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Posted in: 24 of 50 new slots at Haneda to be given to Japanese, U.S. airlines See in context

How has the increased international traffic at Haneda changed traffic at Narita? Is Narita close to capacity?Have they both grown by about the same number of international flights since 2010 when Haneda again resumed regular international flights? And, has the opening to Haneda as an international airport again affected Nagoya and Kansai International airports? This is an interesting article; I would like to read something more indepth about Japan's and Tokyo's air traffic flows.

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Posted in: Japan gov't sticks with plan to unveil new era name before May 1 See in context

I got my Driver's License renewed last month. I was hoping that finally, with the change of eras known, that perhaps Gengo dates would disappear from Driver's Licenses, but, no, nothing has changed. My new license expires in Heisei 36, even though the government knows that there will be no Heisei 36. I think I need to put a sticker on it somewhere to remind me to renew it by January 2024. Changes of era are confusing if you use Gregorian dates for most transactions and Gengo dates for government documents. It is easy enough to remember the current year, but easy to make mistakes when you are counting foward or backward. Especially when next year will be XXXXX gannen, and the year after XXXXX ninen.

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Posted in: School teacher gets pay cut for spitting on pupils' faces See in context

So, he has apologized and we assume paid out bucks for his past transgressions. The big questions are, how many other students has he traumatized, and what will he do to future students since he is being left in the system.

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Posted in: Retail giant Aeon to stop selling porn magazines from January See in context

Kyodo, you've got it wrong here "Japan's three major convenience store chain operators -- Seven-Eleven Japan Co, Lawson Inc and FamilyMart Co -- have yet to decide how to handle the issue." These three chains have already decided how to handle the issue. There may be a question of whether they will change their positions in line with Aeon, but they clearly know how they are handling the issue now. FamilyMart? What is family about it?

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Posted in: Are funerals growing obsolete? See in context

This discussion reminds me of the 1984 film of Juzo Itami. Itami, in his wry ways, pointed out many fo the very ridiculous practices that make funerals so expensive. お葬式 (English title - The Funeral) was Itami's deebut film, and he both wrote and directed it. While Wikipedia calls it a comedy, it is more of a social commentary. It won multiple awards in Japan in 1985 including Best Picture and Best Director. It has a bit of gratuitious sex, as do many of Itami's films. Other than that, it is worth watching. It not only teaches a great deal of the Japanese funeral rites, but also provokes questions of the purpose of the funeral industry and of family members reassesing relations after the death of a family elder. One of my favorite Japanese films.

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Posted in: Tokyo's homeless boast their own upscale neighborhood See in context

@lolozo79 Some articles are plain interesting. I find articles about dropouts from society who have alternate living styles interesting, especially if they are living in some sort of order. I'd be glad to read other articles of how the "homeless" cope with life, where they are located, and an introduction to the biggest ten homeless areas in Japan. Articles don't need to have deep political or philosophical meaning to be interesting. I'd also welcome articles on declining populations in Japanese rural areas, and on repopulating of the same areas.

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Posted in: Caroline Kennedy leaves Japan after 3 years as U.S. ambassador See in context

So, who is in charge now?

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Posted in: 金 chosen as kanji character best representing 2016 See in context

Any relation to Premium Friday, in which workers will be encouraged to leave at 3 p.m. on the last Friday of each month?

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Posted in: Gov't reconsiders plan to change Japan's iconic hot spring symbol after backlash See in context

I would never think that the current sign means hot food, but if it does, than that new symbol looks like a cannibal's hot pot. Freshly cooked people. How backward do we think Japan can get?

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Posted in: Roman coins ID'd in Okinawan ruins, but how they got there remains mystery See in context

This article is a bit confusing. 10 tiny, rusty discs sat unnoticed in storage for two and a half years. The 10 copper coins were unearthed in December 2013 at the 12th-15th century Katsuren Castle, Iron and steel rust. Copper does not; instead it generally gets a patina. I was confused when I read that these were copper coins, and wondered if they were stored with iron-based coins or other relics. However, the article does not incidate they were found with anything else. I expect, then, that the author or translater incorrectly reported the story. Be that as it may, this is an interesting story. I wonder what else has been dug up at the Katsuren site, and when the coins actually came to Japan and through what route. What a story they could tell if they could talk. This could be the basis for a historical novel. Fun stuff.

