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If I walked into our Tokyo head office wearing that, they would escort me out the back door and send me home. We have a policy of "hot, stuffy biz" where we turn EVERYTHING off but the lights and everyone must wear the requisite ossan-style suit and tie regardless of the weather.

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Posted in: Ex-AKB48 member Shiho Watanabe places second in Miss Earth Japan contest See in context

Why on earth is there no picture!!!

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Looks like Hachiko-mae on a Sunday morning. The streets will be clear in 30 seconds.

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It looks like they're holding Pan Am Airlines bags. That company has been out of business for more than 20 years. However I see the logo from time to time in "trendy" parts of Osaka.

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Posted in: Tokyo man arrested for paying schoolgirls 30,000 yen to pose nude for photos See in context

I'd hate to pass judgment on this man without first seeing the pictures in question.

Pictures please!

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The caption refers to the two as “companion girls," however the proper term is "campaign girls" (as in "marketing campaign" or "promotional campaign" ).

Thanks for the refreshing pic JT. Keep 'em coming!

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I truly wish her the best. She seems like a very cool and wacky (in a good way) person.

I remember listening to her first album over and over and over again on my MD player as a college student. She's part of the reason that my listening comprehension exploded early on in my Japanese language study. To this day I can't listen to First Love without getting misty-eyed recalling the final episode of the JDrama Majo no Joken.

She should lay low, leave Japan and see as much of the world as possible. She is entering a time of great personal growth. I'm happy for her, but I already miss her.

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Am I the only one who notices that most of the photographers in this pic are taking this opportunity to switch batteries or memory cards before someone really "famous" hits the carpet?

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Posted in: Erykah Badu to hold two concerts in Tokyo, Yokohama See in context

This is guaranteed to bring out all the dreadlock + head rag j-chicks with nose rings.

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I estimate that half of the helmets and balls he signed in that pic will end up on eBay by the end of the day.

Growing up in LA, you can always spot a hick from out of town when they harass a celebrity for an autograph. Lame.

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Don't be fooled by NASA's sudden diversity in space. The space shuttle Discovery has exactly two missions remaining before it (and the entire space shuttle fleet) is permanently discontinued in September. The Space Shuttle Program has been around for almost 30 years and this is probably the first time NASA has launched this diverse a crew (by gender, ethnicity and nationality). I'm sure they're sending a very capable crew into space, but I can't help wondering whether or not this is a deliberate matchup for PR purposes. A little late if you ask me.

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If these girls are really eating donuts everyday, they must be purging them immediately afterwards. Can you imagine how fat Miss Krispy Kreme would look in the US?

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Posted in: Final 11 Miss Universe Japan contestants begin beauty camp See in context

Wow. I guess fashion is cyclical. During my 3 years on Osaka between '03 and '06, most j-chicks wouldn't be caught dead in shoes that exposed their toes (except for getas in the summer).

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Posted in: Fourth 'Pirates' to be filmed in Hawaii See in context

Smart move for Disney. They're just wrapping up the final season of Lost on Oahu and now they can just sart shooting the next Pirates film without having to run power or set up trailers and equipment.

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Posted in: Fox TV reporter Ako Koizumi shines on See in context

I spent almost five years in LA, graduated from Santa Monica College...

That brings back sweet memories. There were a lot of cute j-girls at SMC. Though I never saw any of them in my classes. I guess calculus isn't very trendy (;_;)

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This picture is a perfect illustration of the redundancy that exists in Japan today. I can't stand it I'm doing perfectly fine at a kiosk only to be hijacked by one of these uniformed chicks who may look pretty and speak polite but were trained to ignore common sense and instead rely on memorized scripts so answer any question a customer may have. "blah-blah-blah sashite itadakitai to omoimasu." They look like a deer in headlights if you call on them to answer any simple question that didn't come up during company indoctrination.

At least the ticket machine in this pic is separate from the ticket counter line. Last time I left Kansai International Airport on United the boarding pass machines were only accessible at one of the final turns of the regular ticket check-in line. There was a chick standing there to push the buttons for me there too.

