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Posted in: Olympic gold medalist Chopra returns to India as superstar See in context

As a addictive sports fan and a lifelong fitness fanatic living in Mumbai sincerely hope that Neeraj.Chopra's gold medal at Tokyo 2020 is the beginning of renaissance in Indian track and field events.We Indians are otherwise totally devoted to the sport of " CRICKET" and most cricketers are dollar multimillionaires through the sport.Hope in future besides Neeraj.Chopra Indian track and field has a few athletic dollar millionaires, once considered a dream before Neeraj.Chopra got India its first Olympic gold medal in " Track & Field".

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Posted in: Olympic exodus begins in Tokyo See in context

Thanks for the excellent conduction of a games that few thought would be possible before the opening ceremony on Friday(23/7/2021) and which will forever be remembered as the Tokyo 2020 Television Olympic Games" as the competitors performed to empty stadiums and a Worldwide television audience. Thanks to the officials, athletes and the people of Japan for making the "Tokyo Olympics 2020" possible and providing sporting entertainment in the wake of a Worldwide "Covid 19" pandemic .

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Posted in: Measures that made Tokyo Olympics possible also left public disconnected See in context

Sitting in front of my Telivision or Smartphone in distant Mumbai in India got totally addicted to watching the Olympic games from morning to evening non-stop.The games were a distraction from the global misery of the pandemic of the century " Covid 19".

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Posted in: As pandemic Olympics come to a close, Japan asks: What did Games mean? See in context

The " TOKYO 2020 OLYMPICS" will be remembered for eternity as a sporting event that took place without a stadium spectator attendance but a superhot watched event across the Globe on Telivision and the Internet.As a Indian from Mumbai pleased that Indis eon its first track and field goal with Neeraj.Chopra winning the Discuss.Agreedthat for the local Japanese common population the Olympics was a visually non sporting event with everincreasining cases of " Covid 19".In life you win some and lose some and kudo's to Japan for successfully holding the " Tokyo 2020 Olympics" whom most thought would be a non event.

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Posted in: Bach says Tokyo Olympics have 'far exceeded' his expectations See in context

Having personally visited a few Japanese city's including Tokyo in the 1980's/ 1990's not at all surprised that the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games is a roaring success against all the " COVID 19" pandemic odds.Will alwaysbe remembered as the " TOKYO 2020 TELIVISION OLYMPIC GAMES" in the history of the Olympics.

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Posted in: Faster, higher, older: Pensioners defy virus fears to keep Olympics running See in context

I am 61 years a former retired " Marine Engineer sailor" having visited Tokyo in 1995 and impressed by the city and Japaneses discipline.Happy to note that the 6o+ Japanese citizen is busy in helping the orderly functioning of the Olympic games in Tokyo .Yes, age is just a numerical number provided you have the enthusiasm .

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Posted in: Thompson-Herah speeds to 2nd Olympic sprint sweep See in context

Congradulations and have brought the entire Track and field stadium alive through a World wide television audience.

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Posted in: Thompson-Herah breaks Flo Jo's Olympic record in women's 100 See in context

Not the World record but the olympic record held by Florence Griffith .Was lucky to watch this race where the first 3 were Jamaicans.This women's 100 meters was the real showpiece of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics watched by a World television audience in a empty stadium.One event for the " Bucket list" of everyone watching it live on T.V.Ahoy !

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics to open under unprecedented conditions See in context

Sitting in front of my vintage box T.V in distant Mumbai eagerly awaiting the start of the opening ceremony of the Olympics at 1630 hrs I.S.T. Now hoping for the best as a World wide television audience will be the only "LIVE SPECTATORS" to this unique Olympics in the history of the games.Thank you Tokyo. Having personally visited Tokyo in 1995 understand Japanese discipline and planning and as a professional speculator my odds are the games will be a "T.V Spectator" success. Ahoy !