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Posted in: 7-month-old baby killed after mother knocked off bicycle by car See in context

Thanks to the links to the Japanese news coverage B2DB and Fatboy. The reports certainly explain the situation better than the sparse coverage here.

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Posted in: JR Yamanote line driver caught using smartphone while operating train See in context

JR could put cameras in all its trains focussed on the drivers. This might keep them alert, awake, and off their phones.

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Posted in: Group urges changing Buddhist temple mark on maps to avoid Nazi connotations See in context

More important than changing marks on the maps is providing a good key to the maps that explains all of the marks. This would take discipline on the part of the map makers - and perhaps would be difficult as it would admit that the maps were not complete before the keys were added.

If a pagoda sign is used for a temple, then it will confuse those of us who want to see a pagoda and can't find it at the temple. The 卍 is just fine. And the onsen mark, is that still used on some maps to indicate sento and other public baths that are not really onsen? A good map key is essential for a good map.

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Posted in: Four in five in Japan complete their int'l travel booking at least two months in advance: survey See in context

I study plane prices from about three months out before booking my flights to Japan, and watch both Japanese and American carriers to note trends. The last two times I have booked flights about 5 weeks out - when I found some anomalies that caused lower prices for only a day or two. In the case of American, on Sundays only it was offering some JAL flights on code sharing that were significantly cheaper. I noticed these flights two weekends in a row, and bought on the second one. For United, I got a cheaper flight five weeks out, but noticed that the normal cheap flights seemed to have a steady price even as few as three days before the flights if you didn't mind your flight route. and other groups seem to offer pretty cheap hotel prices in some cities, not so in others. I am curious as to how others book stays in Japanese hotels/minshuku/hostels. Some of the best prices seem to be negotiable on the telephone once I get to Japan.

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Posted in: Goto's mother expresses sorrow over his murder See in context

Wow. That picture could be labeled Paparazzi Hell. My heart goes out to the mother.

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Posted in: Japan mourns Goto as caring and courageous reporter See in context

Tradegy. What are the voices and thoughts of ordinary people regarding the numbers of Muslims studying in Japan? How about in Oita around Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University? What about in Fukuoka near the mosque? And in other parts of Japan? Is there any backlash against Muslims in Japan? Worth some news coverage.

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Posted in: The ugly truth of 'gokon,' Japan’s group blind dates See in context

This perhaps would be more aptly titled "The ugly world of goukan"

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Posted in: The most crowded train and subway lines in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are ... See in context

Wow, plenty of excess capacity in Osaka and Nagoya areas, I see.

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Posted in: U.S. Army retires general for not properly investigating sex assault in Japan See in context

By retiring one rank lower, Harrison stands to lose a substantial amount of retirement pay.

Now, what about the woman who lodged the complaint. And the colonel about whom she lodged the complaint. What is to become of them? Has the Army made any statements, brief or otherwise, about them?

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Posted in: Half a million advised to evacuate as heavy rain lashes Japan See in context

Where, where? Did the original media report where the 500000 people were to be evacuated from? City or prefecture? Where was the river that overflowed and killed the chickens? Foreigners who read Japanese news don't consider Japan an monolith.

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Posted in: Thousands languishing in children's homes in Japan: Human Rights Watch See in context

What is the connection between this article about children languishing in children's homes and another article in today's Japan Today - Number of children in Japan falls to new low - about the declining birth rate

Ironic that these two articles are here on the same day. They both seem to show that children are generally unwanted liabilities in today's Japan. In many regards, Japan is not a child-friendly country. Apologies to all those doting grandparents we see.

My wife and I adopted two children when we were living in Japan. I know of another American family who adopted three siblings. Another American family has adopted two Japanese children and two American children and are raising them all in Japan. Adoption is not difficult if the children in children's homes are released for adoption when they are relatively young. As I said before, Japan in many regards is not a child-friendly country. It is sad.

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Posted in: Pink park See in context

@ Nessie - Moss phlox is an acceptable term for phlox subulata; "moss phlox" is found in several different descriptions on the Internet. Why do you think that it is an incorrect term?

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Posted in: Ryoko Hirosue's management deny she is having an affair with actor Takeru Sato See in context

Bogi - Thanks for letting us all know about the stuff you don't know about. In the time it took you to write the comment, an internet search would have told you that both individuals are very famous actors and the magazine is one of the biggest selling in the country - about half a million copies a week I think.

