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I agree with no1samurai, it's best to support your community bakery if they offered what you are looking for. I live in a rural area of Nagano, yet I'm lucky to have a number of choices for bakeries which cultivate their own natural yeast and offer many whole grain choices. a tad pricey but worth it for me, and way better than what's offered at most supermarkets. I'd use a service such as this if I didn't have my options nearby, and if it offered products I'd want to try.

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@JohnBecker Yes, they definitely are paying for media exposure and probably got their money's worth. Multiple Japanese media such as Asahi, named produce wholeseller, "Kuredo Miyazaki" as the winning bidder. https://www.asahi.com/sp/articles/ASM482RD0M48TNAB001.html

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I was shocked by the photo as well. Back in the day the RCMP would always park their cars at Tim Horton's, and stay there for half their shift. I only ever saw them drink coffee costing less then a twoonie. pay mustve gone up.

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Give them a slap on the wrist for an innocent prank. Should've done it in the winter months though.

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What surprised me most was when the woman ran into the ring and started performing chest compressions immediately without checking vital signs. My first aid training is a bit outdated, but i learned you check ABCs first (Airway,Breathing,Check pulse). if the person has a pulse, you needn't perform compressions. Have no qualms with a woman entering the ring, and her actions might've very well saved his life, but wished she showed more first aid prowress. Then, for a lack of better words, she would have really killed it.

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Check out Yohei Miyake. He's an indie reggae musician, and a Waseda Uni graduate running as an independent. He needs to work on elaborating on his policies, but most importantly he has millons of young people at least thinking about voting, whom otherwise would not. He brought Shibuya Hachiko-Mae to a standstill the other day with his "Election-Fest" (don't try to say this with a j accent). If I lived in Tokyo I'd vote for him. I will have to pick the best shot at stopping the 2/3 juggernaut in my riding.

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I am guilty of 1,2,3,4,5 and 9. My wife used to give me grief over most of them, but old habits die hard. She does give me some slack because I do make a conscious effort, so I consider myself lucky to have a fairly reasonable wife. Here is one simple way my wife can ruin my day though. She takes forever to go get ready to go out! If we have plans for noon, I tell her it's for 11, but we still end up being late by an hour! But what can I say, she was like that from the day I met her, so I knew what I was getting into. But still....

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