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I thought Japan was pushing heavy on the solar energy last I heard? You pro-nuclear need to give it up. No one argues against pro-nuclear for coal. Japan was headed in the right direction with their solar panels - lots of houses and businesses were putting them up. I want to know why that is suddenly being put to the wayside.

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They are Japanese, they know what to do. Earthquakes are frequent. Something this size is no big deal. The buildings there are built to sway with the quake to avoid destruction. You're fine unless it's a bigger quake.

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For those of you complaining the Japanese were "cold" towards you when you visited, did you even bother looking at your own actions? The Japanese were very warm and welcoming to me because I looked some things up before heading over, such as not handing people money, but putting it in the tray, what side to stand on the escalators, what side to walk on the escalators, bowing, basic speech like hello, thank you, you first, and getting up on the train to let the elderly or those with children sit, flu masks, etc. A lot of the times you will get a "cold" response simply because you are standing out and not making the effort to accommodate them when they are accommodating you by allowing you in their country. Meet them halfway at least. I know Americans complain when foreigners come into the country, so it's really not any different.

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@wc626: Yeah, just ignore all the TVs, consoles, robots, cars, etc. they produce..Clearly the only thing Japan is known for is toilets and rice cookers. /sarcasm

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