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Posted in: Square watermelons See in context

In my country India the watermelon is a common seasonal fruit and comparatively cheap among Indian fruits.For the first time reading about " SQUARE WATERMELLONS" and the price at 10,000 yen is mind boggling.Ahoy !

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Posted in: Tokyo falls to world's 4th most expensive city for expats: survey See in context

As a avid traveller having visited 81 Country's at the time of writing and now confined to Mumbai and home due to " COVID 19" travel lockdown surprised about N0 1 ranking of costliest city.Hope to visit someday but the million dollar question is when will the hospitality and travel Industry open up ? Had visited Tokyo in 1995 when it was the N01 costliest city in the World.Still in the top 5 in 2021.Ahoy !

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Posted in: COVID lab origin theory gains traction in U.S. See in context

Expect a series of movies on the origins of " COVID 19" once the dust has settled and normalcy returns.The Covid Pandemic has devastated the entire World monetarily as well as physically with a toll of human lives.Hope the mystery of the origin of the Pandemic is solved .

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Posted in: 3-meter pet python found after 2-week search in Yokohama See in context

Snakes,especially dangerous poisonous and constrictor snakes shouldnt be kept as pets by amateurs as most dont know how to handle them.

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Posted in: Widow indicted for allegedly killing Japanese 'Don Juan' See in context

After a long time a case of a " ZSUGAR DADDY MURDER".

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Posted in: World's oldest person, 118, pulls out of torch relay See in context

Amazing. At 118 was to carry the Olympic torch.This can happen only in Japan.

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Posted in: AI, captain! First autonomous ship prepares for maiden voyage See in context

will the human element , the "SAILOR" be made redundant in 2100 with unmanned MERCHANT NAVY SHIPS being a reality and not mere science fiction of 2021 ?

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Posted in: Man City ousts PSG to reach first Champions League final See in context

My bets are it will be a " ALL ENGLISH TEAM " finals with Chealsea beating " Real Madrid".

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Posted in: Egypt court upholds seizure of Japanese ship that blocked Suez Canal See in context

Having worked as a " Marine Engineer" on various ships from 1983 to 2006 have transited the Suez Canal numerous times .Amazed at this freak accident that brought the importance of transport of goods through shipping and the Suez Canal into World headlines .The compensation demanded is as long as the length of the " EVER GIVEN " and how will the owners pay the same ? Could definitely put the company into bankruptcy and seems a lengthy court battle is in progress and only hope the ship doesn't become junk in the process.

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Posted in: Fewer people traveling during Golden Week amid virus spike See in context

How is " Covid -19" actually transferred among humans is still a unsolved mystery.I live in Mumbai and at present the " Covid 19" pandemic has hit India like a Tsunami claiming the lives of people from various strata's of society.Is the pandemic virus transferred through " HUMAN TOUCH" or "HUMAN BODY FLUIDS" from a infected person and most important is the virus transmitted through air ?

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Posted in: Prestige, pride riding on PSG v Man City clash See in context

My bets are on PSG winning and hope I am not wrong.Ahoy !

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Posted in: Japan's tallest skyscraper, 'Torch Tower,' to be built in Tokyo See in context

In 1995 had visited Tokyo on a freighter ship on which i was employed as a "Marine Engineer". During my off-duty hours ventured ashore and was amazed on viewing the designer buildings although not very tall .Tokyo didn't have tall buildings but beautifully and uniquely designed buildings. My home city of Mumbai in 2020 has some of the tallest buildings in India .The "Tokyo Olympics" have been postponed to 2021 and "Tower Torch" is a name that matches the city.

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Posted in: Sushi chef using shirtless bodybuilders for delivery to buoy virus-hit business See in context

Having visited Nagoya in 1980's on board a freighter ship was charmed by the city.A real bold innovation in direct competition with the Geisha World. Ahoy !

