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I hate to be apathetic but who cares. This is not news, it's an advertisement. Get a life people.

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Just read through the posts. Why are the police the bad guys here? The article does not mention why the police stopped this individual, my guess is, SURPRISE! there was a reason. I've been in Japan the better part of the last 50 years, and when you're stopped here one of the Police Officers doesn't have his gun pulled out while the other is questioning you (as it happens frequently in the States). I agree, Haiki is a quiet area of Sasebo, but the residents of Haiki and Japan need to be thankful the Police are out patrolling, not badmouthing them. If you've got a problem, go live in East LA.

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What gun only holds five rounds? A revolver holds six, but I don't think many law agencies use them any more.

Most major gun manufacturers make a 5 round revolver. Most Japanese police officers carry the New NANBU M60 or S&W M37, both of which are 5 round revolvers.

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I'm trying to understand why Oktoberfest does not occur in October for these cities? how can that be messed up?

To say something is "messed up" without researching the history and traditions is what's messed up.

The reason goes back to 1810 during the dark days of beer drinking before refrigeration. In those days in Germany beer would never be brewed in the summer months. The batches would never turn out good. The last batches were usually made in March. These last batches would have higher alcohol content to take advantage of alcohol as a preservative. Traditionally there would be a big fest starting on the last Saturday in September till the First Sunday in October. The purpose was to drink up the old stocks of beer to make room for the new brew that would be make after harvest. The tradition goes back to the 15th and 16th Centuries. The first official Oktoberfest was held in 1810. Crown Prince Ludwig threw a big party to celebrate his wedding to Princess Therese on October 12, 1810. The party was open to all. Everyone liked it so much they kept having the party every year.

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Kotomitsuki still has a chance, so does Ama, OK, I'm dreaming, but sometimes dreams come true. LOL

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Surprised there weren't more protesters. Wife and I used to love to collect our 10,000 yen and obento, they'd give us our sign which we threw in the moeru gomi, smile and call it a day. Can't believe the Japanese are turning down that free money and lunch. Welcome to Yokosuka GW, looking forward to working with you.

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Well if they had all of this proof before then why are we hearing about it now.

Because the Japanese Police are not required to release information obtained from the results of their investigation, and it would be stupid to do so especially when the suspect was still at large.

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I read the same article in the Yomiuri about his using an ATM in a Base Welfare Facility. The ATM in question is located on the outside of the Club Alliance around the corner and out of sight of the Main Gate. It is outside the gate and anyone, including Japanese, with the right ATM card can use it. Access to the base is not required.

Prior to this incident Shore Patrol, who are personnel assigned to ships and shore stations, were not briefed on Sailors who were in an Unauthorized Absence status, my guess is this will change. The personnel out there that night probably didn't have a clue who this clown was. It wasn't their fault, it was the systems fault, along with the myriad of other things that have been discussed in other threads on this topic.

Don't blame the local cops. They are the only ones who seem to be putting together a trace on where he went and what he got up to.

And you may want to ask yourself why the local police (once they finally were given the chance to arrest the guy and gather evidence), are gathering information that the Military cops should have found themselves in the first place.

As they should, it's their case. I'm sure the Japanese Police don't want the Navy out there investigating their case and screwing it up, as you said they're doing a very good job and NCIS isn't knowledgeable in Japanese Police procedures nor do they have the same tools. It also appears the evidence they found was being shared with NCIS and during their questioning of Ugbogu he admitted to the murder. The Japanese Police did not ask to question him until Wednesday 2 April (the day after he admitted to NCIS that he had committed the murder). They were allowed to question him that day and he was turned over to the Yokosuka Police the following day. There had been no requests prior to that.

Kelly had his chance to deal with the situation from the beginning but fluffed it trying to do his public relations job for the US navy.

Admiral Kelly was doing his job, attempting to hopefully save face for the Navy. Apologies and remorse are very important to the Japanese. in 1982 a Japanese airline president completely avoided lawsuits by apologizing personally to the families of victims involved in a plane crash resulting from a psychologically-troubled pilot. By Japanese custom Admiral Kelly was required to do what he did.

As I stated in a previous post, I hope the next voices he hears are "We find you guilty and sentence you to death by hanging."

nuff' said.

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