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Posted in: S Korea's Moon calls for official apology over 'comfort women' See in context

NHK needs to play the n'th time Japan paid to these people, everyday in their international channel. Koreans seems to have "Bad Sectors" in their head and all politicians need their share of money.

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Posted in: Why is the Japanese kanji for '4' so frustratingly weird? See in context

Sometimes it's good to judge other cultures to see what is good or bad, efficient or inefficient in your own culture.

Why? We are not complaining about our culture! All cultures are obviously not equal. Some are really nosy about other's cultures.

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Posted in: Why is the Japanese kanji for '4' so frustratingly weird? See in context

Please stop judging how other culture uses their language that doesn't fit your "logic".

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Posted in: RoboCar See in context

Is that you, bumblebee?

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Posted in: Lady liberty See in context

This photo is invasion of privacy!

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Posted in: Arms show offers Japan venue to build military ties in Southeast Asia See in context

Yeah! We need more arms, to deal with more arms! Same industry feeding both sides, and creating a pseudo need of "Defense" expense. At present day, no one can stop arms industry.

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Posted in: Sapporo becomes 1st major Japanese city to recognize LGBT couples See in context

Great job! Please add more issues to the already falling birth rate of Japan.

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Posted in: Trump calls N Korea's Kim Jong-Un 'madman with nuclear weapons' See in context

US...If you want to shoot then shoot. don't talk.

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Posted in: Tokyo police urge go-kart tour companies to improve safety measures See in context

These go carts are scary when you are driving around them. Very nice to look at them as a pedestrian, but when you are driving behind or near them, and you see how bad most of them are driving, you want to change lane and stay far from these.

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Posted in: 84-year-old driver crashes car into pharmacy, injuring 3 people See in context

How considerate! Just beside the hospital!

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Posted in: Foreign detainees go on hunger strike at Nagoya immigration facility See in context

Send them back, save some of our taxes.

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Posted in: Global summit in Tokyo discusses women's empowerment See in context

I like empowered women, in every field, including gembas. Not just in Air conditioned rooms in comfortable desks.

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Posted in: Dozens join hunger strike at Japanese immigration center See in context

We need to put a stop to this at once. Those poor detainees should not be held up at immigration for this long. Deport them ASAP to their countries, where they can live freely.

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Posted in: JR East to open prayer room at Tokyo Station See in context

Why not a church or temple in Tokyo Station? Why muslims will need special treatment everywhere? Prayer room, halal food? Everyone else need to compromise for them?

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Posted in: Thousands march in Tokyo for LGBT awareness See in context

I guess it will be OK to have a "Heterosexual" awareness parade too.

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Posted in: Thousands march in Tokyo for LGBT awareness See in context

We are very aware of LGBT already. Their sexual habits, which we have no interest into, is rubbed on your face all the time now a days. It doesn't need to be a "march" to announce your sexual preference.

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Posted in: Vietnamese who died of stroke at Japan detention center left lying for hours: document See in context

I say, deport the illegals as soon as they are captured. Japan doesn't need this nuisance and expense of holding the illegal foreigners.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 1, wounds 7 others at San Diego pool party See in context

What is the news here? The fact that he was drinking beer? Or was it because it was poolside? Because shooting is an everyday think in US!

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Posted in: Pure gold replica of Darth Vader mask goes on sale See in context

My personal opinion: Star wars (or similar franchise) movies are just milking its fans now. It's sad to see how people are being made fool by these "influenced" craze and artificial demand of movie merchandise.

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Posted in: 2 elderly women jump to their deaths on rail tracks See in context

Can't we already have a legit way to end own life without stopping others? There is a large population in Japan who wants to rest in peace. Give them an honorable option to pass away.

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Posted in: Venture firm develops device to prevent kids' smartphone addiction See in context

One word: Spanking.

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Posted in: Philippine Airlines to enhance passenger experience See in context

Hope they can start being on-time first.

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Posted in: Japanese businessman shot dead in Philippines See in context

And maybe the Philippines should press Japan about all the women lured here into the sex trade!



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Posted in: Japanese businessman shot dead in Philippines See in context

Japan should press the Philippines government and ask why Japanese men are being targeted in Philippines regularly. A temporary visa ban will get the Philippines government moving.

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Posted in: Musician Ian McCulloch flees Japan amid U.S.-N Korea tensions; show cancelled without notice See in context

Headline should read, "Kim Jong Un successfully scared the 1st human outside NK..... Ian McCulloch."

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Posted in: Cash registers to have cash withdrawal capability from April 2018 See in context

Who needs cash in the groceries now a days? All those POS machines take credit cards. This is completely useless and will increase more time waiting to pay.

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Posted in: Japan's population projected to shrink 30% by 2065 See in context

Not if I am appointed! :D

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Posted in: Gunman kills estranged wife teaching class in Calif, then himself; 8-year-old student also dies See in context

Guns don't kill people....Bullets do. So, please ban the bullets, keep the guns. NRA loves the guns.

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Posted in: Facebook to use photo-matching to block repeat 'revenge porn' See in context

Can people not take naked photos in the 1st place? So, no fear of getting shared on the net or otherwise? Or, if they are brave enough in the first place, be indifferent about it even if shared.

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Posted in: Indians win again; Cubs get first victory of season See in context

They may win, but they are not from India, for sure!

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