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Posted in: Federer sets eyes on Olympics as long as knee holds up See in context

Anyone earning over $250K/yr related to sports should be barred from competing in the Olympics

... Why?

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Posted in: Officials dealing with COVID-19 working nearly 400 hours overtime a month See in context

I feel like this headline is misleading with then average is 124 and 391 is just one person.

I'm also highly suspicious of that because it's an average of about 19 hours per day with no days off. How much of that time was falling asleep at the desk because there's no other time they were doing it.

Either way it's a systemic failure, where both the pandemic response and the labor standards and horrendous.

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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki asked, while picking up trash on street, for opinions on 'Demon Slayer' See in context

This is an awful ambush interview and extremely rude when he is clearly not consenting. I'm disappointed in this reporter for asking and continuing to ask when very clearly rebuffed, and I'm disappointed in Japan Today for publishing it.

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Posted in: 30-year-old Texas man dies from virus after attending 'COVID-19 party' See in context

I don't feel a ton a sympathy for this guy, but I care a lot that he spent days spreading the disease thinking it was a hoax and not caring about anyone else that he could get sick, and I feel awful for the essential workers that had to interact with him.

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Posted in: As coronavirus cases in Tokyo surge, gov't gives expert advisory panel a makeover See in context

This headline is way too generous to the government. I feel like a more accurate headline would be something closer to "As coronavirus cases surge, government backpedals and chooses to ignore all previous emergency benchmarks."

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Posted in: Two-time Olympic champion Hanyu wins Four Continents See in context

Jin Boyang had plenty of mistakes in his free skate, including popping two planned quadruple jumps into doubles. Falling on a fully-rotated quad (like Hanyu did) is still worth at least twice as many points as a mediocre double that properly lands, because the level of difficulty is so much higher. Hanyu had a rough free skate, to be sure, and I agree that I'm iffy on whether his free skate program really was the best, but you also have to remember that Hanyu was already 15 points ahead after the short program where he set the world record.

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Posted in: Pete Rose asks for reinstatement, citing Astros and steroids See in context

I don't particularly care about baseball or Pete Rose, but he's got a very fair point.

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Posted in: Gov't ordered to pay damages over transgender toilet ban See in context

There's a lot of ignorance in this article. You can LEGALLY change your sex in Japan. I'm assuming (although the article doesn't seem to say so explicitly) that the person in question has done so. If that person is legally considered a woman, it makes sense that they have to be treated the same as any other woman and this was legally a case of discrimination.

Furthermore, to legally change one's gender in Japan, one has to undergo surgical sterilization. It's a court-affirmed requirement. Anyone like the person in the article will have done so before being granted a change of gender. It's quite unlikely that someone is going to go through that just to be able to peek in the bathrooms.

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Posted in: Paris reveals golden Marianne logo for 2024 Olympics See in context

I think the design is clever, but I prefer the bid logo. I find it more attractive and more accessible to a worldwide audience.

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Posted in: Uber Eats delivery staff in Japan form labor union See in context

@dango bong

Yes? If a company is making money while requiring workers to do work that involve risks, it should also be paying for the insurance for them to take that risk and for the lost income/medical expenses if the employee gets injured in the course of work. That seems like pretty basic worker protection.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka pokes fun at Japan comedians' 'bleach' comments See in context

I agree that Naomi tends to handle "scandals" or anything potentially upsetting very well. But please don't mistake her mild public comments as being definitively representative of her feelings. As an international public figure, there is a lot of pressure on her to give the "right" answer for a lot of things. She seems to avoid controversy and this could be a response geared towards that rather than she doesn't care.

So I agree that she has a good way to respond to this, that doesn't mean that she doesn't care or isn't upset about it. We have no way to know that so please don't assume it. It's very easy to interpret "Naomi doesn't make a big fuss" as "Naomi doesn't care" which becomes "Why should we?" but they're not all the same thing.

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Posted in: Sam Smith announces new pronouns of 'they' and 'them' See in context

But we use "they" to refer to a singular person all the time when we don't know the gender.

"Someone broke into my house. They stole everything"

There's no reason not to at least attempt to use the pronouns someone asks for except to be a jerk to them. Yeah, if you make a mistake once or twice it's inevitable but actively refusing is just being obstinately mean. It causes you zero harm to use the pronoun that someone prefers.

And to everyone suggesting "it" in place of "they", the issue with that is that "it" is usually used for things that aren't considered people, and trans/non-binary people have enough issues being dehumanized already.

