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Posted in: Infant's body discovered in ceiling of building in Gunma See in context

Do many women have babies just for fun?

I imagine they just accidentally get pregnant and are too scared/ashamed to get an abortion or put it up for adoption. I doubt it's a "calculated" crime, they probably panic when it actually is born. Or it's possible it was a miscarriage or stillbirth. Of course it's no excuse for their actions, but I doubt they are all killing babies in cold blood for fun.

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Posted in: Model Tsubasa Masuwaka and Miss Japan Marino Miyata to host new kids show See in context

Tsubasa is actually a mother herself.. got herself knocked up and had a shotgun wedding a couple years ago.

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Posted in: 'Marriage-hunting' is latest buzzword See in context

I've seen it both ways.. women being too picky, but also women being so desperate they'll settle for anyone. A 30-something terminally single Japanese woman I know told me how she got a boyfriend over the New Years holiday. (It was a somewhat-arranged meeting, her boss set her up with someone he knew) Just yesterday she told me that he's going with her to her parent's house to ask for their permission to marry her. It's been what, exactly 3 months? Isn't that a wee bit too early to marry someone you JUST met? I understand not wanting to be an old maid, but at the same time you should probably get to know someone before committing the rest of your life to them. There needs to be a happy middle ground here.

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Posted in: Japan’s unpopular men and women boycott love See in context

Altria - Loft/Plus One is a concert/club hall, not the popular department store http://www.loft-prj.co.jp/PLUSONE/

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Posted in: Men's bras getting a lot of support See in context

Doesn't the source of this article lead anyone to believe it's one of the many stories completely fabricated to make people giggle? Honestly, we shouldn't be believing everything printed in a tabloid.

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Posted in: Duchovny's visit to Japan up in the air See in context

I found the whole sex addict thing to be bizarre.. but that doesn't make me love the show any less. Sorry, I'm a huge nerd. Anyone know when and where the premiere is?

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