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Posted in: Tokyo ward assemblyman under fire over remarks against LGBT rights See in context

Would the entire population of Japan and the entire world suddenly become gay/lesbian, that wouldn't mean the end of times and humans as a species. No, we would think with our nature-given big brains and adapt to these changes and change our society to benefit our current lifestyle so that the species can continue to exist. So even in such a ludicrous scenario, we should be able to adapt and continue to exist.

It's also amusing that this assemblyman thinks everyone is just going to turn gay if gays can marry. In which society has this happened? Does he think everyone is secretly gay? Does the think opposite sex relationships are inferior? So many questions!

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Posted in: Streisand among stars to stage coronavirus fundraiser for LGBT+ centers See in context

As always, the biggest victims in society is the LGBTQII+ community.

"If these community centers have to close their doors, that means that LGBTQ kids may not have a meal. It means they might not have a place to go," singer and actress Barbara Streisand said by telephone.

Reading the article helps. There are kids who have been thrown out of their homes for being LGBT, who need a place to stay, and it would seem like these community centers aren't getting enough or any help in keeping their doors open for LGBT kids who need a place to be safe, so this charity is specifically to help these centers.

Why is this a bad thing? Why is helping people in need a bad thing? Why do you have to put such a negative spin on it?

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Posted in: Lam says Chinese military could step in if uprising gets bad See in context

I really would like to know what all of you '' violent riots need to be dealt with, even if that means military interference '' commenters suggest the Hong Kong rioters should do in this case. I would REALLY like to know. Just succumb to China and their laws? Is that it?

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Posted in: Junior high school student in Saitama stabbed to death by classmate See in context

This is haunting, honestly. What kind of world do we live in where a young kid thinks it's fine to stab someone (to DEATH no less) over an inane argument? It's maybe morbid, but I wish there was something else behind this, because at least then I could imagine even TRYING understanding why this happened. Now I'm just completely stunned as to what would make a person do this.

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Posted in: Disney live-action 'Little Mermaid' to star a black Ariel See in context

Poor girl, she is going to be in the middle of so much controversy just because Disney wants to orchestrate some kind of a race war on social media to get that '' if you don't like this movie or this decision, you are RACIST! '' crowd and in general get headlines over this controversial casting choice. This actress is being used, hopefully she realizes that.

I'm upset that there'll be so many people defending this and being completely naive and gullible, and so many people unreasonably angry over it to the point of spewing obvious racism. But obviously, it'll create headlines and people will get interested just because of the controversy. You'd think Disney wouldn't need such scummy tactics though.

While I completely disagree with the casting choice, I'm not loosing sleep over it. Especially since the Little Mermaid is an absolute HORRID movie. The songs are cute and all but it's such a terrible movie. And in general this whole live action remake boom is such a cash grab. Disney is money-grubbing, fake '' woke '' and creatively bankrupt. Obviously, just my opinion.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy hit and killed by train in apparent suicide See in context

Lol at this comment section, it's all about people wanting to give their hot take on how the youth is too sensitive. Yeah I get it, you are tired of political correctness and progressive mindset, but I'm unsure whether it shows great empathy to rain down your sociopolitical opinions on deceased kids and victims of bullying as if that'll help anything.

People who say bullying is just part of growing up and builds character, or that they experienced bullying but got out fine so others should too, man, you sure sound like bullies yourself.

With that said, rest in peace to this child.

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Posted in: Reverence for tradition threatens same-sex marriage in Japan See in context

not being able to come out of the closet

It's also amazing how people blind and deaf you are to the overall struggles of gay people, as if it's just a thing that one needs to accept within themselves and then everything will be dandy. Please, it's not as homosexual persecution doesn't date back to hundreds and hundreds of years back. And it's not like concentration camps for homosexuals don't exist in modern world, though to be fair in less fortunate countries.

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Posted in: Reverence for tradition threatens same-sex marriage in Japan See in context

 Your life should revolve around more than sexual identity.

You tell homophobes that? Our sexual identity becomes a bigger part of us because homophobes, not because of us.

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Posted in: Reverence for tradition threatens same-sex marriage in Japan See in context

I used to not care about what people do concerning their own lives--I still don't--but this constant beating over the head with gay agenda is slowly eroding my sympathy and support for the lgbt ?????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????? community.

@Mr. Noidall, if your contingency on the support for LGBT people hangs on them being silent, shutting the hell up and never making any noise about the VERY REAL discrimination, pain and alienation they go through, then you were never sympathetic to begin with, and you never cared.

Threatening to stop being sympathetic, and then making mockery of LGBT+ by adding all those question marks, very childish I would say.

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

If it's a necessity, why isn't HE wearing heels? I think he'd look good on them, pretty little thing :)

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Posted in: Kanazawa aiming to become esports mecca to attract young people See in context

Disillusioned - C'mon, give me the names of the half a dozen people who have become rich and famous playing video games. 

Pewdiepie and Ninja, for one, and all these people below who have earned more than I have in a lifetime by playing video games competitively.


It's a pretty unhealthy mindset that everything that is not working constantly till you die is just a waste of time, and every moment of your life is supposed to be shackled to being as productive as you can be. I'm curious as to what your occupation is though, because for someone who says video gamers to get a real job, I do hope you have a job that is very productive to society yourself.

