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Posted in: Chinese director Zhang Yimou defends casting of Matt Damon See in context

It's not that he's white. It's that he is a major league top actor and he will help sell the film. China makes all Chinese films all the time and they do t do well internationally. Having a top American actor lie that helps sell the film. It's basic business.

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Posted in: Japan to buy stealth fighters, drones and submarines See in context

so kids freeze and burn up in the schools which don't have central heating and air conditioning but they can spend 240 billion dollars on war toys.

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Posted in: Japan eyes first-strike capability, Marines in defense policy update See in context

It is not going to happen. The US enjoys its protection racket too much. This is Abe blowing smoke threatening to go this direction to rally his yeehaw base and using it as a bargaining with the US and TPP to get less of a crud deal.

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Posted in: Moody's downgrades SoftBank to junk grade Ba1 See in context

why would anyon elisten to these rating agencies when they lied all throughout the housing bubble in the US.

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Posted in: 6 others arrested over death of 16-year-old girl on Hiroshima mountain See in context

over about 300 dollars. would kicking her ass be enough was there really a reason to choke her to death?

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Posted in: University conducts experiment on behavior of babies when shown an animation depicting bullying See in context

or they were just afraid of the one doing the bullying which would make more sense than sympathy

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus doubles as exports rise See in context

Going up in terms measured in the number on Yen after the Yen's purchasing power has been decreased by 25% is a pretty silly measurement to make. If you are not going to adjust for inflation then why even report on the numbers?

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Posted in: BOJ meeting marks end of era before leadership change See in context

Making the same mistakes the US has made

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Posted in: 2 boys sent to prosecutors over Shiga student's suicide See in context

pulling down his pants is a degree of rape and making him eat dead animals I am sure is illegal, punching him is assault. Doesn't matter if they made him kill himself or not. They should be punished for all the things we know they did already.

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Posted in: Murdered man stabbed 20 times in face See in context

and the justice department rules it a suicide

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Posted in: Noda calls on S Korea to end 'illegal occupation' of disputed isles See in context

It is all about the natural gas under the islands and has nothing to do with the islands and those islands are legally and historically japanese. 1895 for Takeshima and SF treaty of 1971

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Posted in: Japan to ask international court to settle S Korea isle dispute See in context

Dear Korea, you lost. Thus it's not your Island. Such is war. Had others not come to your aid all of Korea would still be Japanese. Should the US return Texas to Mexico? No. Why? Because Mexico lost the war twice.

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Posted in: Einstein was right, neutrino researchers admit See in context

1 there are lot of thingsw people say Einstein said that he didn't actually say. 2 there are many thing einstein said that he couldnt explain or remember but he did work in a patent office and many of those germans were dead from the war so...

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Posted in: Al-Qaida No. 2 killed in U.S. drone strike in Pakistan See in context

they keep killing AL Qaeda's number 2s a lot. I also find it funny such a high level prisoner could just escape as well.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea vow solidarity against N Korea See in context

"North Korea" code for China? North Korea can't make a rocket, is parading fake weapons, and is starving to death and is nearly completely dark at night. They are not and never have been the real threat.

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Posted in: Do you consider the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd to be eco-terrorists? See in context

Yes they are terrorist its not like acts of violence are sudenly not terrorism just because you agree with their cause. I can understand perfectly why people would want to attack the US after all the horible things it doesdo others but its still terrorism. And its still imperialism on the other side. As for the granolas on the sea shaepard, I wouldn't care if they were left to swim with the whales. They do for real environmentalist what Christian fanatics do for Christianity. They're worse than PETA and that's hard to top. they turn more people of than on to their cause and they are acting violently over an issue they don't know much about, for example they have attacked scientific vessles because they thought they were whaling. Here is the deal, Whaling is legal, so deal with it. Sea Shapard shuold be treated as pirates with a mark of reprisal and tosed ina japanese Jail to eat fish heads and whale meat.

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Posted in: Dancing mayor's AKB48 act at Coming-of-Age Day ceremony a hit See in context

There is an old Native American saying somehting liek never trust a politician (leader) who doesn't/can't dance.

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Posted in: U.S. to host Japan, S Korea for talks on N Korea See in context

There wouldn't be a North and South Korea if not for US intervention.

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Posted in: Tokyo beats Paris again as world food capital See in context

I hate fancy pants places because the portions are so small I have to eat before i go or right after yet I waste all this money and then still eat cereal at home because im hungry ever after going to dinner. If the customer is still hungry after your meal then your resteraunt sucks period. Stomach is just as important as the tongue in ranking food. Give me American, or Mexican or Americanized Chinese food. I dont care what food snobs say, noting beats a huge steak. Japanese food in general sucks. There are good things but it pretty much blows chunks in fact some of it looks like blown chunks. I think there are some overly socialize people who feel the need to to ooh and ahhh over crap food as a means of proving to themselves and their peers that they are "cultural" and if you dont like eating fish eyes your just not as refined as they are or even prejudice, it couldn't possibly be because they taste like shit. Thats why McDs is in over 100 countries and fanysnobs will never be. They run on hype not customer satifaction.

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Posted in: Tokyo beats Paris again as world food capital See in context

must be the french resteraunt in Nara because there arent any other top notch places there.

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Posted in: UNESCO suspends new programs after U.S. funding cut See in context

The US is such a baby cutting funding because of Israeli interest in Washington. Israel has been kick out of and suspended from UNESCO twice over violations. But of course the country building racial colonies called settlements into palestinain lands after bulldozing down any homes or farmlands that were in the way gets the full support of the US government because AIPAC openly lobbies the congress to do its bidding. Israel wonders why people fire rockets at them, gee probably its because of the ongoing brutal military occupation and ethnic cleansing sponsored by the Israeli state, just a guess.

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Posted in: Japan sees record number of welfare recipients See in context

Couldnt this statistic be jarred because of the government's new program granting money to all families with new children as a means of boosting the birthrate? Any family with a young child, even if both parents have jobs, is recieving a small amount of welfare. I think its 13000yen a month or something but it is spaced out so that every three months they get a lump sum. That counts as welfare and would explain why unenployment figures stagnate but welfare stats have spiked. You have to be careful of statistics, people love to use them to lie. Thats not to say 2008's bubble in the US has not been a problem but lets be acurate here. I'd like to know if those figures were excluded or not or any other hidden figures that dont exactly translate to unemployed.

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