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Posted in: Japan to provide ¥10 bil to support ASEAN-linked research center See in context

Throwing in the gratuitous carbon lie is getting irritating.

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Posted in: Hong Kong's long sushi queues show few worried at Japan's wastewater release See in context

The following come from this article :


This is a leftist propaganda piece from NYC. They fear monger as a matter of course.

People who live in Manhattan haven't the slightest idea how nuclear plants function, they just know they are afraid all the time because that is the way democrats like them to be. Makes them easier to control.

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Posted in: Hong Kong's long sushi queues show few worried at Japan's wastewater release See in context

Only the ignorant need fear. It's like a drop of water in an entire pond. The communists just like to bluster.

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Posted in: World Heritage temple in Nara vandalized by visiting foreign teen See in context

Additionally, it literally stuns me that canadians get away with the goodie-two-shoes image around the world when in fact I have personally witnessed on too many occasions where canadians have either been acting socially inappropriate to the point of making others feel uncomfortable or physically fighting, or vandalizing. It really is a shame they get away with the good boy image. An image which doesn't fit the real character.

Fact. They have gotten ruder as the years have gone by. I don't even visit anymore.

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Posted in: Yen weakening may prove debilitating blow to Japan See in context

Inflation in America is also high. Democrats are debasing the dollar as fast as they can.

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Posted in: 4 Chinese arrested by Japanese police for smuggling 700 kg of drugs See in context

I guess if one is unaware that China is a one party communist state where the government is complicit in EVERYTHING, one might wonder what the significance of China trying to drug people in democratic nations.

I am aware and I think it is imperative to be suspicious of Chinese operatives in our midst.

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Posted in: Japan net external assets hit record in 2022 as world's biggest creditor See in context

Jeff said: Time to rescind the corporate tax cut of a few years ago.

Corportions don't pay taxes. Their customers pay them. This is a hidden tax on consumers and consumers should educate themselves on simple concepts like profit and loss. If a corporation makes no profit, they pay no taxes. They simply raise their prices until they do. Who pays? You do! That is the reason goods are so expensive in Nihon. The consumer pays twice.

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Posted in: Britain, Japan to reach new defense, technology agreement See in context

Brits can't afford Toyotas? They make more cars than any other company.

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Posted in: G7 finance leaders vow to contain inflation, strengthen supply chains but avoid mention of China See in context

Yellen is a partisan hack. Bringing up Biden's refusal to negotiate a debt ceiling increase with the majority in a foriegn country is bush league politics at it's worst. This was a waste of time. The flight of capitol from banks is a result of the democrat party's total ignorance of capitalism.

A complete circus of clowns without a single funny act.

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Posted in: Camera of Japanese journalist slain in Myanmar returned after nearly 16 years See in context

Burma has been taken over by the CCP so they could build a fossil fuel pipeline from Kunming to the Indian Ocean, and thereby avoid the Malacca strait using capitalist oil carriers. Now Arabian oil can transit a short voyage from the Strait of Hormuz to a deserted terminal in Kyakupku. Cheaper and safer for the CCP dictators.

They prefer a weakened government, the bribes cost less.

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Posted in: Japan's crackdown on truck driver overtime raises fears of economic breakdown See in context

No one here has driven truck. The industry is competitive and government decrees will not change that. This will simply cause drivers to find another profession. Because the customer will not pay.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce GPS trackers to prevent international bail jumping See in context

It is a terrible system that can be allowed to spend years trying to make a case against the innocent.

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Posted in: Lower house OKs ¥6.8 tril budget, including hefty defense spending boost See in context

Life is too easy in developed countries. Thst is why declining birth rates. Some suffering is in order. Perhaps Biden and his overspending democrats will be successful in their quest for another world wide depression

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Posted in: Japan to launch pilot program for issuing digital yen See in context

Yes who wouldn’t want to be like the communist party. With their social credit system and their one party rule. Ewhat a dumb idea. Hoard previous metals just in case the government commits seppuku.

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Posted in: Russia deploys defense missile system on Kuril island near Japan See in context

It is the perfect time to evict the Russians from Japanese territory, they can't even muster men to fight in Ukraine much less the Kurils. Besides the JDF desperately needs blooding.

