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Posted in: IMF: India, Japan to drive Asia as China slows See in context

The leadership change in India has make the country more prosperous and lucrative destination for investment. Probably its the best time to invest in Indian market.

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Posted in: Kawasaki murder victim's mother releases statement to media See in context

This incident should be enough for the japanese lawmakers to retrospect the juvenile law and should make necessary changes in the amendment so that teens those think they can not be punished for their horrified crime should start fearing.

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Posted in: Kurds oust Islamic State fighters from Kobani after 4-month battle See in context

Probably its the beginning of IS end and it should end.

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Posted in: 95-year-old man arrested for killing wife with cane See in context

95 years old and yet enough power to hit...unbelievable!!!

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Posted in: AirAsia plane with 162 on board missing en route from Indonesia to Singapore See in context

OMG Malaysia airlines again....what the heck wrong with it!!

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Posted in: 68-year-old woman found dead in apartment See in context

The divided family invites such kinda misfortunes.

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Posted in: 1 mil evacuated as killer cyclone wreaks havoc along Indian coast See in context

I admire the level of preparedness shown by administration. Thats how the things should be. Its fact that, no one could stop the nature furry but responding to it with utmost sincerely will certainly reduce the damage and human causality. I guess thats what the local government have done this time.

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Posted in: Woman's body found in suitcase by road in Ehime See in context

RIP poor lady!

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Posted in: Man jumps onto car of wife's underwear thief; holds on for 2.5 kilometers See in context

mama..mia!! what a crezy mind the old fella have.

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Posted in: Gifu man arrested over wife's murder See in context

The reason cited by the man does not sound to be appropriate, guess something more into that.

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Posted in: 10% of all high school students can't live without Internet: survey See in context

10% of kids cannot leave??? What they gonna do then???Silly survey report..huh!!

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