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Posted in: Some medical experts unconvinced about holding Tokyo Olympics See in context

I think it's not only the health experts that are unconvinced, but 80% of the population. So let's just say the vast majority of people, with the notable exception of the local Government, JOC officials, Mr. Bach himself, and athletes that are eager to compete for a medal despite the risks and the prospect of Olympic Games that will defy the spirit that the Games should be all about, bringing people and cultures together and having a good time while enjoying world class sport.

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Posted in: Japan's android pets ease virus isolation See in context

If this is the future of human interaction and the solution to isolation and loneliness, then I'm seriously worried...

And the quote of the CEO of the company manufacturing these 'humanised robots', saying that 'many Japanese people accept the idea that every object has a soul', has me utterly baffled, I must say.

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Posted in: Driver on Seibu Railway train falls asleep while at controls See in context

"Dozing on and off for 15 minutes"... Don't the trains have control systems in place, rather than relying on passengers reporting it?

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Posted in: Haneda Airport, train stations in Tokyo busy as travelers head out for Silver Week See in context


’Silver week’ is a relatively new term applying to a string of public holidays in September, which gained popularity in 2009, when - unusually - there were 3 consecutive public holidays. Since then it seems the term has stuck.

No Bronze or Iron as yet, as far as I’m aware ;)

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Posted in: Suga gets word out: He supports Tokyo Olympics See in context

Surprise, surprise...

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach hopes to visit Japan in October to meet Suga See in context

@Luddite Most likely the rules will not apply. The Olympics are ‘too important’ to bother Bach with such ‘petty rules’, I’m sure...

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Posted in: Japan to lift re-entry restrictions on foreign residents from Sept 1 See in context

I was thinking the same, @Luddite!

How can they possibly deport a legal resident for testing positive, with the person posing a risk to the rest of the passengers on the flight (assuming the airline would even accept the person)? And what would happen at the other end? Would they even be allowed entry?

I have visions of people being stuck in transit for the foreseeable future (or until they recover and eventually test negative).

As long as travellers test negative, this is indeed good news and well overdue. But what if they test positive?

Sending them back and denying them treatment in Japan is utterly unacceptable on so many levels!

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Posted in: New ordinance to boost barrier-free hotel rooms ahead of Paralympics See in context

While this new ordinance seems like a big improvement on the surface, I do have some serious concerns.

Apparently it stipulates that doorways must be at least 80 cm and bathroom doors at least 70 cm wide. OK, great, but I'm thinking: Is that it?

In my books, a wide enough entrace doesn't make a wheelchair-accessable room. What about a roll-in shower, a bathroom sink that one can roll under in a wheelchair, a mirror that can be tilted, or extended door handles that can actually be reached by a wheelchair user? What about all the hotel facilities? Will they be accessible?

It doesn't say in the article, so I can't be sure whether those features are required by the new ordinance, or whether it's just a matter of widening a few doorframes here and there.

And when I read that the aim seems to be to create "a large number of rooms that cater to a variety of customer needs", rather than to offer a certain number of rooms that would meet the specific needs of independently travelling wheelchair users, it makes me feel suspicious.

Even more so when I read that "the newly available rooms will not be for the exclusive use of the disabled, the elderly and others who need them".

It seems to me that the end product will be a large number of rooms that on the surface can be sold as "barrier-free", but won't be accessible enough for wheelchair users who travel independently, and which may be occupied by other guests during peak times anyway, meaning that those who really need accessible rooms may still end up with nowhere to stay.

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Posted in: 16-day-old girl dies after being put in trash can by parents See in context

This is absolutely sickening. Clearly too young and irresponsible to have a baby in the first place. And how exactly were they planning to raise her anyway? With his unemployment cheque? So many things wrong here.

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Posted in: Abe says he achieved 'historic' success with Obama See in context

Well said, Disillusioned!

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Posted in: Addition of Korean name for Sea of Japan becomes law in Virginia See in context

If this were to set a precedent, then we'd soon see dozens of different maps popping up across the United States alone, depending on the origin of the largest ethnic minority in any given state.

I find this fuss over a name simply ludicrous.

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Posted in: Top U.N. court to rule on legality of Japan's whale hunt on Monday See in context

An interesting ruling to watch out for!

Although I certainly don't condone the activities of Greenpeace activists, I think that today's times make it no longer justifiable to hunt those sea mammals, be it for scientific purposes or otherwise. So I believe this ruling is certainly going to be a significant one, and my hunch is that it's not going to be in favour of Japan

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Posted in: Japan to see average weather this summer, Meteorological Agency says See in context

I may be no Einstein, but if "Eastern Japan, including the most densely populated Tokyo area, will have a 40% chance of average temperatures", how exactly does the writer reach the conclusion that Japan "will see an average summer" this year? In my books, the chances of a "non-average" summer would be bigger....

What I also would have liked to know is the effect of the anticipated El Nino on the Japanese weather.


