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rrrickets comments

Posted in: Toyota launches Aqua gasoline-electric compact hybrid See in context

1 us gallon =3.785 liters , 1 us mile =1.609km , 40km =24.854miles , SO 24.854 x 3.785 =94.072mpg

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Posted in: Cop arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two junior high school girls See in context

mexicano, have to agree with you on this one, how can they put a minor in a position of authority?

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Posted in: Man held for dropping 1-yr-old son from 10th floor apartment See in context

live long and prosper young jedi

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Posted in: 19-year-old student arrested for attacking girl in school toilet in Yamagata See in context

nothing wrong with hentai,,,,,,,,must have been listening to metallica or ozzy

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Posted in: Virginia Tech gunman kills officer; later found dead See in context

QUOTE****Elbuda Mexicano Dec. 09, 2011 - 03:21PM Screw your so called constitutional rights! America is so messed up, too many drugs and too many guns is a bad recipe for so much violence!

look at your own back yard before you say my weeds are too tall if you don't like our constitution go home and stay there hiding from the banditos(kidnappers and drug cartels) and federallies(corrupt and ineffective). mexico should be begging to become a part of the united states to have all the jacked up stuff happening there stopped by us since you can't do it yourselves(mexico is a wonderful country full of nice people but your goverment is effed up big time)(i know my goverment is effed up too and i vote to try to change it) so SCREW YOU biatch!

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Posted in: Virginia Tech gunman kills officer; later found dead See in context

i know this is a japanese rag but i wish people would quit trying to take away my constitutional right to bear arms. people blaming guns for killing would be the same as me blamimg the pencil because i don't know how to write, the gun is a tool just like a pencil or a hammer, knife, rock,etc.....blaming the tool is just plain stupid.

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Posted in: Who gets your vote for the greatest rock band of all time? See in context

as canadian bands go......how about....bachman turner overdrive. nice to see king crimson mentioned but i think them and pink floyd are more progressive than actual rock'n'roll. concerts i've seen-pink floyd(3times),led zepplin(remember the beginning of stairway to heaven and nothing else of the concert),david bowie,boston,kansas,journey,z z top,beach boys(1975),eddie money,grand funk,e.l.o.,frank zappa, humble pie,c.s.n.y.,alice cooper,bad co.,b.b.king(2times)rod stewart with faces(and rory gallagher),black oak arkansas, steely dan,focus,leon russel,us fesitval(both years),toby keith and3dog night (off topic cheech'n'chong-2times). i have ticket stubs for every one of these concerts. i vote for LED ZEPPLIN

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