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Posted in: Bloom time See in context

That cherry blossom doesn’t look good enough…definitely not worth as picture of the day!

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Posted in: Idol singer from Keyakizaka46 says she’s now working as a Tokyo bar hostess See in context

@David Brent… comments of the day!

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Posted in: China opens Winter Olympics, with lockdown and boycotts See in context

Politics aside this was a really wonderful opening ceremony! It was miles better than the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony! Also read some articles on the high quality beds for the athletes which even has remote control and touch panels. Specifically designed by a group of international experts to adjust to a persons body for proper sleep. Not those card box beds that Japan provided which made athletes body ache and tiresome! But these positive things will never be covered by the mainstream media especially in the US and Japan which are just anti-China !

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Posted in: Osaka request for emergency will include store closures, online school classes See in context

Closing Bars and restaurant earlier is useless! Trains are still super crowded in Tokyo with people literally breathing within mm of each other. When restaurants and bars are shut then people crowd up supermarkets and convenience stores. Some of these people might be infected and they easily transmit it to others by coughing, sneezing and touching multiple items while shopping. Also the shopping baskets in stores are filled with virus so make sure to use proper disinfectant to wipe every inch of it before using!

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Posted in: N Korea says it won't take part in Tokyo Olympics due to COVID-19 concerns See in context

Before Corona, many japanese people went to work evenwith a fever, but now no more. 

People are showing responsibility these days, because of Corona.

But Doomsayers will never believe that.

One of the most idiotic generalizations of this year! Clearly this fellow hasn’t been out to offices or on the streets of Tokyo to see the reality! If people are highlighting the facts then you call them doomsayers and it this this kind of ignorance that made COVID 19 out of control in the first place. Downplay downplay downplay and call others doomsayers if they show concern!

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Posted in: JR East to move up last train departure times in Tokyo from spring See in context

So much for a city that never sleeps! JR Yamanote line should have been one that runs 24 hours. Yeah, decrease the number of trains running and make the other trains super crowded so that we all can let the corona virus spread further...idiots!

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Posted in: Fuji TV to end reality show 'Terrace House' after cast member's death See in context

Only this season is terminated. It will resume with the new season later. The show has some fan base but it’s not to my taste. I saw a few episodes and liked the beginning but it took a turn for the worse. There was so much aggression from men trying to kiss girls even though they clearly said no! Then some male actors were manhandling female cast members aggressively ( next step would have been rape ) by touching their heads, turning them, pulling them closer etc and the Japanese commentators ( TV panel ) were responding by saying she was asking for him, he looks so cool doing that! This is simply promoting sexual harassment and violence!

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Posted in: Coronavirus temporary legislation likely to clear lower house on March 12 See in context

@Jim...maybe more of your coworkers are infected now without showing symptoms! Take care buddy!

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Posted in: Quarantine measures questioned as woman tests positive after leaving cruise ship See in context

@Tora... exactly! You are spot on!

@Kazetsukai... no use defending the actions of the Japanese authorities because everyone knows that they dropped the ball big time on dealing with this scenario! They made massive errors from the beginning to the end! And the media has a free right to report things how they are ( Japan is not North Korea where media is not free )! The media doesn’t need to lie and praise the Government for doing a good job! They are not causing a panic but merely highlighting the actual reality which some Japanese people like you probability don’t want to hear!

@ MikeH... you nailed it!

@Yubaru...great comments with excellent insights as always!

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Posted in: Japan may let elderly off quarantined cruise ship soon See in context


They will not be taken to an isolated facility. The elderly will be released to go freely into the general public later today even without been tested! This is clearly stated in the article. Furthermore, the Government is still considering testing all the remaining onboard ( why hasn’t this test been done mandatorily until now )! They should have tested and separated the infected and non infected the moment this cruise ship docked! This whole situation is a farce and as this virus spreads to the people on land in Japan, the Japanese authorities will have only themselves to blame! Then these boneheaded officials will start to look for a scrape goat and pass the blame around!

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Posted in: 5 Japanese evacuees from Wuhan taken to hospital; 2 have pneumonia See in context

They are all infected now because they traveled in the same plane! Now that the Japanese authorities have let them go freely into the general population we will definitely see a rapid increase in the number of people getting infected with this! This is a big blunder from Japanese authorities! I’m surprised that there isn’t much outcry from the Japanese people yet! When it’s too late then they’ll start with the blame game and look for a scapegoat !

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Posted in: Itochu worker detained in China for 1 year over espionage See in context

@MikeH... spot on mate! You beat me to it!

@AustPaul... It doesn’t matter to China if you don’t visit...Japan also detain foreigners without cause so just pray that you don’t fall in type of scenario while living in / traveling to Japan! The legal system in Japan is one of the worst in the world when it comes to foreigners but they keep seeking sympathy!

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Posted in: Special delivery See in context

Good strategy. They should also start using robots / machines for delivery of mails. 80% of the people who deliver mails/parcel in Tokyo seem like they don’t want to do that job and always look grumpy. My area Japan post guy was so grumpy and always seem impolite. I talked to my neighbors about him and they also said that he had an attitude problem so we complained about him to Japan post. End result was that a new person delivers our mail now as I believe his route was changed. Customer service seems to be deteriorating day by day in Tokyo. It’s more pleasant to communicate with ‘Pepper the robot from SoftBank’ than some Tokyo people!