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Posted in: Gov't to lift evacuation order for Fukushima town on April 1 See in context

I wonder if it's really safe to return, or just a measure to reduce the number of displaced people to make the statistics look a bit better...

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Posted in: 265 copies of Anne Frank's diary vandalized in Tokyo libraries See in context

Absolutely despicable and very worrying indeed.

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Posted in: EU to review Swiss ties after vote curbing immigration See in context

OK, let's see: Switzerland's economy has been prospering and its unemployment rate is by far the lowest in Europe. Crime rate is low. There is a shortage of labour for high-skilled jobs, but that can be met by foreign workers. I don't think the Swiss have much to complain about. Yet the arguments put forward by the supporters is that the country is 'overrun by foreign workers who overcrowd trains and roads, take away their jobs and drain social security coffers'.

Now consider this: The largest proportions of foreigners live in the big urban areas like Zurich and Basel. Isn't it interesting then, that those who are most exposed to foreigners voted against this, realising that foreigners are actually part of the Swiss success story?

I find this whole xenophobia really sad, and I'm sure that this result will have negative implications for the country.

As a Swiss citizen (who considers himself a 'global citizen'), and who has lived abroad for many years, I'm shocked and disappointed.

@Deplore: Not sure about Japan being so 'peaceful' anymore, not with the recent rethoric aimed at neighbouring nations and the substantially increased spending on weaponry... On Iceland I could agree, though. ;)

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Posted in: Japan ranks 26th of 60 countries in global English proficiency See in context

@Novenachama, You make it sound as if English were by far the most difficult of ANY language to learn, which is simply not true! Quite an impressive list of obstacles you've got there, but if you only focus on those, you will never be able to learn a language - or anything else for that matter.

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Posted in: Abe sees World War I echoes in Japan-China tensions See in context

Talking complete hogwash, as usual. If certain politicians talk so much nonsense that other constantly need to clean up after them, clarifying what they meant or didn't mean, then perhaps they shouldn't speak at all.

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Posted in: Inose's book on winning published day before resignation See in context

Nobody going to buy THAT now, huh?!

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Posted in: School girls commended for rescuing wheelchair-bound woman stranded on train tracks See in context

Good on them! This story made me feel warm around my heart.

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Posted in: Inose resigns as Tokyo governor over loan scandal See in context

“it would be rude to refuse when (the money was) offered”.

Awww, I almost feel sorry for him...

But even if it were true that he was offered the money without asking for it himself first (and media report clearly suggest otherwise), what happened to a polite, but clear "NO"???

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Posted in: 80% of 'black companies' guilty of illegal business practices, survey finds See in context

I have to agree with nikkeiboy there. The article specifically states that the survey was done on 'black companies'. So to say that 80% of them are involved in illegal practices doesn't make sense, as it's companies doing illegal practices that make it onto the list of 'black companies' in the first place. Confusing indeed.

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Posted in: Japan to hike mid-term defense spending by 5% See in context

I could truly think of better ways to spend all that money. Sad indeed!

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Posted in: Japan revises down July-Sept growth to 0.3% See in context

Not that I'm surprised. And if not even corporate spending can maintain the momentum, what will happen to consumer spending come April 1? At the end of the day the Government will be even deeper in debt, the economy roughly where it was before, and all of us have less money in our pocket.

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Posted in: Japan eyes review of arms export ban See in context

"Japan plans to review its self-imposed ban on weapons exports as it seeks to play a more active role in maintaining global peace..."

Anyone else see the irony in this?

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Posted in: Man arrested after rice cooker found plugged into neighbor’s home See in context

'Knowing that time was of the essence, police rushed to the scene.'

Not sure whether the writer is being sarcastic or not, but surely the police have more serious crimes to solve than someone stealing a neighbour's electricity?

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Posted in: Torrential rain hits Oshima; another typhoon on the way See in context

I have lived here for 17 years, and I can't remember ever having seen so many typhoons at any one time. Hell, they're practically queuing up to bear down on Japan! I certainly wouldn't consider this normal, but then what is 'normal' these days anyway...

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Posted in: Rescuers search mudslide for typhoon survivors; 35 still missing See in context

“I’d feared issuing an evacuation advisory in the middle of heavy rains in the dark could lead to a secondary disaster"

I would have thought the idea of an evacuation advisory would be to issue it BEFOREHAND and not in the middle of a bloody typhoon! Lives could have been saved here.

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon pummels Kanto; heads toward Fukushima See in context

So the strongest in 10 years, eh? The HR dept of my company sent out an e- mail to everyone saying 'Please come to work carefully tomorrow morning'. LOL

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Posted in: 40% of Japanese nuclear export parts have not had safety checks See in context

Oh jolly good. As if we didn't have enough trouble back home already. Now we're waiting for a nuclear facility somewhere in Europe. Russia or Australia to blow up, because an unchecked vital part fails. This is getting better and better...

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