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@shonanbb If you have a vpn and use the Japanese Neflix, it'll automatically show you the US content. That said, I don't know if they check or not and kick you off for Terms of Use violation later. @Marilita: I don't think it's that similar to Hulu (I have both) because Netflix creates its own content and the day it comes out in the US, it also comes out in Japan. For example, Jessica Jones, Making of a Murderer, Bill Murray's Christmas special, Adam Sandler's Ridiculous Six movie all came out on the the same day they did in the US.

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Posted in: Hulu Japan offers not just movies, but a little education and awesome customer service too See in context

I guess I'm one of the few that is relatively satisfied with Hulu. Although I am disappointed there are many shows with incomplete seasons, like 30 Rock, The Sopranos, The Office and The Wire and their selection of movies isn't very good, I'm still able to enjoy the other shows they offer. I finished season 3 of Walking Dead and just finished season 1 of Person of Interest. I'm now enjoying season 1 of Sherlock.

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Posted in: Paramount to fight 'It's a Wonderful Life' sequel See in context


What's next, "Gone with the wind part 2??"

You mean Scarlett?

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Posted in: Body found in Mie identified as that of missing schoolgirl See in context

Where were the parents? According to news reports, the mother and sister were waiting for her at the station. She decided to get off at her friend's station because she wanted to talk to her more. She decided to walk home from there...

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