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The situation at Fukushima is different. Fission is still taking place.

Say what now?

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This is an AP article so not written by JT. That said, you're right. Spewing does get used a lot here. I guess "emitting" doesn't have the right ring to it.

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You do know that they publish the reactor temperatures daily on the JAIF website, right? The core temperatures have been steadily falling every day, not increasing. Where are you getting your "facts"?

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The taxes on happoshu are much less, means they can be sold for a lower price and still make a profit. This makes them popular with frugal consumers, ensuring high sales. In short, the ridiculous tax laws that establish malt content as the determinant for beer rather than alcohol level hurts the competitiveness of those who make "real" beer.

Sucks, but that's the way it is.

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I really, really hope that a big quake doesn't hit while they're doing some of the more acrobatic tricks. The spinning locked rings were incredible to see, and thrilling enough already.

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Were they trying to avoid panic?

Possibly, that is one way to spin it. Other theory leans toward "they didn't want to admit they had a problem the mighty Red Army couldn't handle" Don't think the Soviets cared enough about the Ukrainians to worry about a panic.

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This is not the big one (M 70-5) that has arrived from the US via the Antonow giant plane. Maybe the reporter got ahead of himself?

Ye gods, this is the smaller one? I can't wait to see the updated picture when the M 70-5 arrives!

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sorry, that was supposed to be core temperature of less than 100 degrees, not 100% My bad.

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Posted in: 4 killed, 141 injured after 7.4 quake hits Miyagi Pref, vicinity See in context

At the Onagawa nuclear plant in Miyagi Prefecture, which has been suspended, two external power supply units among three have failed, This is scary.

From Wikipedia (and backed up by the Christian Science Monitor) The three units remain in cold shutdown since the earthquake of 11 March. Two hundred people who lost their homes to the tsunami took refuge in the plant.[9] The April 7th aftershock damaged 2 of the 3 external power lines to the plant but cooling was maintained through the third line.[10]

Relax, they were in cold shutdown (ie not reacting, with a core temperature of less than 100%) at the time, and it was 2 power lines, not power units. They are still fully safe, and not in danger. The backups are still on site and I believe fully functional.

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