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Posted in: Documents show Xi vowed to secure interests over Senkakus as China's historical duty See in context

China is a bully and anytime will try to surprise Japan by militarily taking over the Senkaku's. What Japan should do is fortify the Senkaku's and project full military power that can make china think twice before behaving stupid. create a strong military zone and start exploiting the gas and oil resources in the surroundings to show full control and management of the senkaku's.

Simple be terrifyingly armed to protect your sovereignty

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Posted in: Unification Church in Japan vows reform after criticism See in context

Japan should investigate the unification church, punish those who control it and confiscate all its assets. It is not a church or religion, it is an extortion gang. They might be controlled by yakuza gangs! I liked Japanese people for rejecting western religions, I wonder how a Korean managed to infiltrate you? Those are criminals.

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Posted in: Japan protests China news agency's call for emperor apology See in context

China should stop this nonsense! It should first appologise to Tibet and withdraw from there before pointing a finger at Japan.

China should stop inciting young people into hatred!

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Posted in: Mixed world reaction to Abe's WWII statement See in context

China and Korea should stop teachin hatred to their youth . Japanese should not be required to keep appologising since they did so in 1995. Teaching hatred to the uoung just serves interests of the ruling people at the time but creates a danger for the future for the young

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Posted in: China aims at Japan's economy in protests See in context

The Chinese should stop their threats and should stop brainwashing their children with hate Japan attitude. If all countries were to be like China, Britain, France, USA and Germany would never be allies today and the world would have no peace. If they lost the territory in war in 1895, let it be as that was the norm of the day for countries to acquire territory. China should know that both countries stand to lose in conflict and to gain in peaceful co-existence.

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