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She's actually a very hot chick, but you couldn't tell by looking at this awful picture. IMO, she looks better without fur. She could lose the jacket too :-)

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Posted in: Swimsuit campaign girl See in context

Damn I love J-Chicks. I was in Osaka for 3 years and pics like this make me wanna drop everything and make my way back over there.

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Posted in: Swimming Santa See in context

I guess this means Christmas is in the tank this year.

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These models are smokin' hot, but in Japan you'll see chicks that look like this at your local McDonald's, on the train or at the cosmetics counter at any department store.

Damn I love Japan!

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Every single last one of these chicks are SMOKING HOT!!! I can't even imagine being a judge for this competition and having to send any of these girls home.

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Posted in: 40 police cars, 100 officers, one copter mobilized to chase 2 thieves See in context

Wow. That was a lot of police and police cars. It seems like all's well that ends well.

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Posted in: Toyota’s Corolla an inspiration for Ami Suzuki’s new song 'Kiss Kiss Kiss' See in context

She can ride in my Corolla anytime!

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Posted in: Politics meets porn in Japan See in context

Where are the pictures!!??

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Posted in: American arrested in Fukuoka for kidnapping own kids from ex-wife See in context

This story made me sick when I saw it on CNN last night (while sitting next to my Japanese girlfriend). It makes no sense for Japan to resist signing on to a mutual treaty that would discourage this type of action.

This story would have received ZERO attention if the father hadn't visited Japan and tried to take his kids by force. I hope this story has legs and really tarnishes this country's international image if changes aren't made.

Japan's initial reaction to this case could make or break their bid for the Summer Olympics.

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I hope nobody accuses her of indoctrination. It happened when President Obama spoke to school children a couple of weeks ago.

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Posted in: Junichi Ishida talks about girlfriend's great legs See in context

If this guy wants to see nice legs he should look to his left.

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What kind of hats are those?! It looks like Elmo and Cookie Monster took a dump on their heads!

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Posted in: Maid cafes show no signs of losing popularity See in context

rosujin - you went all the way to tokyo just to go to a maid cafe?!

No way dude! I left Osaka in the morning and arrived on Tokyo around mid-day, so all my Japanese friends were still at work. I had several hours to kill and figured Akihabara was one place where gaijin could wander around aimlessly in the middle of the day without looking out of place.

After 2 hours of looking at electronics and porn I wanted to see something else. I have zero interest in games and manga so I decided to do the only other thing you can do in Akihabara...go to a maid cafe. After my traumatic experience I had to medicate my eyes by walking through Shibuya 109. Now that was nice....and free!

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Posted in: Maid cafes show no signs of losing popularity See in context

Those girls in the caption above look nothing like my waitress during my trip to Akihabara.

I decided to spend a few days in Tokyo during golden week this year and wandered into a Maid Cafe by a decent-looking chick J-girl handing out flyers on the street in Akihabara. After being seated by an even better-looking chick at the front entrance I sat down and started sending a text on my phone.

I looked up and was honestly startled by this ugly looking hag who introduced herself as my maid. First of all...she was a western chick. More specifically she was one of those nasty looking "I love anime and cosplay" chicks. They must keep one of these in the broom closet somewhere and dust her off when a gaijin walks in. She wore these ugly glasses and had a crock nose.

She asked me if I wanted to speak English or Japanese. I soon discovered that her Japanese skills were really crappy, but probably still better than most gaijin who wander into a place like that. It was really painful to look at her. After pouring my ¥600 iced coffee she said something like" もっと美味しくなる為にあたしの魔法をかけましょうか?"(Shall I use my magic to make this even more delicious?) She had me put my hands in a heart shape along with her and say 美味しくなれ、(become delicious) 3 times then "moe, moe" at the end. Probably my most embarrassing moment in Japan.

I understand that they're trying to cater to westerners by having an English speaker on hand, but that broad really killed it for me. I downed my coffee and got outta there asap. Very disappointing after a 3 hour shinkansen ride from Osaka.

Sorry for the long post. Just wanted to warn everyone about the gaijin switcheroo.

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