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Posted in: Japan given infamous 'fossil' award at climate change conference See in context

Overall fossil fuel financing remains dominated by four U.S. banks — JPMorgan Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America — who together account for one-quarter of all fossil fuel financing identified over the last six years.

60 largest banks in the world have invested $3.8 trillion in fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement.

There is a difference between financing and investing. I suggest an economics 101 course. By far the financing comes from the commodities markets, which ARE speculators in oil by the millions of barrels in futures contracts. Without oil you have no clothes, no plastics nor cars and no food you don't grow yourself. Just where do you think fertilizer comes from.

Luddites just don't have any idea how many would die if heir unicorn dream of "no fossil fuels" was to fly over the rainbow. If hippies really worried about CO2 they would stop heating with diesel and get some nuclear generation plants built today. That is currently the ONLY proven clean technology extant today. The solar and wind promoters have zero science education.

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Posted in: Japan given infamous 'fossil' award at climate change conference See in context

Looking up this rifdiculous "Climate Action Network it is clear that the members are Africans that are looking for the free money that the hippy movement promised them to pretend they were "green".

People that squat over a wood fire have no business pointing fingers, especially considering that Japan is extremely careful with fuel usage. As well they have to be, because unlike Kenya and the Congo they don't have huge oil deposits.

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Posted in: Warlord festival featuring Takuya Kimura draws 460,000 spectators in Gifu See in context

Do we need to celebrate the warlords now?

What better time? China is on the move, as is their vassal, North Korea.

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Posted in: Slain teen parents hope U.S. gun control fight will continue, 30 years on See in context

Very sad, but not all must suffer the karma of the one. That is selfish revenge.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

It was the first time they had ever been used. Now that we know how destructive they are, they have not been used again. It's no more a "war crime' than attacking Pearl Harbor without declaring war, and on a quiet Sunday to boot. The world now knows not to attack a free people. They will fight. Same goes for China. They fail to realize that Taiwan is a free country.

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Posted in: Japanese Emperor Emeritus diagnosed with heart failure, condition improved See in context

There is nothing in the constitution that requires seppuku, All life must defend that life as well as it can.

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Posted in: Juicy giant Japanese hamburger steak cooking lifehack saves time and effort See in context

Yes Glenn, It is called "meatloaf".

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Posted in: Kishida cautious about Japan acquiring nuclear-powered submarine See in context

It’s okay to have dozens of huge reactors generating electricity in cities but not a tiny one running a submarine? It is much cheaper than diesel in the long run. Especially with diesel at $6 a gallon. This is why politicians should not be making military decisions. EVER. The maoists are far more dangerous. They aren’t expanding their military to not use it. When they feel strong they will attack.

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Posted in: Japan deploys MSDF fleet to Indo-Pacific with eye on China See in context

Communists don’t like countries that defend themselves nor do they like the military or defense ministers of those countries. That is so sad.

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Posted in: Japan calls for defense spending hike; notes threats to Taiwan See in context

It is a little late, but at least it is finally happening. China has a big head start.

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Posted in: Okinawa marks 50 years of end to U.S. rule amid protests See in context

They will be glad the marines are there when the Chinese show up.

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Posted in: Japan's FY2021 current account surplus shrinks 22% on fuel price rise See in context

The Russian war has nothing to do with Biden's war on energy. Canceling oil leases and pipelines is what takes a toll on oil future prices. FJB

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Posted in: Ghosn says he is ready to defend himself See in context

It is a shame that the accused are not innocent until the state proves them guilty, but guilty until they prove the committed no crime. That is a travesty of Nipponese justice.

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Posted in: Japan overturns decision to cancel U.S. drone acquisition See in context

The defense of Nihon has nothing to do with leftist mental disorders, one would hope. Defense should not be political in free countries, where it is the number one job of government. The FACT is that China has become a serious belligerent in the current age, necessitating a more defensive posture. Leftists are only concerned with their own power, which eventually leads to the enslavement of the populace rather than it's protection.

The US has spent much more protecting the peace 7000 miles from it's continent than Nihon has and the whining looks weak.

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Posted in: Nations strike climate deal with coal compromise See in context

The hand wringing is ridiculous.CO2 levels have not been this low in 300 million years.


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