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RubensT comments

Posted in: Snake sparks power outage for nearly 10,000 homes in Fukushima See in context

Snake respond, Snake? Snaaaaake!

Snake talk to me, Snake, Snaaaake!

Snake what happened? Snake Snaaaake

Kept you waiting huh?

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Posted in: Parts shortage will keep auto prices sky-high See in context

In the factory where I work we make parts mainly for Mazda, but also Mitsubishi and Nissan.

Mazda has also stopped, all the lines are in halt with very little production.

Mitsubishi and Nissan parts are also in low demand.

I am lucky to be able to work at least 4 days a week, there are people who are only working 2 days a week now.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 266 new cases of coronavirus See in context

The production in the car factory where I work has increased this month, for Mazda and Toyota lines, I've even been doing overtime.

In August it will just keep increasing, so in my factory, despite those numbers of infection not just in Tokyo but in other provinces as well, things will just keep going as normal.

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation marks 1st anniversary of deadly arson attack on studio See in context

Being an anime fan, I was shocked when it happened last year.

I saw on the news yesterday that many anime fans around the world wrote messages to Kyoto Animation's victims.

That's one of the reasons that I love anime, it can entertain and unite people from all over the world, and Kyoto Animation did that flawlessly.

Rest in peace to all the victims of this tragedy, I will always be one of your fans.

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Posted in: Warning issued for Gifu, Nagano prefectures as torrential rain lashes central Japan See in context

After 2 days of heavy rain, in Hiroshima suddenly the temperature got really high, then from friday morning until saturday more heavy rain is expected to fall.

And I cant imagine how its going to be when typhons start to come to Japan in the next few days.

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Posted in: Nearly 40 feared dead as torrential rains continue in southwestern Japan See in context

I live in Hiroshima, today the factory where I work closed after lunch due to heavy rain so everyone could be able to go home safely.

The JR train line has already stopped.

And it is still raining, Ive already received alert messages on my cellphone.

Until tomorrow things will probably get worse.

Please stay safe everyone!

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Posted in: 15 feared dead, 9 missing after massive flooding in southwestern Japan See in context

And it was all just caused by torrential rains, no typhon involved.

Just imagine how its going to be if a typhon comes together with those rains in a few weeks or days.

I love living in Japan, and thank goodness I live in a safe place, but I really feel sad for those who cant afford to live far from those places that can easily be devastated by the force of nature.

We can only pray and hope that this in summer things will be better.

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Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan plummets 93% in March See in context

The number of tourists will just sink further as the number of corona virus cases not only in Japan but worldwide keeps rising everyday.

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Posted in: Piko Taro redesigns signature song as hand washing melody See in context

The legend is back!

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Posted in: Toyota halts operations at 5 plants in Japan amid weak demand See in context

In the factory where I work we make car parts for Mazda, Mitsubishi and Nissan.

The demand has decreased drastically since last month, lots of people are already taking paid hollidays.

The section where I work is one of the few thats still making parts, but nobody knows until when it will last.

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Posted in: Panic buying continues in Tokyo as residents asked to stay home for weekend See in context

And on monday everybody go back to their normal lives and the trains and subways will be packed during rush hour.

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Posted in: Japan, IOC agree to postpone Tokyo Olympics for one year See in context

Finally Abe-kun!

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Posted in: Kendo armor chopstick rests See in context

Looks more like an alien egg to me.

But I would buy that!

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Posted in: Want to be a firefighter? See in context


Thanks for telling about how it was to be part of the firefighters in Japan, there were lots of things I didnt know about it.

Congratulations for your hard work!

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of woman after breaking into her apartment See in context

If Japan's law system doesnt change in terms of giving more severe punishments to those who commit raping, those crimes will keep happening.

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Posted in: Abe tells Trump Japan preparing for Tokyo Olympics as planned See in context

Abe must give Trump a free ticket to come to Tokyo to watch the Olympics, and get Corona virus as a bonus!

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Posted in: WHO pandemic declaration won't change Tokyo Olympics plan: Suga See in context

It looks like they are both playing jan ken pon! ^^

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Posted in: 5 famous foods you’ll find in Hiroshima See in context

Momiji is delicious, has many kinds of different flavors, lemon and chocolate are my favorites.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head shoots down comments about delaying Games See in context

Everyday on NHK Corona virus is the main news, even on other japanese channels, its being talked about.

With no cure yet, how is Japan supposed to host the olympics if people are worried about this virus everyday?

How are people going to travel to Tokyo from other parts of the world in a situation like this?

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Posted in: Guy deliberately bumping into women regrets it when he tries it on pro-wrestler See in context

Wish I could have seen that, great job of hers!

I've never heard of men who are "butsukariya".

Yeah, thats very manly, knocking innocent women anywhere, what a bunch of retards.

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Posted in: Science says: How risky is that virus? Your mind may mislead See in context

For me this virus is very deadly, how am I supposed to go to the bathroom now without enough toilet papers available on markets or drugstores?

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Posted in: Man on train pushes emergency button after passenger without mask coughs See in context

I also couldnt buy masks, so next time I ride the train Im gonna cough too, just for the lols.

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Posted in: Coronavirus outbreak stokes anti-Asian bigotry worldwide See in context

Lack of information, panic, ignorance.

All these things combined make the worst out of this situation, it is really a shame whats happening worldwide.

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Posted in: Kihira defends title at Four Continents See in context


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Posted in: Two-time Olympic champion Hanyu wins Four Continents See in context

What a flexibiliy those skaters have, if I tried to do that pose with my leg, it wouldnt go back down, lol!

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Posted in: Tokyo governor urges residents to wash their hands amid virus outbreak See in context

I live in Hiroshima and on drugstores or even 100 yen shops, there are no masks already, I couldnt even buy for myself.

Even tissues with alcohol are out of stock.

At least I could buy a medicine for the throat, just in case.

But yeah, everyone is worried about this virus spreading.

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Posted in: Japan hopefully has time to build virus defenses before Olympics: professor See in context

This situation has to be under control until mid April at least, because by the end of that month until the beginning of May is the Golden Week period, 1 week holiday where many people will travel around Japan and gather at many events held through the country during this period.

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Posted in: Tommy Lee Jones promotes Japanese energy drink Iron Boss See in context

Tommy chan, kawaii!

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Posted in: Cafe manager who dated one of his maids kidnapped and beaten by yakuza See in context

Where you earn your bread, you don't use your salsage.

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Posted in: Anxiety about Wuhan's isolation mounting among Japanese firms See in context

It is really sad whats happening in China with this virus spreading.

I appreciate the chinese culture, there are many beautiful places there that I would like to visit someday.

I also have chinese friends living in Japan and they are very kind people.

I hope that this virus is controlled and stop spreading soon.

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