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ryukyustriker comments

Posted in: Japanese school explains why it won't let cold schoolgirl wear tights under her skirt See in context

False information. Japanese schools allow gym pants so she could have worn them. Sweat pants. Next they make it sound like schools have no heating . Another garbage answer. All these westerners answering to things they don’t know anything about. Students stay in one room and teachers move to each class. Only gym class is when they do leave class.

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Posted in: Angelina Jolie speaks out against rape in war zones See in context

I like how nobody knows Russia during WW2 and Japan is brought up all the time. The majority of the assaults were committed in the Soviet occupation zone; estimates of the numbers of German women raped by Soviet soldiers range from the tens of thousands to 2 million. In many cases women were the victims of repeated rapes, some as many as 60 to 70 times. At least 100,000 women are believed to have been raped in Berlin, based on surging abortion rates in the following months and contemporary hospital reports, with an estimated 10,000 women dying in the aftermath. Female deaths in connection with the rapes in Germany, overall, are estimated at 240,000. Antony Beevor describes it as the "greatest phenomenon of mass rape in history", and has concluded that at least 1.4 million women were raped in East Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia alone. Natalya Gesse claimed that Russian soldiers raped German females from eight to eighty years old. Russian women were not spared either.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activist Watson says Costa Rica made up charges See in context

Japan should just put sanctions on any country housing Watson. Either way Costa Rica has alot to lose from Japan if they don't play nice. Watson should face his accuser but he is a coward.

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Posted in: Suga stunned at Hatoyama's Senkaku remarks on Hong Kong TV See in context

Yukio Hatoyama the guy who's mother illegally funded money to his campain. That guy? The same guy who obviously has business ties to China. Yeah like we are going to believe anything out of his mouth.

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Posted in: Wada says Mari Yaguchi should apologize over illicit affair See in context

@Joiceroyo obviously you don't see whats going on here. Wada Akiko had alot of pull in the entertainment industry. Of course you wouldn't know that. She is basically saying if you applologize I got your back on protecting your career from being terminated.

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Posted in: Ex-yakuza member arrested for murder committed 16 years ago See in context

I think the statute of limitations was abolished in 2010. So he will face his crimes. Malfupete yes you can leave the yakuza you can quit anytime you like.

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Posted in: Japan halts some U.S. imports after modified wheat found See in context

The U.S. Government is trying to pass legislation to protect Monsanto from future lawsuits of the side effects of GMO's. Monsanto has a long standing relationship with the Government. Agent Orange was made by Monsanto.

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Posted in: S Korean paper says A-bombs on Japan were 'divine punishment' See in context

This is how stupid that korean editor is .God often borrows the hand of a human to punish the evil deeds of men,” said the editorial, which recalled the activity of Unit 731—a covert Japanese biological and chemical research facility that carried out lethal human experiments during the war. Unit 731 was given amesty for their research data on the experiments they conducted by the U.S. postulated that one reason the scientists were not tried was that the information and experience gained in the studies of the biological warfare was of a great value for the United States biological weapons development program. On 6 May 1947, Douglas MacArthur, as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, wrote to Washington that "additional data, possibly some statements from Ishii probably can be obtained by informing Japanese involved that information will be retained in intelligence channels and will not be employed as 'War Crimes' evidence"The deal was concluded in 1948. So the same people who released the A bomb let unit 731 go for their information. Bottom line Korea's hate is fueled by its right wing that will never move on even though now together they can achieve soo much.

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Posted in: Defiant Hashimoto says U.S. troops abused women during occupation See in context

Hashimoto's political downfall. Open foot place in mouth for that guy

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Posted in: Filipino director takes new look at Bataan Death March See in context

5 days of no food and water....but then the Japanese military had asked them to surrender peacefully but the US forces with their slaves Filipinos decided to fight to the death and inflicted heavy casualties on the Japanese army. When they ran out of ammo, they decided to surrender. In return, the Japanese army decided to have their revenge by having them march for 5 days without food and water.

This is war. And its a good thing they were not massacred

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Posted in: Handgun reported stolen from U.S. military base at Camp Zama See in context

First of all its either a very stupid guy cause your never suppose to leave ANY arms unattended or unsecure at any time. Or it was just like said above someone deliberately set it up to be taken and yes it does go to the Yakuza. .38 are rare in the military. A sidearm was taken from a securtiy gate officer in Okinawa awhile back. He was attacked knocked unconscious and his gun was taken. The attack was aimed at taking his fire arm while he was alone at a desolate gate. that gate is now closed indefinately due to that kind of security risk.

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Posted in: 'Matrix' siblings to debut TV series on Netflix See in context

If your a Japanese citizen with only a japanese bank account then no you can not get Netflix. If you do and have a credit card in America then you can. You must first change your proxy on your computer to U.S. then you can use Netflix in Japan. If not they will block you cause your I.P. Address is in Japan and the weird laws block it from being used.

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Posted in: No FTA See in context

I think Koreans did it in spite they hate Japanese

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Posted in: Criminals of Edo era were often punished by getting face tattoos See in context

In Okinawa women who were married got tattoo's on their hands. They were called Hajichi tattoos.Unfortunately Hajichi tattoos were pretty much wiped out and their memory forgotten in 1899, when the Meiji government placed a ban on hajichi-tattooists, who were usually the village shamans as well, in an attempt to make Okinawa part of a more centralized and homogenous Japan. There have also speculations that the ban was also used as an excuse to arrest female leaders in the community and break up the power they had.