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Posted in: Taiwan approves same-sex marriage in first for Asia See in context

Somewhere out there, Tu'er Shen must be smiling. Congratulations Taiwan!

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Posted in: Alarm bells sound over 'outings' in Japan's LGBT community See in context


so gay people should never hit on people? How are gay people supposed to know who is gay and who is not? To be offended by someone who you are not interested in wanting to potentially date is just low, jesus christ. Is this only reserved to when gay people hit on straight men, hmh?

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Posted in: Alarm bells sound over 'outings' in Japan's LGBT community See in context


are these just your guesses on who is gay, even though they've never come out or made it public?

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Posted in: Alarm bells sound over 'outings' in Japan's LGBT community See in context


Name ONE popular gay celebrity who isn't an okama/drag queen, but just a regular guy?

I would like to reference this article https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/its-fine-to-be-gay-on-japanese-tv--if-youre-outlandish-and-outrageous/2015/03/24/b3c3ac00-ce77-11e4-8730-4f473416e759_story.html

'' There is a boom in “onee” stars, Mitz Mangrove said, using the Japanese word that refers to men who speak like women and are often gay or transgender, and they are treated like weirdos or eccentrics.

“We fit in a category of being obviously atypical or unusual,” he said as he was having his make-up fixed after the “It’s Noon” lunchtime variety show. They are encouraged to be outlandish or outspoken to spice up TV shows, and that’s why there are no openly gay people in more mainstream roles on television, he said.

“We are not treated as human beings. We are okay as long as we say things that are not mainstream or that are sharp or vulgar,” Mangrove said.

For that reason, it wasn’t necessarily a good thing for “ordinary gay people” to be associated with cross-dressing celebrities like them.

“They might be treated as abnormal as that’s the common idea about us in the TV world,” Mitz Mangrove said. “There are many gay people who are boring, not social or don’t drink alcohol in this world but our society doesn’t accept that fact and I find that very uncomfortable.”

Japanese society is “confused” with what to make of these television personalities, said Aya Kamikawa, a representative on the Setagaya council and Japan’s first transgender assembly member.

“I don’t oppose the idea that they are selling their sexuality as their appeal,” she said of the TV hosts. “But in reality, sexual minorities are everywhere, they can be your colleagues, friends and relatives. Right now, they’re seen as people to be laughed at or be consumed. It’s grossly lopsided.” ''

While I can't deny that entertainers like Matsuko Deluxe and IKKO are respected in their field and that they have their own positive influence on pushing for LGBT representation and acceptance, overall these flaming sassy queens, no matter how entertaining, do paint an extremely stereotypical, and even potentially damaging view of LGBT people, that they are loud, vulgar queens. LGBT people are completely disposable to the entertainment scene if they don't play into all the awkward, even offensive stereotypes people have of specifically LGBT entertainers.

With that said, it's not all bad. While variety shows might not have the best representation of LGBT people, gay characters have become less unusual in dramas, and are treated with respect most of the time. Although it can get a bit preachy and '' LET'S TEACH THE WORLD ABOUT LGBT PEOPLE! '' sometimes, it might just be necessary for the time being. Even the western world has only recently started to drift away from that.

Social media has also become a platform in which LGBT people can exist as themselves and become popular as content creators, without needing the approval or guiding hand of some TV world big shot, or some talent agency boss.

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Posted in: Sexual harassment toward job-hunting students by alumni widespread See in context


Yes, because we all know it’s just the mothers who should be raising their sons to be better.

I love this because it implies mothers will always do right by their children, and that they'll never teach their sons conservative, strict gender roles, and heteronormativity. You really think that's the case?

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Posted in: High school teacher in hot water after forcibly giving male student a buzz cut See in context

@Alex Einz

Exactly, it's not a kindergarten, so why are these students treated like they are in kindergarten? These high schoolers are almost young adults, so for adults to police their appearance is ridiculous. At this point, it should be left to the individual to take care of their own appearance, and realize that the way they choose to present themselves, might affect their chances on the job market.

Even an idiot will understand that in the corporate world, you might be required to dress and look a certain way, you DON'T need to shave someone's head against their will to get that point across.

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Posted in: High school teacher in hot water after forcibly giving male student a buzz cut See in context

I can't help but wonder when exactly are Japanese youth allowed to express themselves through their appearance, if not during their high school years.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs plan to legally ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

'' Because I survived it, everyone else should as well. Because I experienced it, and I'm fine regardless, the tradition should continue. ''

Sounds really dumb if you ask me.

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Posted in: Chiba 1st Japanese city to recognize LGBT couples, common-law marriage See in context

Wonderful! Good on Chiba!

A lot of western conservatives have this idea that Japan is the last true bastion of a conservative heaven, and often scream about western cultures forcing their '' agenda '' on Japan, so whenever Japan takes a step towards being more progressive, it is quite a treat seeing them getting all bent out of shape.

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker says LGBT couples lack 'productivity' See in context

The same people who say things like this, will also completely be against same sex couples actually actively trying to build a family and having children, whether it's through artificial insemination or adoption, because '' a child needs a mother and a father!!! '' or '' the kid will be bullied!! ''

The thought of a person only being productive to the society if they have children is also extremely morbid. You can spend your life doing good, helping people and working your ass off for the good of yourself, the people around you and the society, but as long as you don't make a brat, no matter what kind of failed individual they might end up being, you are not PRODUCTIVE. That doesn't make any sense to me.

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