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This is so making me angry currently. I am sry I don't think japanese woman look younger than others. & I think when they date younger they are just disgusting and have issues. I was in Japan for a long and I not saw one which looked really better or younger than her age. When I look around in the country I live I see a lot better looking and younger looking woman than there. & no they are not slimmer, their heads are just bigger. Look at photos were a japanese and a western woman are at, you will see her head is just bigger. Thats why their bodies usually look thinner, but aren't. & sry, woman who take younger ones have absolutely no pride to me. They definitly have just issues to me. Seems like they want to be mens nothing else. I saw enough how such woman made young man suffer coz they play dominant and can't take a real man then. They are not charming and also not like mother anymore, they simply dont care anything. Just disgusting selfish brats. They are just cocky and superficial and the worst is when they even grab on the western younger man, just to make their image better, coz they think it is so cool being with a foreigner. But those woman give a damn about what their bfs desire or need. Such woman just make the world to a worse place and make society bad. & no this is not only against japanese older woman. I know in other countries they are also this kind of woman. They are nearly all the same disgusting. & they are really only a few who really fall in love with someone. The most just can't handle their age or whatever issues they have.

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