan's proposal to take isle dispute to int'l court See in context

Let the King Solomon's wisdom be applied to both.That is the International court to resolve the issue.

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Posted in: Japanese woman reporter shot dead in Syria's Aleppo See in context


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Posted in: Baby left in car dies while mother plays pachinko See in context


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Posted in: Baby left in car dies while mother plays pachinko See in context

Irresponsible!Even animals.birds knows how to protect their kinds but this woman,,,,ill-bred human being ......oh my! !!!.Poor ought not to be born this way.

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Posted in: Three brothers dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Maybe one cause of this is nobody cares.depression and negligence in the part of authorities concern.May they rest in peace.

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Posted in: Japan protests at S Korea's comments on emperor See in context

**this is another political agenda.

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Posted in: Japan protests at S Korea's comments on emperor See in context

Everybody enjoy the hospitality of Japan why do you spoil it? If you dont like Japan tell your people to return to your country.i think nobody will listen unless those who are not go home honorably without a heavy heart.

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Posted in: Body of newborn baby found in trash can in toilet at train station See in context

Am 65 yrs.old but i want more kids if i had to.all unwanted pregnancies.come forward.give me your babies.dont throw them in garbage.if you love your pets love your kids too.

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Posted in: Japan shocks Spain 1-0 in men's Olympic soccer opener See in context

Hurrah! Gambarre nippon.a good start. Keep it up to the finals.

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Posted in: Brothers reunited in Japan after 6 decades apart See in context

it is also my fervent wish that someday my children will be together with one love that will bind them in peace and is a good example of a true bloodline. love conquers all!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for murder of 11-day-old daughter in guesthouse See in context

if you cant afford to raise them put the innocent children to the orphanage. dont punish this innocent child to pay the price of your wrongdoings.your conscience will haunt you for the rest of your life. rest in peace little one.

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Posted in: Book by killer of British woman to become film See in context

i think its unfair for the Lindsays. He should serve his sentence for the rest of his life and not to glamorized his crime committed and become a hero instead. Is this the way He wants to gain sympathy and to erase in the minds of the people who will watch this movie to be. God forbid. Justice should be served accordingly. Let him rot in that cell. Write a book about henious crime such as this and how it was solved and publish it for reference for students who takes criminology and civil laws than making it a movie.

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Posted in: One dead after 3 stabbed in Hiroshima Pref restaurant See in context

there is no excuse by saying you dont remember coz you are drunk. you said you stabbed one so maybe you also stabbed the other but missed.and the victim was stabbed fatally causing his! send him to jail!

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Posted in: 'I Wish' director wishes Japan could recover all lost in quake See in context

what had happened last march was really a devastating incident to the people who are affected losing their loveones and to the businesses as well. some companies shutdown was another blow to workers who depend their living by these establishments.some companies reduced their work schedules from 3 to 4 days work to save energy but some told their workers to go on leave or yasumi for the reasons that working conditions are low means "hima" . this is the most painful since it was an indefinite leave. no assurance when to return to work. what happened to workers who doesnt have nenkin, koyo hokken.what will happen to them? other companies doesnt mind to make some arrangements to give their workers kimochi or a gift token for their services rendered, their loyalty and sincerity to do their job for many years. it is sad to note that some experienced these especially to gaijins who lost their jobs and their brokers or recruiters who doesnt mind the welfare of their recommendees in the company. my only prayers that japan will overcome and keep moving on for the upliftment of their spirit and stand on its feet against the recent tragedy. I pray for the new generations and the next generations to come. Good luck Nippon and Gambare! a journey to a new Japan and the sun is still hot for japan's glory. Yes, YOU CAN DO IT!

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