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Posted in: 61% of single men aged 18-34 have no girlfriend; 49% of women unattached: survey See in context

I think this is a big problem of Japan. Communication skill is good on the business or work. But they cannot change private mode. They need some friends at work or outside of office. Japanese people are really diligent. Therefore they will tend to work only. Their hobby tend to alone hobby. For example movies, listening music, read a novel etc. They have to open their mind. They have to have another community without work place. Of course work is very busy & killing their private time. But our life cannot be consist only with work. If you want lovers or boyfriends or girlfriends, why don't you open mind? and believe your true mind.

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Posted in: Foreigners show their Japanese singing skills on 'Nodo Jiman Za! World' See in context

What a beautiful voice he has! I know Japanese is hard to pronounce U.S. people are same as speaking English we do. But his pronunciation is really nice! Sing a song is really good way to speak & learn foreign language. I'm studying by Avril Lavigne's song. But I don't feel my pronunciation becoming better. I have to continue that. The important thing to studying English is enjoying. Sing a song is fun. Fun & continue make our English skill much higher level. I felt how he loves Japanese songs. As a same tome I’m proud of my country Japan. I’m Japanese but I have a lot of thing I still don’t know. I’m studying English now but I have to know about my country culture etc.

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Everyone has to watch youtube the movie of this article. That was really funny. My favorite scene is that Suneo was appeared. Yamasita Tomohisha cannot much Suneo's character but it is funny. Doraemon is really popular in Japan. Why is this cartoon so popular? Because we are really want to cheer Nobita up in front of TV screen. We have a sense of familiarity. He is bullied by Gyaian & he jealous Suneo & he has girlfriend. Our preference tends to reality. We need someone's help as like Doraemon but our reality there are no Doraemon. But we can corporate each other. ONEPIECE is kind of corporation cartoon. Always we love cartoon that is relating our life.

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Posted in: Twitter, mixi join forces to counter Facebook in Japan See in context

In my opinion, this is possibility for Japanese social community site's future. I guess Japanese people like mix better than facebook because facebook require real name & privacy. Japanese people is really don't like to show their real name and privacy. This collaboration fit Japanese style. Twitter is only tweet but mix has profile. This collaboration seem to be kind of facebook. Twitter has another possibility. March 11th earthquake, that day cell-phone didn't work because of a lot of access at same time. Cell-phone's line was filled by too many accesses. My cousin who is in north-east Japan didn't mail long hour. She was ok but her mail to me was very late. She sent a mail to me but mail was received 3 hours later. Therefore this collaboration has big possibility.

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