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Posted in: Japan's 'naked men' festival succumbs to aging population See in context

Cultural tradition that is 1000 years old should be maintained although on a lesser scale due to Japanese aging population.

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Posted in: Boy George returns to Broadway in musical he calls 'a slap of joy' See in context

BOY GEORGE has evolved with times since he last sang KARMA CHAMELEON." Moulin Rouge" the film was a classic and wishing it's Broadway production a long run.Ahoy !

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Posted in: Taylor Swift reaches LA in journey from Tokyo to Super Bowl See in context

Truly epic " JET SETTER" cum " ENTERTAINER".Now the million dollar question is who will win Sunday's Superbowl ?

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Posted in: Profiling poverty: The sad, threadbare lifestyles of Japan's downtrodden and disadvantaged See in context

As a admirer of Japanese economic and cultural life it is not surprising that poverty exists in Japanese society as in every society in every country across the Globe.Only difference is the levels of defining POVERTY differs from Country to Country.

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Posted in: 60% of animal cafes in Japan deal with species restricted by int'l laws: study See in context

The pet cafe's began with actual cat's as exhibits and now seems to have spread over a wide domain of exotic animal/ bird/ insect/ reptile species exhibited akin to zoo's in Tokyo's pet cafe's.Its time this is restricted to common breeding species and not endangered species.

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Posted in: Japan beats Spain 2-1 to advance to last 16 at World Cup See in context

As a Japaneese fan and a neutral observer of " Qatar World Cup - 2022" should say the second goal scored by Japan was controversial.The ball had definitely gone out of the boundary touch line and wonder how " VAR" technology judges such close decisions or from which angle is the camera shot taken to reach a decision. Anyhow congratulations team Japan gor reaching round of 16.Ahoy !

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Posted in: Japan gets 2 late goals to upset Germany 2-1 in their World Cup opener See in context

As a fan of Japanese work ethics and discipline having visited A few Japanese Port city's was not surprised of the result against Germany.Both the players who scored the goals against Germany play in the " Bundesliga" in Germany .Didn't Japan overtake U.S.A as the largest Car maker in the World initially using " COPYCAT technology" of U.S.A car manufacturers?.Same holds true for soccer and wishing the Japanese team wins and qualifications into the second round in World Cup 2022

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Posted in: Halloween revelers fill Shibuya with security tight after Seoul disaster See in context

Nice to know that entertainment and social life normalcy post " Covid -19" has returned in Japan.On my recent travel across Zimbabwe, Zambia,Botswana and Namibia came across numerous Japanese tourists on a African.Safari.Have wonderful memories of my visits to Japanese ports in the late 20th century.

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Posted in: Shinzo Abe murder suspect: What we know See in context

Having visited the Japanese ports of Nagoya, Yokohama and Tokyo besides another smaller Japanese port during my employment in the "Merchant Navy" should say have adopted a little bit of Japanese culture in my lifestyle.Shocked that a Country where discipline and courtesy is a part of living would be witness to such a dastardly assassination. Without knowing a single word of Japanese i travelled around Nagoya,Yokohama and Tokyo like a local thanks to guidiance and courtesy of the locals.R.I.P Prime Minister Abe.

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Posted in: Half a century of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' See in context

I saw the Indian version of "Jesus Christ Superstar" in Mumbai and liked the play.

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Posted in: Watchful eye See in context

A " CANVAS PAINTING" speaks a thousand words" says the " Pigeon". Ahoy !

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Posted in: Smith apologizes to Rock; Academy to launch review See in context

The rich and famous are Celibrity of a different species of the human race, above normal mortals.Ahoy !

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Posted in: How Coppola nearly refused 'Godfather' offer 50 years ago See in context

Life is bizarre at times especially in show bizz.The " GODFATHER" set the trend for mobster films across the Globe with its stupendous success. Not surprised that this film was produced and directed due to a chance factor by the young 29 year old Francis Ford Coppola and not as a sure hit movie of its era.A lottery movie. Ahoy ! That's life and the movie business.

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Posted in: Beijing was Japan's most successful Winter Games ever See in context

Thanks to " DOORDARSHAN SPORT" live telecast in India got to watch the entire Winter Olympics back home in Mumbai.

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Posted in: Follow the leader See in context

Thanks to telecast by the local Government channel " Doordarshan Sports" that we in India get to watch the Winter Olympics " LIVE TELECAST" that begins early morning .Japan's performance at the games is amazing and as for me learning the A, B, C of different winter sports at the Olympics.

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Posted in: Snow monsters See in context

Unbelievable sight.Never seen something like this before.

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Posted in: Japan leads way with Olympic record in women's speedskating pursuit See in context

The sporting powerhouse of Asia.Well done Japan.

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Posted in: Final valuation of Prince's estate pegged at $156.4 million See in context

" PURPLE RAIN" will forever be etched in my memory bank.The music of Prince lives on long after his wealth exhausts itself among the beneficiaries.Money is important but not eternal as is music and the arts.