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Posted in: House sends Trump $4.6 bil border bill, yielding to Senate See in context

I completely misunderstood this headline until I read the article. I thought that it meant the House had sent a (symbolic) bill meaning an invoice to Trump telling him that he had to find the money to pay for the issues at the border.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court keeps citizenship question off census for now See in context


But the point of the census isn't to find out how many citizens are in the US. It's to find out how many people are there. According to the constitution, it is to count "the whole number of persons in each state, excluding Indians not taxed". The problem with the citizenship question isn't about finding out how many illegal immigrants are in the country, but with how many people might not answer the census at all because they're worried about that question for themselves or someone in their house.

Furthermore, the census wouldn't give an accurate count of citizens even if it did ask the question, because it's only counting people living in the US anyway. I'm a US citizen living in Japan and won't be counted because I don't live there.

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Posted in: EU to agree Brexit delay but France pushes for conditions See in context

EU should give an extension with specific deadlines.

June 30: Last chance to ratify an EU deal. If there is no deal by this time then there will be no deal and after that the choice is binary-- remain or hard brexit.

July 31st last day to decide between stay as is or hard brexit. If UK can't make a binary decision then hard brexit is the default and cannot be changed.

August 31st. Whichever decision is implemented, regardless of if the UK makes any decision. If the UK makes no decision by July 31st then this will be the last day that the UK is part of the EU.

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Posted in: Virgin territory: Study shows heterosexual inexperience rising in Japan See in context

@kohakuebisu Sex is not the same thing as intimacy. You can have intimacy without sex and you can have sex without intimacy. Implying that a lack of sex is a lack of intimacy is a false dichotomy. I do think that they are often correlated but they aren't causal in either direction.

And to all of the people worried about the end of Japan because there aren't enough people having babies... immigration is a thing that exists and also "less babies" is not the same thing as "no babies" and can eventually reach a stable population. There's no need for dramatics.

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Posted in: Gay Taiwanese man granted special permission to remain in Japan See in context

I'm glad that this decision was made, but it's just kicking the can down the road. What this tells people is that gay people in relationships should just overstay their visas illegally, when instead Japan should make a legal framework for them.


The difference is that Japan HAS a course for straight people in relationships that want to stay in the country due to their relationship. It's called "marriage". With no gay marriage, that option exists ONLY for straight people.

@samit basu

1) Gay marriage is not legal per se in Taiwan. The constitutional court ruled that this situation is unconstitutional and it has to change by May 24th this year, but that's still in the future.

2) That Taiwan decision was in 2017, a year after this person was ordered to be deported.

3) Even if it were legal there, there are a host of other reasons that someone may not want to move to another country. No one country is perfect and solves every problem.

4) It's still unjust that it's not legal here and some people believe in fighting for what they think is right. This person has brought a lot of attention to this issue with this legal battle.

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Posted in: When you were a child, how did your parents discipline you? See in context

@BertieWooster several big points

1) It's not applying one case to all. It's talking about trends and averages. Spanking every child will have significantly worse outcomes overall than not spanking any child and using other methods of teaching and discipline.

2) Even if not all people are the same and it's "water off a duck's back" for some, you have no way of knowing who may or may not be harmed by the corporal punishment. As such, you should still choose the method that will cause less harm, because "for some children spanking is really harmful" and you don't know if your kid fits into that category.

3) I was responding to specific comments asking about evidence, which is included in the links I have given. Please kindly do the same if you want to refute my points. If you don't have any evidence, you're not really contributing to the conversation in a meaningful way.

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Posted in: GOP senators defend the late McCain against Trump's attacks See in context

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell [...]deployed the H-word twice in one tweet.

"The H-word"? What? Are we avoiding the word "hero" for some reason?

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Posted in: 2020 Democrats' new litmus test: Abolish Electoral College See in context


The constitution has been amended 27 times, not 33. There have been 33 amendments approved by congress but only 27 have been ratified by the states.


As far as I can tell, there is not a requirement per the constitution for ratification to happen within seven years. The most recent amendment was approved by congress in 1789 but not ratified by enough states to come into effect until 1992.

However, most modern amendment pushes do include a deadline for ratification. That's a decision made by congress at the time of writing and approval, but not a constitutional requirement.

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Posted in: When you were a child, how did your parents discipline you? See in context

@Bass4funk @Kapuna @Jimizo

The American Psychological Association suggests that spanking is harmful for children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics agrees.