Me - I'm not interested in even taking the time to do an Internet search, thank you. Change the names and you have a hundred other Japanese actors and yet another handful of Japanese magazines. The comments here are helpful, though, in explaining why these particular characters are in the vogue today.

888naff - What are you doing commenting about it then on a Japan site then...ever watched Japanese TV? It's not hard to spot them. If you were commenting on a non Japan site and then that would be a different matter, but even outside Japan people watch Japanese tv and these have been in some of the most famous and watched Japanese dramas.

Me - Sure, I've watched Japanese TV. Do you really think this is a "Japanese" site? How many comments here are from native Japanese people? Most of the comments are by gaijin living in Japan, it seems, who are happy to complain about idiosyncratic Japanese issues that impinge on their lives. You caught me though, I live in insular Kansas, and haven't been in Japan since last December; I haven't lived in Japan since, oh, let's count back, 2007. I'll admit, I am not up to date on current Japanese actors or heart-throbs. I was first living in Japan when Yamaguchi Momoe was a teen-age singer.

Nenad Jovanović - So why comment ?

Me - A great question. How often do you get to a JT article that has no comments yet? It is like a clean slate, and you get to start a discussion. So, asking what the significance of an article with no comments yet seems a legitimate question. I appreciate your answer. It and Educator60's answer helped fill in the gaps in my current cultural curiosity.

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Posted in: Ryoko Hirosue's management deny she is having an affair with actor Takeru Sato See in context

Hmm, I am not familiar with either of these names or the significance of this headline. Not familiar with the Josei Seven magazine, either. Yawn.

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Posted in: Confused Japanese tourists trigger highway pursuit in Utah See in context

This story is weird all the way around, and it is interesting to see the difference between the comments here on JT and the comments on the Yahoo rendition of the exact same story. Driving on I-15 in southern Utah, where the speed is 130kph (80 mph) shouldn't have been a difficult place to worry about US traffic signs and whether you are on the left or the right side of the road. Perhaps the couple was used to the husband sitting on the right and driving and the wife on the left and resting, so instead of switching sides of the car, they decided to switch drivers. So many possibilities for short stories here; fact is indeed stranger than fiction.

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Posted in: 4 Okayama schools serving wild boar, deer as part of lunch program See in context

Wild boar has in the past been known as yama no kujira, or mountain whale. This was likely a Buddhist nomenclature justifying eating of boar by a society that was vegetarian (fish and fowl OK to eat). Likewise, rabbit was a perfectly fine food as it 'flies' and the counter for rabbits is the same as for other birds even today. Little known facts of Japanese culture.

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Posted in: Female Osaka school clerk's pay docked over tattoos See in context

Raymond ChuangFeb. 01, 2014 - 08:49AM JST

I think one reason why tattoos are not well-liked in Japan is their historical association with the yakuza, the Japanese organized crime syndicates. That's why--like them or not!--many onsen in Japan do not allow people with tattoos. As such, sad to say, it does not surprise me the female worker will have to remove those tattoos given Japanese mores.

Hmmm, I may frequent the wrong sentos and onsens. I have seen several men with full body tattoos. Some are downright scary, with scowls and narry an aisatsu to anyone when they come in. Others are quite friendly and social. The last I saw was in Beppu at Netsunoyu in early December. He was a nice bloke, although the people who came in with him did show a lot of deference to him which led me to suspect him to be a crime figure.

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Posted in: Female Osaka school clerk's pay docked over tattoos See in context

Nenad Jovanović -- Here better article on this subject , And In this article show that one kid was scared when he saw tattoo on her , one of the reasons why this ban is there, no matter what you say, tattoos are rare in Japan

Interesting article - it doesn't say what you say it does. A child was frightened when it saw a tattoo on some male worker in Osaka, not necessarily at this school. You should read more carefully and use logic when you draw conclusions. In this case, you are mistaken.

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Posted in: Man clearing snow from roof falls to his death See in context

Pretty dark at 6:30 pm these days, especially for such an old man to be out on the roof.

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Posted in: University student arrested for kicking stroller with baby in it See in context

Mirai Hayashi-san, thanks for posting the additional ANN broadcast info, it really helps to see the extra information.

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