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Posted in: Number of pachinko parlors in Japan decreasing rapidly; down 12% in two years See in context

Thanks to my profession as a " Marine Engineer " on ship's that I got to visit Japanese ports in the 1980's and 1990's .The first thing about Japan that caught my attention was the " PACHINKO PARLOURS" not seen in any other country I visited during my infancy voyages at sea.Was amazed at seeing men in crowded parlors silently absorbed in a type of ball game ." Pachinko" is Japan's unique identity as a Nation .

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Posted in: Billionaire space tourist Maezawa eyes Mariana Trench trip next See in context

It's not only " MONEY POWER" but also courage to undertake such death defying expeditions.Billionaires are numerous across the Globe but few have " EXTREME SPORTS" as their hobby.More people have been to outer space and the moon than the " MARINA TRENCH". Ahoy!

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Posted in: Olympic gold medalist Chopra returns to India as superstar See in context

As a addictive sports fan and a lifelong fitness fanatic living in Mumbai sincerely hope that Neeraj.Chopra's gold medal at Tokyo 2020 is the beginning of renaissance in Indian track and field events.We Indians are otherwise totally devoted to the sport of " CRICKET" and most cricketers are dollar multimillionaires through the sport.Hope in future besides Neeraj.Chopra Indian track and field has a few athletic dollar millionaires, once considered a dream before Neeraj.Chopra got India its first Olympic gold medal in " Track & Field".

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Posted in: Olympic exodus begins in Tokyo See in context

Thanks for the excellent conduction of a games that few thought would be possible before the opening ceremony on Friday(23/7/2021) and which will forever be remembered as the Tokyo 2020 Television Olympic Games" as the competitors performed to empty stadiums and a Worldwide television audience. Thanks to the officials, athletes and the people of Japan for making the "Tokyo Olympics 2020" possible and providing sporting entertainment in the wake of a Worldwide "Covid 19" pandemic .

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Posted in: Measures that made Tokyo Olympics possible also left public disconnected See in context

Sitting in front of my Telivision or Smartphone in distant Mumbai in India got totally addicted to watching the Olympic games from morning to evening non-stop.The games were a distraction from the global misery of the pandemic of the century " Covid 19".

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Posted in: As pandemic Olympics come to a close, Japan asks: What did Games mean? See in context

The " TOKYO 2020 OLYMPICS" will be remembered for eternity as a sporting event that took place without a stadium spectator attendance but a superhot watched event across the Globe on Telivision and the Internet.As a Indian from Mumbai pleased that Indis eon its first track and field goal with Neeraj.Chopra winning the Discuss.Agreedthat for the local Japanese common population the Olympics was a visually non sporting event with everincreasining cases of " Covid 19".In life you win some and lose some and kudo's to Japan for successfully holding the " Tokyo 2020 Olympics" whom most thought would be a non event.

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Posted in: Bach says Tokyo Olympics have 'far exceeded' his expectations See in context

Having personally visited a few Japanese city's including Tokyo in the 1980's/ 1990's not at all surprised that the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games is a roaring success against all the " COVID 19" pandemic odds.Will alwaysbe remembered as the " TOKYO 2020 TELIVISION OLYMPIC GAMES" in the history of the Olympics.

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Posted in: Faster, higher, older: Pensioners defy virus fears to keep Olympics running See in context

I am 61 years a former retired " Marine Engineer sailor" having visited Tokyo in 1995 and impressed by the city and Japaneses discipline.Happy to note that the 6o+ Japanese citizen is busy in helping the orderly functioning of the Olympic games in Tokyo .Yes, age is just a numerical number provided you have the enthusiasm .

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Posted in: Thompson-Herah speeds to 2nd Olympic sprint sweep See in context

Congradulations and have brought the entire Track and field stadium alive through a World wide television audience.

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Posted in: Thompson-Herah breaks Flo Jo's Olympic record in women's 100 See in context

Not the World record but the olympic record held by Florence Griffith .Was lucky to watch this race where the first 3 were Jamaicans.This women's 100 meters was the real showpiece of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics watched by a World television audience in a empty stadium.One event for the " Bucket list" of everyone watching it live on T.V.Ahoy !

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics to open under unprecedented conditions See in context

Sitting in front of my vintage box T.V in distant Mumbai eagerly awaiting the start of the opening ceremony of the Olympics at 1630 hrs I.S.T. Now hoping for the best as a World wide television audience will be the only "LIVE SPECTATORS" to this unique Olympics in the history of the games.Thank you Tokyo. Having personally visited Tokyo in 1995 understand Japanese discipline and planning and as a professional speculator my odds are the games will be a "T.V Spectator" success. Ahoy !

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Posted in: Square watermelons See in context

In my country India the watermelon is a common seasonal fruit and comparatively cheap among Indian fruits.For the first time reading about " SQUARE WATERMELLONS" and the price at 10,000 yen is mind boggling.Ahoy !

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