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Posted in: Japanese men showing an increasing fondness for women they call 'penguin girls' See in context

“My girlfriend is always cool and collected,” shared one penguin girl’s boyfriend. “I was really busy at work, so I told her ‘I need some time apart from you,’ and after that, she didn’t try to contact me at all. I actually got sort of worried after a month went by, so I got in touch with her, and she acted just like she always has, even though we hadn’t spoken for a month.”

sounds like dating a Girl with aspergers to me.

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Posted in: Don't eat these foods together and avoid possible intestinal distress See in context

Number 12: Beer and fried foods. When alcohol molecules are broken down by the liver, the body generates enzymes that promote the synthesis of fats. At the same time, generation of acetaldehyde can reduce liver function, and lead to development of fatty liver.

well us Brits are screwed !

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Posted in: Profit or patriotism? What's driving fight between U.S., Apple See in context

a back door for any one is a back door for everyone, the self destruct feature is there to stop a brute force attack. if thay build in a way to disable that feature, anyone can use it to disable that feature and launch a brute force attack.

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