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Posted in: Japanese tourist says guide in India raped her See in context

This sucks to the core. I am an Indian girl who has traveled to many countries across South East Asia but my parents never allow me to travel by myself within my own country. It's horrible and shameful - the level of atrocities that seem to happen here, especially to women. By no means, I am implying all Indian men are collectively bad or that rapes only occur in India and nowhere else but when they do happen here - the justice is slow in coming. The payback is slow, or non-existent in most cases and this is why the situation keeps growing. If only there was some capital punishment for rape and the law and order system actually does its job and the courts don't take forever to serve the sentence and the society stops shaming the victim and becomes less defensive of the intrinsic flaw in the system - Gah! I am so fed up reading about gang rapes every day but never about the harsh punishments given to the criminals - because the courts are so slow, the law is asleep, the rot is deepening.

Never ever trust anyone, friendly or otherwise. never trust any stranger, always be cautious - this applies to everyone traveling to India. both foreign and local women. Don't trust people outside of family and close friends.

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