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Posted in: Man stabs neighbor in leg, slashes face over noise dispute See in context

Well looks like both will have no more complaints about noise. Takuo Miyamoto is going to jail and kicked out of his apartment.

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Posted in: S Korean 'comfort women' sue Japanese rock band See in context

First of all I am sure the four 80-90 year old women didn't even know about it till some stupid korean nationalist brought it to their attention. Like these old lady's needed to be bothered with it. On the other hand I am sure there are Korean bands making bad songs about Japan. Hell That stupid anoying Psy made a song about killing americans.

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Posted in: U.S. airman arrested in Okinawa for causing accident while driving drunk See in context

Well first of all. 41 years old means he was really high ranking. I don't see a airman who is 21 years in. I think it was a officer. His ridiculous statement is because he panicked. He knew his career is over and possibly take his retirement away from him.

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Posted in: Chinese TV extra dies 8 times a day as Japanese soldier See in context

They wonder why there is such anomisities between the two countries. Keep fueling the fire

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Posted in: Okinawans rally in Ginza See in context

ahahaha You think rally against the base is their agenda? Wrong its a paid free trip by polical parties against the base and nationalist party,and communist party. Its the same the other way around. People from Japan get flown to Okinawa to rally for one day against the base. Guess what a free trip to Okinawa if I protest against the base for a couple of hours. Deal. So then they just go on vacationing.

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Posted in: U.S. Treasury freezes assets of yakuza gang See in context

Explain how America is detering the Yakuza? The FBI/CIA made a deal with a certain Yakuza member on ties from Japan to America in exchange for ready for this a kidney transplant. So they made this deal and bumped this yakuza member to the head of the list in front of everyone that was waiting for a kidney. Some died cause they were bumped.

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Posted in: Corporal punishment in schools: What's your stance? See in context

In Japan corporal punishment Hell YES. There always has been and it should remain. You mess up you get smacked. Its normal. So all of you who oppose it who cares are stupid.

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Posted in: Japanese rocket scientist gives up lucrative career to join Cirque du Soleil See in context

Good for him. I gave up art which drawing and painting was my life for a job that pays steady and alot that has nothing to do with art. I hate my job.

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Posted in: U.S. fines Toyota $17 mil for delayed safety reports See in context

all cars have problems. ALL.

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Posted in: China commentary questions Abe's sincerity See in context

from a country (China) Crime, corruption and tax evasion have cost the developing world nearly $6 trillion over the past decade, and illicit funds keep growing, led by China, a financial watchdog group

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Posted in: 16 tips for raising a bilingual child in Japan See in context

"half" kids got it easy now days. When I was growing up, me and my best friend who was half as well fought everyday. We were military brats,but still. We spoke fluently in english,Japanese and Okinawan. We fought local Japanese and Okinawan kids when we went home. We fought American kids at school aboard on the military base. Always out numbered. But we never lost. We were vicous. Its more accepted as a half now days.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor welcomes U.S. response on alleged rape See in context

Senator Jim Webb, a former combat Marine who has long taken an interest in Okinawa, told the symposium that the nighttime curfew was “backwards” and that the military should instead encourage more interaction with residents. Total idiot. Never lived in Okinawa or witnessed or understand all the stupidness or disrespect shown. I will tell you first hand. Not from a outsider. Born and raised in Okinawa,yet I am a American. The military does not enforce and and loose ends on controlling their military. Liberty restrictions? who will know if there is no one there to know exactly where their troops are. They say you have to be on base? Who is to know you didn't jump the fence or just stay out until 6:00a.m. which is has been done.

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Posted in: Jackie Chan weighs in on China-Japan island dispute See in context

retarded! Coming from a guy who is from Hong Kong. A region where its British cononial liberal ways gave him his opportunites today. Now siding with China? It goes to show that Jackie Chan has sold out. Formosa aka Taiwan is not Chinese,but is a part of China today just as Hawaii is not American,but a part of America. The islands in question were not a controversy until natural resources were discovered in the area in 1960's.

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Posted in: Two arrested for selling 'loophole drugs' See in context

Who ever said If they circumvent current control laws, how can it be illegal to sell them? Yeah stupid you will change your mind when one of these idiots get behind a wheel and run over your family. The law should be like the military's "any drug used for recreational purpose is illegal"

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Posted in: Google sets out to save dying languages See in context

Japan has its own dying languages. Okinawa had many dialects which are struggling at the moment cause at one time Japan banned it from being taught.

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Posted in: Why are Japanese so bad at English? See in context

Well I got to admit its the teachers fault and thecirriculum. Teacher usually either are proficient in English or Japanese. The cirriculum teaches them things they will not use 90% of the time. I am half american and Japanese. My cousins would often ask me for help with homework. I use to look it over and say god who speaks like this anymore and when is a student going to use these phrases. I use to teach english privately and would have a class of about 5. I would cater towards each student. They ranged from grade school to business men and women in professional fields. Each cirriculum is different. So for school kids I would hold a poll on their hobbies and interests. This way they memorize it better since they can relate. They would build the other stuff up and learn quick. Also how to pronounce words by how not just to say it but how to shape your mouth to obtain a certain sound.

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