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 75th A-bomb anniversary See in context

Having visited the port city's of Yokohama,Nagoya and Tokyo was fascinated of the Japanese economic miracle post World War -2 nlear annhilation.Hope the World never again experiences another " NAGASAKI" or " HIROSHIMA" in the future history of mankind although since 1945 wars across the Globe has been causing misery to mankind as well as nature.LONG LIVE PEACE AND THE DOVE. Ahoy .

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Posted in: Japanese actor Haruma Miura, 30, dies in suspected suicide See in context

Is the "CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC -2020 LOCKDOWN" responsible for a spate of suicides among young actors across the Globe. In my country India it was shocking to see young actors and actresses commit suicide, people whom average citizens consider demi-gods and star quality with tons of money. Haruma..Miura definitely seems to have achieved stardom in Japanese society as also wealth and hence this suicide at the young age of 30 years is baffling.R.I.P Haruma.Miura.

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Posted in: Low-tech Japan challenged in working from home amid pandemic See in context

As a "Marine Engineer" employed on Merchant ships had the privilege of visiting the Japanese ports of Nagoya,Yokohama and Tokyo in the 1980's and 1990's. As a Middle class Indian Indian brought up in socialist India was astounded by Japanese orderliness, cleanliness and technology.Still vividly remember young Japanese kids busy playing computer games at a time when such machines were a Utopian dream to average Indian middle class children.In 2020 i am surprised reading this article stating that the average Japanese worker is not accustomed to handling "Digital Technology" unlike the average Indian worker, something unbelievable as the World looks up to Japanese electronic technology and work culture.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers find high bacteria levels at open-water swim venue See in context

Had docked in Tokyo harbour in 1995 and found the bay water absolutely clean with locals fishing in the harbour. Since it's a open sea unlike a enclosed swimming pool it's definitely difficult to maintain the water purity standards to Olympic standards.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes banning entry of gambling addicts to pachinko parlors See in context

Have visited Japanese ports of Nagoya, Yokohama and Tokyo in the 1980' S and 1990'S during my employment in the Merchant Navy. What struck me most was the Pachinko parlours that were quite common as also video games parlours filled with young children. Gambling as a addiction is disastrous and I have written blog on " GAMBLING ADDICTION AND ITS CURE ".

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Posted in: Man cuts off love rival's penis; flushes it down toilet See in context

Deepest sympathy for the 42 year old lawyer as he has to live a life without the most important organ that defines a "MAN" .He would write his biography "Survivor of a penis slaughter".He is lucky to be alive. As for Ikki Kotsugai, the 24-year-old Tokyo graduate it will be a lifetime of memories.

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Posted in: By The Numbers: The atomic bombing of Hiroshima See in context

Thanks to my employment in the "Merchant Navy' that i got to tour major Japaneses city's of Nagoya, Yokohama and Tokyo in the 1980's and 1990's. Was impressed by the high standard of living and the discipline and cleanliness of Japanese city's.It was difficult to believe that in 1945 entire Japan was a economic ruin as also the first and only country in the World to have two atomic bombs dropped on it.In a war although there is a ultimate victor and a loser its actually a no-win situation for both the parties involved in War.Today in 2015 numerous Country's possess "ATOMIC WEAPONS" which could trigger a accidental nuclear war and sadly hope the history of Hiroshima and later Nagasaki keeps World Nuclear powers on the alert to use their weapons only as "SHOWCASE DETERRENTS" akin to "MUSEUM ARTIFACTS". The next nuclear bomb or bombs could mean the end of Planet Earth.

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Posted in: U.S. drops atomic bombs on Japan in 1945: How AP reported it See in context

Having read the "MANHATTAN PROJECT" got to understand the secrecy and the method in which "FAT MAN" and "LITTLE BOY" were manufactured.Sadly the World in 2015 has become a much more dangerous place post 6/8/1945 when the first atom bomb was detonated. Today numerous Country's possess "ATOMIC WEAPONS" and the thought of setting a "ACCIDENTAL NUCLEAR WAR" is no more a film fantasy but could become a reality with us humans destroying our own planet.

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