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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested over murder of 7-year-old son See in context

how can a seven year old want to die too what did he mean't by that like if he had killed someone already, how can one small child cause family trouble unless he was from a different man- where was his mother from what i understand she went out whole night till morning' and why it is only the seven- year- old he decide to killed; plenty of unanswers but for now maybe he was on drugs or something' i thing that he shouldn't go to prison they should give him some other punishment like what they do in the middle east that's my Q!

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Posted in: 70% of parents who abused their own kids were mistreated as children: survey See in context

i believe that most people as the survey said is true, but i really don't have any so i am reluctant to say i did make one or two error's in my life and it's covered thanks to one special person in my life who stood by me to the end and if i have any children i will try my utmost best not to let any feeling come in the way of my life and their's !

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