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Isn't it amazing that in Capitalist societies government subsidizes dying industries? A quick history lesson. The U.S. passed laws to "protect" the slave industry even after it passed laws outlawing the import of slaves. During Lincoln's time in office there were only three countries that still allowed slavery. The U.S. was one of them. Lincoln had been advised by trading partners, especially Russia, that if slavery was not halted that the U.S. would suffer trade embargoes. Eventually, in this decade, whaling will simply cost Japan too much.

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Posted in: Why is groping so prevalent on trains in Japan? Anyone care to hazard a guess as to the psychological reasons on why men grope? See in context

The clinical term is FROTTAGE. You "bump" into people in crowded areas like buses, theaters etc. It creates sexual arousal & clinically it is viewed as a pre-cursor to rape. Therefore the Chikan films are rape films. I am more interested in finding literature on how the films got started because they are a means of legitimizing rape. I was introduced to the clinical work by working with juvenile sexual offenders at The Pines of Tucson in Tucson, Az. & later at Charter East Valley Hospital in Chandler, Az. As I understand it there was an Adult comic book in Japan called Rapeman. It was banned in the U.S. The premise was that the rapist gained the respect of his victim and she falls in love with the rapist. There is also a clinical term for the victim identifying and sympathising with her captor/rapist. Think Patty Hearst & the Symbionese Liberation Army. By the way this somewhat cultural. "Oriental" women tend to be presented as sexually passive in these films and the men tend to use electronic vibrators etc. to get the "girls" to orgasm. Only after they have orgasmed does the next level of penetration occur. Showing the "girl" her "cum" seems to be the justification of the rape action. I made you cum now you make me cum.

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