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Posted in: High court nixes call to halt nuclear reactors in southwestern Japan See in context

The media exists to stoke paranoia among the ignorant.

The comments here illustrate that reality only too well. Kyushu Electric wouldn’t waste the money starting the reactors if the power wasn’t needed.

There is no reasonable alternative.

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Posted in: Trump jokes to Putin: 'Don't meddle in the election, please' See in context

The only candidate that got help from Russia was Clinton, who illegally used $3,000,000 of campaign cash to purchase the fake dossier. Poor loser.

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Posted in: Toyota, other automakers says Trump's Mexico tariffs would cost billions See in context

So many unemployed Trump haters have already forgotten the 8 year recession where the labor participation rate was the lowest since 1935. Most Americans LIKE to work and are very happy about the amazing Trump economy. Now that wages are rising, people are streaming back into the workforce. We don't need cheap Mexican labor, and the same people who don't want border security are the ones whining about the tariffs.

Don't like them? get that wall built.

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Posted in: U.S. economy booms as elections near, but who gets credit? See in context

Fake news from a Trump denier. The President's approval rating is at 51%. Well higher than was Obama's at this point in his administration. The unemployment rate was persistently high during Obama's eight years, but is now at the lowest point since 1969.

Americans are not going to be fooled by such negative stories, and democrats will once again be disappointed, as they have been since the 2009 elections. The economy will continue to expand unless the media tricks Americans into voting against their own welfare.

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Posted in: Japan carmakers association says it has tripled its U.S. workforce since 1990 See in context

Japan has trade barriers to discourage American cars. Trump is correct about the trade imbalance, the US has an unsustainable debt because of it and no steel industry.

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Posted in: Abe tries to keep Japan on Trump's radar ahead of Singapore summit See in context

Despite the sour grapes of the never Trumpers, who consistently let their emotions rule them, Trump is a winner, and his foreign policy is so much more informed by reality than the last US president. Abe is smart to know this, and he will act accordingly. Japan does not have enough youth to defend itself any longer, and the idea of biting the hand of the ally that has made it rich is a very foolish one.

The US will always be Japan's biggest trading partner, and Abe is smart enough to realize this. Relying on the sorty of ambivalence that AU and India invariably display would be a fatal mistake.

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Posted in: Japan activates first marines since WW2 to bolster defenses See in context

Wise move. China represents an existential threat to all it's nieghbors, and international shipping.

Cowering in the face of a threat is a terrible mistake.

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo prosecution squad chief fatally hits man in car accident See in context

No one in the US fears gun owners. 40% own at least one. And cars kill many more Americans than are shot with a gun. That said, this is an ongoing problem in both countries.

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Posted in: 3 killed in traffic accident in Hokkaido tunnel See in context

Not much snow and ice in a tunnel

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Posted in: Trump, Abe play a round of golf diplomacy See in context

President Trump, working to make the world great again. And asking nothing in exchange. We are witnessing history, as North Korea will soon be freed from the despots.

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Posted in: Nuclear power issue unlikely to be decisive factor in election See in context

The Chinese burn imported coal, and Californis imports 40% of their electricity and has the highest costs in the US. Only a fool believes that electricity comes with no costs. Solar will never be reliable because electricity can't be stored.

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Posted in: Japan beef tariff hike threatens trade relations: U.S. See in context

Some people have pretty ignorant ideas about food. Beef needs to hang two weeks before being butchered.

24 hours. BAKA!

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Posted in: Lawmakers want Trump to explain giving intelligence to Russia See in context

Fake news. The laptop story has been out for months. Leftists in the media just can't accept their defeat.

The people rejected a secretary of state that sold influence, and kept a secret and unsecured mail server.

The media wants to abolish democracy in favor of Kenyan dictators in league with crony capitalists.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric restarts reactor at Takahama nuclear plant See in context

Irrational fear is no way to live. Nuclear power is the cleanest power available. Let the luddites walk and burn candles.

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Posted in: Toyota to revamp America's top-selling car amid boom in SUVs See in context

@Gokai Gas prices will remain about the same for at least the next 10 years.

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Posted in: Crunch choice on new jet fighter looms over Tokyo air show See in context

No threat? That is head in the sand mentality. China has billions to spend on it's military since regulation drove manufacturing out of every modern western nation. And they are intending to flex that muscle.

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Posted in: Tokyo begins taxi service trial with starting fares of 410 yen See in context

"Taxi's in America only speak foreign languages." New York is NOT America. It is a tiny Island less than .00001% of the country.

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Posted in: Why Trump could be good for Japan See in context

Trump isn't politically correct, but he isn't a Clinton influence peddler. The Clintons would sell everyone's freedom for a Saudi dollar. She has accomplished nothing except to destabilize Egypt, Libya and Syria and cause mass chaos. They refused to pay her foundation the protection money she demanded.

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Posted in: Clinton says Trump has 'lowered the bar' regarding protests See in context

Clinton is a criminal. Her husband sold influence while she was Secretary of State. That is why she used an illegal personal server for email. to hide her criminal activities. Trump has never sold influence or lived of the taxpayer like the corrupt Clintons.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of son-in-law in Aichi See in context

Your antagonist has a difficult time with math.

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Posted in: Do you consider global warming just a theory or a proven fact? See in context

Only the ill informed buy into government funded climate nonsense. This is a tax scheme perpetuated by the most venal crony capitalist and rent seekers. The burn rate of the sun determines climate. Not the hot air of the politician and his pet rent seekers.

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Posted in: Japan prepares for release of tritium from Fukushima plant See in context

The silly fear mongering is sad. Tritium is only dangerous when it's loaded into a hydrogen bomb. It's used for watch dials and gun sights and is hardly dangerous. 57 millimeters in the ocean will never be noticed.

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