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I think it's wonderful to see our country working together like this. I wish we could do this while on the earth! Great picture!

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Ah, to be a child once again and feel the excitement and joy of adventure! We adults should learn from our children. They know what's important in life!

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This looks like a lot of fun. The child is learning how to cool off. This is almost like summer school. and it's fun. We used to ride our bikes through the parks sprinklers, till we got yelled at...It was fun being a kid.

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Ah, a gentle breeze, warm temperature and nice grass. just add a good friend to enjoy this with, and it's a perfect day!

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what a beautiful pair of horses. It's nice to see Royal customs are still used.

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The couple look so comfortable in the traditional clothes. I noticed the modern dressed people just went about their business. Accepting both types is dress is great. over here, it's taking a little longer to accept newer dress.

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I feel sad to see this. game or not, I've always thought Japan's greatest strength was in it's customs and how it treated each other. I don't think playing with a pretend gun should be treated as a game. Try doing something really challenging: give love and life. These are my opinions.

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They made an excellent choice. They look so beautiful. They add to the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms'.

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Yes, I agree with sandegohiv. it's lonely when all of your time is dedicated to being, "Emperor and Empress". I wish they could take off their shoes and run through the sprinkler or just have fun like they did when they were children. They deserve fun and play time too. I wish them all the happiness.

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Look, mom's work is never done. She's being very practical. the kids ( and teddy bear) look safe to me. can you imagine her working at a large company? she would advance to corporate chief quickly!

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It's so beautiful to see the old customs being practiced. I wish them both happiness.

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What a wonderful service for those who gave their lives in protecting others. God Bless you.

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I agree. Cool photo and beautiful shrine.

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My goodness. where ever do they store these huge cranes when not in use?? Good to see the building in Japan. Great photography!

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Posted in: Conservative Japanese want to rewrite the U.S-drafted constitution because they say it does not reflect the realities of the modern world. Would you support a revision of Japan’s constitution? See in context

yes, i think its time you write what you need, require in a functioning government. You all, after all, know what's best for you. Just don't fight too much over the verbiage.

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Look at all the jobs it has created. But spending money you don't have isn't wise. I hope it works out for all.

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Oh how lucky you are, to have citizens who share the love of movie monsters. Specially, the big guy himself. I've watched Godzilla since he first poked his head out from the screen, back in 1954. I hope they have a permanent place to display him. A great way to promote shops and anything else they want to sell.

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This is what diplomacy is all about. Being friendly and getting business done. I wish them both well and a happy life.

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I love Sumo. I actually watched NHK TV here in the states when they started last year. Yes, Sumo certainly should be exported! It is a great sport.

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Does my heart good to see so many people state what they really are. Think of all the pretending they've done over the years to hide what they really are. "GOOD FOR THEM!"

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This is an expression of affection and appreciation. Some of our men realize how important it is to be honest with your feelings. To be open and show you really mean what you say. This is one example of that. Good for him.

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They all look like they are having fun. Be Happy with whatever you do!

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I whole heartedly agree with Jal1973. I hope the Japanese never lose sight of their culture and what it is built on.

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I think most American's can't see whats really going on with the NRA. it's money. Every time we have a presidential election, the NRA suggests we stock up on ammo and weapons. They're coming to take them away. Never has happened. It should! I wonder what they're all scared about? Scared people with guns scare me. They don't see how to resolve their own personal problems without holding a weapon.

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She looks so serious about the music she's playing. I remember playing the string bass. Wonderful time of my youth. I hope she's happy about her choice of instruments. She can always expand her ability to play other instruments.

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Princess Kako looks like I did when I first attended college: scared with all the new faces and books too many to carry! But Princess Kako, this will be the best time of your life. Enjoy it and learn for all your worth.

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I also think this is really inappropriate. Why can't one disagree with a politician without going to these extreme lengths. This is simply rude. Has the art of debate left us? Can any one come up with the point of disagreement? This is sad. Maybe creating the debating team will go a long ways to help us.

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Ah see. the whole country is rebuilding from that terrible event and you can see it in the hope and joy of children. it warms ones heart.

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This is an honorable ceremony for all those that lost everything in that terrible event. We must never forget those who died in that terrible firestorm. I'll keep them in my prayers as well as praying for that never, ever, to happen again.

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A friendly gesture is always a welcome sight. promoting good will through cultural customs is a wonderful event to behold. I hope they enjoy the country.

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