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Those calling for the death penalty also sound over the edge and best to avoid. Revenge should never enter the justice system, and "optional" basic human rights defeat the very object of having basic human rights in the first place.

The better survey question to ask is "do you support the death penalty for yourself, your children, your family, and all of your friends, as the situation requires?" Choices: 1) Yes. 2) No. 3) Nobody I know would ever commit such a crime as to require the death penalty. (Subset of "No") 4) No answer. (Subset of "No") I suspect we'd see a very different picture emerging.

Condemning somebody to death is easy when it's some other faceless person you don't know or care about.

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Use of bilingual signs with correct grammar is on the increase. Can't see that being a bad thing.

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That he doesn't make movies about "good vs evil" is something that always attracted me to his stories. Mononoke is a shining example of this, that each of the many parties involved could at any point be seen as good OR evil, depending on your point of view, and the film made this very clear.

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