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Posted in: Soccer star Rapinoe says she's a proud American See in context

Everyone have political different views but you can't insult your country's pride for some others publicity/marketing benefits....if so then go away, no traitors are allow in America or other counties where you born. I don't want see her in White House. Remember radicals, liberals, socialists, communists and fundamentalist are not allow in America, it all acting as anti nationalists and engaging in terrorism.

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Posted in: Emperor performs ritual to report abdication to Shinto gods See in context

Long Live Emperor of Japan, I cordially and respectfully THANK YOU for your great duty for Japan and world peace in your 30 years of Hei Sei (平成)period. I'm praying for your good heath continue in new era Reiwa(令和) too.天の陛下万歳、日本万歳。

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Posted in: Japanese space probe lands on asteroid 300 million kilometers from Earth See in context

Congratulations to our all scientists, engineers and other all involving personnel whom did this great job. Banzai Nippon.万歳日本。

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Posted in: S Korean Supreme Court orders Nippon Steel to compensate wartime forced laborers See in context

South proof that they're cheated against Japan and they can do anyone in next too.....this forces labor portion was over so long time before but they controversially bring on court and won their demand by unilaterally ....South Korea still complicating bilateral relations with us....but we'll never accept it.

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Posted in: Ghana spoils Nishino's debut, beating Japan 2-0 in friendly See in context

I ever seen like yesterdays match against Ghana national team by command of our new manager(??!!) who was controversially picketed up by rubbish choices.I think we'll come back from Russia with no wins or no disappointed.

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