Pretty much any reputable, scientific source is going to tell you that spanking is less effective and causes more long-term harm to children than other parenting methods. It is seen as effective by parents because it leads to immediate, short term acquiescence, but it doesn't lead to long-term improvement as effectively as other methods.

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Posted in: Trump gets a U.S. Supreme Court victory on immigration detention See in context

@Dango Bong

Most of the plaintiffs in the case are legal immigrants.


It's a bit dated but has a 2014 list of then-serving justices and how often they agree with each other. Conservatives also vote together a vast majority of the time. But you might be surprised to know that almost ALL of the justices often vote in a bloc. Every single justice at the time agreed with ANY other justice more often than disagreed. The most extreme examples in either direction were Ginsburg and Thomas and they still agreed literally TWICE as often as they disagreed.

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Posted in: Britain in Brexit chaos as parliament crushes May's EU deal again See in context


"Hey everyone who voted Leave: remember that? Well guess what? Your vote doesn't count now!"

Modern "democracy" in action, folks.

What? You're not seriously suggesting that "Oh hey, we have new information that might change your opinion. Let's ask the people again" is UNdemocratic? I can't think of a better way to be democratic than to say "Oh we didn't get the deal we promised you, so let's check again if this is what you really want" and have a vote.

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Posted in: Trump calls Apple CEO Tim Cook 'Tim Apple' See in context

This is the next logical step after the announcement that Doug Bowser is taking over Nintendo America.

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Posted in: Foreign leaders lavish Trump with diplomatic gifts See in context


Like all of the other gifts to Trump, his wife, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, those were turned over to the National Archives.

The article does say that they don't get to keep the gifts. I agree that the title is misleading about it, though.

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Posted in: Court rejects damages suit over death of outed gay student See in context

My best guess is that the students harassing him in LINE were also students in the section that he wanted to be moved out of, which would definitely add to the university's responsibility.

That being said, that's conjecture not directly supported by anything in the article. Based on what I see in the article, it's hard to say that the university really has any responsibility for his death.

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Posted in: U.S. House passes bill rejecting Trump's border wall emergency See in context

He originally promised that Mexico would pay for it, but after Mexico refused, he asked U.S. taxpayers to foot the bill for a project Democrats say is unneeded and will not be effective.

He "asked" taxpayers to foot the bill? No, he has decided that taxpayers will foot the bill. He isn't giving anyone a choice in the matter.

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Posted in: Even if infidelity breaks down a marriage and leads to divorce, unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as the third party involved unreasonably interfering in the marriage in a bid to prompt a divorce, the third party is not liable for paying damages for the divorce. See in context


If a business contract were broken because Company C slipped in and stole Company A from Company B with whom it had made a long-term contract (stay with me here), would Company B be able to sue?

I have no idea how a company could "steal" another company. Company A is an independent company as must have made a choice to break the contract with B (wherein company C is not responsible, only A is). The only way the this could not be the case is if we are assuming that a company has ownership of another, in which case it's not a good analogy for modern marriage in Japan.

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Posted in: Even if infidelity breaks down a marriage and leads to divorce, unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as the third party involved unreasonably interfering in the marriage in a bid to prompt a divorce, the third party is not liable for paying damages for the divorce. See in context

I 100% agree with this ruling. It is only the responsibility of the people in the marriage to decide what is and is not acceptable in their marriage, and it is only the responsibility of the people in the marriage to maintain fidelity.

It is not my job to worry about your marriage. If your S/O is wandering, that is between the two of you. I guess you could seek damages from your spouse, possibly. But it's not my job to know the state of your marriage. I mean, am I responsible if I never find out that you're married? What if I'm told that they're single?

It's especially important to know who decided to get a divorce? Did he decide to divorce because she cheated (rather than try to improve their relationship?) and then sue for damages because of the "pain of the divorce"? There's a lot missing here but nothing that tells me that this other man is responsible.

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Posted in: Court upholds 'sterilization' rule for gender change See in context


"I am really starting to wonder if it is necessary to put a sex on Birth or any other documents. If all citizens are equal under the law, what purpose does it serve?

Biology. You'd want your heathcare provider to know as it could effect your treatment.

I've never been to a doctor that didn't have me fill out forms where I could identify what the issues might be and information about myself. I pretty much always have to write out important medical information for my doctor before being seen. They don't use my sex from any document to make decisions without that additional information.

A notable exception is possibly in emergency situations. But emergency situations means that they're probably not checking your birth certificate or other documents, either.

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