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Traveled between US and Japan three times since March. The last time I flew with 72 members of the US Olympic team in July. The control measures at pre immigration seemed the best on the second trip and the worst on the last. The 14 day quarantine measures were best on the last as it seems they finally got the application issues mostly worked out and I actually was video called multiple times daily both automated and live operators.

If you have free time, moving back and forth isn’t all that difficult. These extra measures make it a bit more inconvenient. Although I don’t agree with limiting separate States as there are no cross state restrictions in the US. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

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I use a green military bag

I am a permanent resident of Japan

I have been here for 30 years

Please take care during your witch hunt

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This is not what immigrations informed me yesterday when I attempted to get my stamp.

Relative in critical condition would be the category I explained to them.

Perhaps I'll just send my wife to go see my mother.

Yes I am quite frustrated, COVID does not discriminate, why should Japan?

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"First measure, close the hostess bars/snacks/karaoke bars."

You Sir, win the internet this day!

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So let me get this straight. Me (PR) & my wife can go to lets say USA for family emergency, then when trying to return my wife can enter but I cannot? Meanwhile if my PR expires while I am gone, I loose residency? After all the taxes I have paid in over the last 20+ years?

Is the rule in place to truly curb COVID 19? bull manure.

But you will test those that return for a virus that has a two week incubation period?

Asinine, ridiculous, utterly preposterous, and damn near more sickening than the bloody virus itself.

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