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Posted in: Kintaikyo: One of the most beautiful bridges in all of Japan See in context

Its truly an amazing touristic spot, not only the bridge but also the park that leads to the ropeway and the castle.

I went there 2 times, last month it was under repairs on the sides of the bridge, but we could walk normally on it.

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Posted in: Feeling the heat: Japan uses 2020 Olympics to further climate awareness See in context

Im really worried about the summer in Japan now, I live in Hiroshima and the taifu in 2018 during the summer was terrifying, flooded everywhere near rivers.

And last year the taifu that went through Tokyo was also devastating.

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Posted in: Okonomiyaki sauce producer in damage control amid Iran-U.S. tensions See in context

I'd better prepare my stock of okonomiyaki sauce before something happens.

No sauce no life.

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Posted in: Putin one of Japan’s most popular calendar subjects See in context

Badass Waifu

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Posted in: Hatsune Miku affirms global star status with second Europe tour See in context

She can dance, sing and is kawaii.

One of the best waifus around.

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Posted in: The Netflix decade: How one company changed the way we watch TV See in context

I still remember when I was a kid and went with my parents to the local video store and rent VCR tapes to watch movies on the weekend.

Later as a teenager, we had a DVD player and watched movies on it.

Now with Netflix it is just so easy to watch anything at anytime without having to go to the local video store.

But nothing beats the emotion of arriving home with your family carrying DVDs and 2 boxes of pizzas to spend the weekend watching movies together, I really miss those times.

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Posted in: Decade in review: What the smartphone has wrought See in context

English is not my first language so this was the first time that I saw this word "wrought", meaning the same as labored or forged.

But anyway yeah, I read this article and I am posting this comment using my smartphone.

I just can't leave home without it and like many others I depend on it in my daily life.

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Posted in: Former teacher gets 8 years for abducting and confining girl See in context

Just 8 years???

Should be locked up for life, this maniac.

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Posted in: Latest Tokyo Olympic ticket lottery: 1 mil offered; 23 mil sought See in context

More than 200.000 yen for a ticket, for that price I would rather buy a nice tv and watch the event from home.

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Posted in: Japanese firms brace for economic contraction after Olympics See in context

I am really worried about that.

I work in a car factory in Japan and since 4 months ago there isn't any overtime at all because there isn't enough car parts production.

Another car factory in the city where I live was closed recently, the people that worked there had to find another jobs elsewhere.

If my factory closes, I will need to find another job too.

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Posted in: Japan, Vatican partners in realizing nuclear weapons-free world, Abe tells pope See in context

We will probably be long gone before the world will be free from nuclear weapons.

After many years of studying, development and investment in nuclear weapons from all the countries that own them today, which are continuing to produce and invest in them, to get rid of those weapons in the world that we live today, thats just impossible.

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Posted in: Discovering Japanese floral beauty with ikebana master Flavia Nishimura See in context

Wow, she learned japanese and started teaching Ikebana after only 3 years!

Thats dedication right there, and she made her dream come true, to become a Ikebana master!

Congrats to her!

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Posted in: Police start questioning arson-murder suspect in Kyoto studio attack See in context

The man who commited this atrocious crime must be properly judged by the japanese court.

One of my favourite anime is from Kyoto Animation, Full Metal Panic, I've watched all seasons until now.

Kyoto Animation Ganbatte!

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