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Yet very little positive news appears on the media -BertieWooster- I believe many readers are of the same mind concerning the negativeness of media coverage, JT included. Someone should tweak the automated news exaggerators to focus on more positive news.

Heck, JT could even start another newspaper 'JAPANTODAY:)

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Posted in: Minister hit by bar scandal also under fire for owning TEPCO shares See in context

I wonder...with all the comments I read on a daily basis the spectrum of stories that JapanToday offers for our perusal.... are read by people in positions who are able or willing to do something about the inequities and general disappointment we read about ?

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Posted in: Nursing home employee gets 8 years for fatally assaulting resident See in context

Let him be admitted to a nursing home.... I am sure there would be someone there to teach him the finer art of chest thumping.

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Posted in: Dancing mayor's AKB48 act at Coming-of-Age Day ceremony a hit See in context

people are being way too serious about this article, read it for what it is,,,,,some fun !!!

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Posted in: Fired CEO wants Olympus to come clean; plans to attend board meeting See in context

Anglootaku, what an asinine remark!

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