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Posted in: Californian student remains in detention 8 months after breaking lamp in Tokyo bar See in context

Japanese legal system is pathetic! Keeping someone in detention for 9 months without taking him to trail is just aweful!

All those commenting here saying otherwise, I just hope that you are in a similar situation someday and then you experience this insane legal system of Japan that the Japanese police and prosecutors dish out!

@Disillusioned... reading your experience it really shows the real Japan and how foreigners are treated here. People don’t know about this until they are in this situation! Some people just travel to Japan for a short time on vacation and seemingly everything looks perfect but in reality if you stay in Japan for a while then you’ll find the dark reality!

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says bail very difficult before trial See in context

@Judy Itoh... it deeply saddened me to hear your story! Japan’s legal system is really barbaric and human rights violations in full force. I’m just shocked that the world doesn’t focus too deeply on it! Just because it’s Japan they get a pass! If the same was done in China, Korea or some Middle Eastern country then the world leaders such as America and UK would have been in up and arms taking the issue to heart. The United Nations would also be saying a lot! But just because it’s Japan they seem to play the sympathy card and always get a pass!

@ksteer and others who gave Judy a — for her comments : someday you might be in a similar situation in Japan when you will be arrested for something that you feel was innocent then you will encounter the same treatment as Judy and Goshan or even worst treatment. Then I’d like to see you comment on this barbaric detention system in Japan! Remember not to throw stones at others house when you live in a glass house!

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Posted in: Nissan ends Ghosn's two-decade reign with last-minute Renault backing See in context

@Akie... Innocent until proven guilty! So far he hasn't been charged because there isn't enough evidence. A lot of hearsays and unnamed sources as usual! Your comments seem too harsh to pass judgement without adequate evidence. Are you saying this because he is a foreigner? Racist? Do you have the same feelings towards hundreds of Japanese executives who are involved in scandals from data fabrication, under reporting benefits to power harassment?

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Posted in: Ghosn to be detained for another 10 days; Nissan board to vote on his dismissal See in context

As per this article and other media sources he hasn't been charged... Don't they have any evidence for charging him? Failure to charge him until now just shows that they are on a wild goose hunt with only hearsays rather than actual documentation and evidence. If they have concrete evidence then this is an open and shut case with prosecution of the offender but the actions of the relevant authorities handling the matter seems like it was a set up from the start to make an example out of him. Also one has to wonder how he could have managed to under report his income and benefits from the tax authority without the assistance of Nissan Inc for so long. Probably there is a lot of jealousy by some other Nissan executives who want to be the focal point of the company so this whole situation has unfolded. Imagine if he is found to be innocent and had worked within the boundaries of law ( bending it but not breaking it ) ... He should then sue the whistleblower and Nissan Inc ( for throwing him under the bus as seen by the actions of their CEO in the press conference ).

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Posted in: Arrest of Ghosn and another top exec sends shockwaves through Nissan See in context

@mu-da... excellent comment! Paints the reality of Japan and corruption!

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Posted in: Woman arrested over fatal stabbing of U.S. military airman See in context

Anyone who thinks they know which party is guilty is deluding themselves

He wanted to break up, she didn’t accept it and killed him! She went to his apartment and did so. How much simpler can it get? She said it herself in her initial statement when arrested.

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Posted in: Truck full of gas cylinders set on fire; 3 stabbed in Melbourne terror attack See in context

@Robert... oh please!!! There are lots of crime committed by Australian born ( even white men like us ) that lead to deaths! Of course this nutcase was an immigrat ( probably refugee ) but you can’t judge the crime solely on this. The ratio of refugees breaking the law in Australia are far less than Australian born white male! Not all are trash and nobody has the right to say so. This being said we do need a stronger vetting procedure for this refugee programme especially for men! Women and children should be prioritized rather than men who tend to bring the terror with them!

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Posted in: 2 megabanks in Japan to share ATMs to cut costs amid fall in users See in context

For a country as advanced as Japan, their ATM system is simply lagging years behind others!

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Posted in: Mayweather cancels Japan kickboxing fight, claiming he was duped See in context


Floyd doesn’t need to fight a kid to prove you wrong! He has already accomplished what other boxers will probably never ever do. He doesn’t need to fight an unknown kid. It’s not about chickened out but just the case of not enough money. He must have made a mistake with reading the amount discussed in yen rather than dollars and upon realizing that error he pulled the plug. Also we don’t really know but maybe the organizers really did blindsided them with the arrangements and Floyd being Floyd went in with the hype and publicity!

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Posted in: Japan OKs extension of tsunami-hit 40-year-old nuclear reactor See in context

@smithinjapan...well said! You’ve nailed it!

@thepersoniamnow...He stated what he thought was a fact and actually it is! Can you actually give us another example of this kind of thing happening elsewhere? Stand behind your comment and show us examples and evidence!

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