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Posted in: Osaka court rules same-sex marriage ban not unconstitutional See in context

Not suprising. Reminds me of hpw it went in the Usa. Some states denied SSM while ithers supported it until the Supreme Court was forced to act. Keep up the pressure and homophobes have no right to push there archaic beliefs on everyone.

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Posted in: Burger King brings back Big Mouth Burgers with hash brown and chili upgrades See in context

Looks delicious

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Posted in: Mie to become 1st prefecture to ban outing LGBT individuals See in context

Me thinks Rogers doth protest about non existant issues compared to minorities

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Posted in: Firefighter arrested for stealing ¥200,000 from burning house See in context

Wow. That dude is pure scum. Sheesh

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Posted in: Netflix, TikTok block services in Russia to avoid crackdown See in context

Another blow to Russia Tech Sector

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Posted in: Pokemon Go creator thinks metaverse needs to keep it 'real' See in context

Sounds like wistful thinking. Personally I welcome a Meta world where I can stay at home and browse the net. Much more fun.

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Posted in: Five new Pokemon manhole covers arrive in Tottori Prefecture; now with one in every municipality See in context

I always did love how cutesy japan can be. Honestly in some ways japanese culture is more open than my own country the usa. In japan there not afraid to use anime and games to make public spaces look cuter and to advertise on tv and help politicians campaigns.

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Posted in: The Buddhist monk and make-up artist seeking LGBT+ equality in Japan See in context

Wonderful monk. Changing societal norms slowly but surely.

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Posted in: New Pantene commercial interviews Japanese trans individuals about difficulties of job hunting See in context

Another company showing support for minorities. Liking the trend these days tbh.

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Posted in: OA offers help for people with eating disorders See in context

The Beauty Industry are you killers. Only hiring gals who fit stereotypes and unhealthy weight limits.

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Posted in: Plastic fantastic: Japan's doll industry booming See in context

Lot of intolerance here. No one owes society human interaction and neither do people owe society reproduction. If people are happier cuddling dolls who cares. Mind your ow buisness

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Posted in: The gloves come off in poetry boxing See in context

This is Epic. Japan needs more of this

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Posted in: Sony counting on core devices, video content services to win back electronic leadership See in context

12 years Later and Sonys is still kickin strong and Leads the Gaming Market in Sells. See you are not Faulkmore

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Posted in: Fukuda calls for major emitters to join climate change framework See in context

Hindsight is 2020. Climate Change has alreadu done extensive damage due to pollution

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Posted in: Softbank to launch iPhone in Japan July 11 See in context

12 years later. And predictions happiky boasted about Apple sweeping japan are still not true. Apple has a 19% share in Smartphones in Japan. Samsung a 6% share and huawei a 8% share. Meaning over half are still Jphones. Japan still doesnt trust american tech and I dont blame them for it.

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Posted in: Honda sticks to nickel-metal hydride batteries See in context

A wise decision looking back. So many burnt planes and vehicles

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