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Having grown up with an architect father who was interested in Japanese architecture, I've always appreciated and admired Kuma's designs so I hope that this new Sbucks (ad)venture doesn't become a derivative version of his Fukuoka Sbucks and his SunnyHills in Minami-Aoyama. The creative use of natural, sustainable (etc.), materials is great but not to the point that the designs looks like they were made from the same kit. Of course, origami has down well sticking to the one sheet of paper concept so . . . .

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While I've taken walks in this area over the past 30 years visiting Tokyo, this is a thoroughly enjoyable and informative article (with more good input from the Comments), which I'll save as a guide for a walk during an upcoming trip in November. About 25 years ago I had a guidebook to Tokyo, with an odd rectangular shape, which was arranged geographically such that one could walk along a street with each place of note listed (whether a shop or cafe or interesting whatever, using different colors for hotels, restaurants, etc.). It was perfect for taking walks with no set ideas. I lent it out one time too many and it apparently never was updated or republished.

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This is one of Japan Today's better reviews, as it places the process of the exhibition within its context, rather than presenting the too common type of review that lists items in an exhibition with a sentence of two description but without merging the pieces in what the curator was communicating.

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