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Posted in: 'Chocolate refugees' ask for a sweet donation on Valentine's Day See in context

how is that in japan women give men chocolate instead of men giving it to women like the rest of the world? i always wondered how it got switched around. still begging for chocolate on valentine's day is really sad. that's what halloween is for 8p

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy throws himself under train near Osaka See in context

bajhista65Feb. 16, 2013 - 03:16AM JST

The kid offered his life to a cause he believed in to save his school. What a noble gesture. No matter what others might thinkand say, I still think his gesture is noble. "Kawaiso"

It wasn't noble at all. It would have been more courageous to LIVE and organize a protest. kids as young as he all around the world face harsh problems and don't think "since I can't change anything I'll kill myself and guilt them into doing what I want". this kid didn't even try. he could have gathered the other students and had a rally to prevent the school closing. he could have asked the school how can we keep the building open? would it help to raise money? killing himself should not even have come up as a solution. but i'm more outraged that people are thinking of him as a hero taking a stand against oppression. his actions need to be condemned so other kids get the message that suicide is NOT acceptable. with their already low birth rate, japan needs to address the mind set that suicide is an honorable solution for every problem, especially in it's young people. they should focus more on problem solving and conflict resolution skills. babies should not be dieing over school related issues.

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

i don't understand why a legal adult women can't date. yes maybe the minor members shouldn't date, but the twentysomethings should be able to. and japan wonders why their birth rates are dropping. shaving her head seems to be an excessive form of contrition to me. an apology maybe on her knees should have been enough. she's 20 not 15. i could see if she was in high school.

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Posted in: In Japan, gun ownership is a privilege, not a right See in context

i am one of those liberal democrats, and i'll be damned if i let anyone take away my constitutional right to bear arms! but i do think there should be stricter gun regulations, mandatory training programs, and better background checks. i also think there is no need for the public to have assault weapons. but i'm not giving up my handgun, or shotgun. just try and take them. responsible gun owners should not be penalized for the actions of a few. and even if there were no guns, people would still commit crimes and murder. my backup weapon is my baseball bat, which i keep next to my bed. as a woman living alone, i 'm going to shoot first and ask questions later, as my house has been broken into 4 times and i live in the suburbs. the police show up after the fact, and do nothing. i even had my outdoor air conditioner unit stolen .

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Posted in: Prosectors seek 15 years for man who killed two children with car See in context

whether it should be called negligence or murder/manslaughter should not be the issue. the issue should be that the death of a person receives such a small penalty. 8 years is not enough. even if it was unintentional. the driver did something he shouldn't have and 2 people died and 2 more were injured. now if he had a heart attack and lost control of his car, then that was beyond his control and a really terrible accident. but if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, talking on his phone or simply not paying attention to the road, he is at fault and should get more than a negligence charge. but either way, japan should definitely consider updating their penal code. to get 10 years for copyright infringement, and 8 for murder is seriously wrong.

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman apologizes for assaulting boy in Okinawa See in context

of course american servicemen who commit crimes in their host countries should be subject to the law of that land in addition to american military law. but the sentence should be the same as what a native would get for committing the same crime. don't jack up the punishment because he is a foreigner.but i really don't understand why do we still need to be in japan? isn't it time we let them take care of their own security issues?

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