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Posted in: 22-year-old man held over murder of 11-year-old boy in Wakayama town See in context

This situation is so sad and overwhelming. Unfortunately the time when the kids walk alone or in groups will end soon and I am pretty sure parents will be required to walk them home under a schedule plan, and not only limited to assist them with traffic lights.

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Posted in: 47-year-old man arrested after body parts of missing 6-year-old Kobe girl found See in context

Oh no, oh God.

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Posted in: Is Ginza cat being abused by its owner? See in context

I do agree. Japanese seems to love their pets much, but when is about to report an abuse, or at least to check what's going on, they hesitate much.. don't care. Poor cat.

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Posted in: Japan eyes ex-Mexico coach Aguirre to replace Zaccheroni: media See in context

Aguirre? I don't think he is the good one for the japanese team. Actually he left México with not a good performance and in Spain it has been the same. Japan desear deserves a better option!

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Posted in: The unbelievable demands and complaints made by parents in Japan See in context

OMG!!! I better laugh... Anyway, I understand these are more exceptions, right? You all couldn't believe how this behaviour is a daily thing in latin América, especially because of the sense that parents are paying money in order their princes and princesses are not bothered, and that include low marks of course.

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Posted in: What’s your impression of parental supervision of children when families are out and about in Japan? See in context

Parents are very relaxed about surroundings and people. Everything may change in one second.

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Posted in: Man killed, 3 others stabbed in same street within 10 minutes in Chiba See in context

True, Japan needs to wake up since they are so ingeuous about taking risky situations. For example, the 15 year old girl who was strangled... she was walking alone in a dark and deserted place at 10:30 pm. Why her parents didn't pick her up the station? I usually don't think about crime itself but psychopaths. That cyclist was lucky not to be killed when he confidently stopped at a stranger suspicious called. I know, we all want to help others, but unfortunately raw reality take charge its price. I am coming from a place with high crime rate and I am used to live with that sense, even in Japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested after driving car into pedestrians in Nagoya See in context

I was walking in front of that place 2 hours before, I can't imagine how awful it was. I love Nagoya and its people. Nuts are everywhere unfortunately.

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Posted in: Mascot Kumamon gives press conference See in context

Love it! Reduce my stress!!

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy chokes to death on seatbelt after being left in car See in context

OMG! Seriously? Go shopping? Even pets I don't agree to be left in a car for long time and now your son?? This is 100% those parent's fault and I hope their pathetic existence be a living hell.

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Posted in: Foreign men share their reasons for divorcing Japanese wives See in context

I am married with a japanese man and it's not always easy as in any marriage I think, but we overcome with heart and mind. What is important is to have a solid basis in common such education, moral values, especially when children come. Of course that for the rest of the package we both had and have to give up or negociate. In my experience I can say I like my japanese husband because he is so responsible, correct, timely about family matters which It was hard to find with other guys in my country (I'm not saying there are not). About romance, well sometimes I have to remind him that I am not japanese and that I like and I need that and he gives his best, at least he tries and that is good. But come on, I also realized he is japanese and it will never become a latin lover, that would be extremely suspicious.

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl killed by bullet train left note hinting at bullying See in context

I think communication among parents and sons/daughters is basic. Japanese sometimes are reluctant to report bullying, because they may be considered weak and they are strongly taught into the japanese society to endure. That's ok, but can't be used as a license for abuse. So again, efficient communication is key.

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Posted in: Man switched at birth in 1953 wins suit against hospital See in context

Wondering how "the other man involved in the switch" feels about all this...

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Posted in: Blade lodged between subway seats cuts 2-year-old boy See in context

Unbeliavable. Another "not to do thing" to teach to our kids.

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Posted in: Cat set on fire in Tokyo park See in context

I'm so sorry for the cat, pure and innocent soul. That bastard will do it again, and next target will be a kid. Serial killer in the oven!

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Posted in: Rola, Emi Takei among winners of Best Dressed Eyes Awards See in context


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Posted in: China: 2020 Olympic success will depend on how Japan faces its history See in context

The donkey talking about ears....

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Posted in: Miyazaki says he's retiring because he can't keep up the pace See in context

Thanks for giving the magic of Totoro & Gigi (Kiki's cat) to my little girls' life.

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus's raunchy performance at MTV awards goes viral, sparks anger See in context

That dirty tongue!!! That was the worst!!

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Posted in: Man jumps onto train tracks to save woman See in context


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Posted in: Hot Halloween See in context

In my country some Chistmas stuff can be seen now! Hate it.

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Posted in: Temperature hits record 41 degrees in Kochi See in context

@Jimizo: Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try too. I knew summer in Japan was horrible, but never like this. I do agree about what other person said in here, the fact that even nights are hotter than in the day time, that is hell for me. I cant wait for autumn.

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Posted in: Temperature hits record 41 degrees in Kochi See in context

How about baking soda as a deodorant? It's just perfect to stop bad smell (I swear) and as I understand is healthy. I used for a couple of weeks while my american deodorant were on their way.

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Posted in: Major quake alert mistakenly issued for minor shake See in context

It was really scary! I was living in México DF and the quake alert is usual thing, but this alert tone was particularly apocalyptic and the reading of big quake was terrifying. Good it was fake after all.

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Posted in: Lost dog seen roaming summit of Mt Fuji See in context

And how is japanese culture regarding animal welfare? I still cannot get an idea by my own.

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Posted in: Lost dog seen roaming summit of Mt Fuji See in context

@kwatt: thanks!!

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Posted in: Lost dog seen roaming summit of Mt Fuji See in context

I read the 2 poor dogs of the tsunami were rescued... Weren't they???

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Posted in: Japanese driving pet peeves: Not so different from other countries See in context

This is heaven! How about driving in México DF with crazy taxi & bus drivers?

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Posted in: The importance of social etiquette in urban Japan See in context

I don't understand why some people like to focus on the black seed on the rice. Personally, I've received or witnessed so many acts of kidness and received much help from japanese people, (especially when I just arrived) than in my entire life living abroad.

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Posted in: Man demands divorce after his wife throws out his anime collection See in context

Well, well, well... As a woman and wife I shall say she definitely went too far by throwing out his stupid collection. (I also have some hobbies, surely stupid for others). But the position taken about money, assets... is so degrading for women. Why? During the 15, 13 years together both of them were a marriage with their own roles and she is treated now like a scum??? Maybe is better to reach a divorce; they seem so tired about each other making it worse and worse. In the meantime, I better give a look to my collections.

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