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Tell that to my many friends who live near the coast that do worry every time there’s an earthquake. Because eventually one of them will be big enough to trigger a large tsunami and the odds are that all of them will lose their homes. Something that no amount of disaster planning will do anything to mitigate.

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is that really the case!? We are long overdue for a tsunami from Hyuga Nada and it’s often discussed in the media. Hard to believe that other area would receive subsidies but not Miyazaki.

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Japan has the most restaurants per capital in the world. Clearly there are too many restaurants trying to squeeze out profits while just barely paying the bills. And with many Japanese complaining about even small price increases it puts even more pressure on these restaurants.

I’ve got friends here who have owned restaurants before and they all say they’ll never do it again. It’s a horrible way to earn a living.

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I track each and every typhoon in hopes of scoring some good waves. After many typhoons pass it is true that they did not live up to the dreadful forecasts. But this typhoon is of another scale. And recent forecasts have been consistent for days in showing it’s track and strength. And now it is barreling down on us in Miyazaki and many friends are without power and their wives are scared to death. And unlike other typhoons, this one will give us a solid 12 hours of powerful winds, along with 500mm of rain and many landslides.

Those who underestimate the power of Mother Nature are the ones who most often pay the ultimate price.

Good luck to all those who are affected by this monster.

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There are adverse affects with all vaccines, and all pharmaceuticals. Thousands of people around the world are now self proclaimed immunologists because they’ve spent time reading things online. VAERS has existed for over 30 years and thousands of reports are submitted every year. If you fear mRNA vaccines then choose Novavax here in Japan. These Covid vaccines have been given to more people than any other vaccine in history and have proven to be very safe. Of course there are complications in some people, but the 20 million lives the vaccines are estimated to have saved are exponentially greater than those who had an unfortunate response to a vaccine.

If people want to live on top of a mountain outside of society then I care not what they do. But if they choose to live in modern society with all the benefits that each of us enjoy then they need to lose their obsession with individualism and realize that their decisions have implications. Not getting vaccinated or even getting vaccinated and then behaving irresponsibly can end up causing sickness or even death. Like the person I know who went back home, caught Covid immediately, then went to a wedding and infected everyone there. That is hardly the type of society that I want to live in.

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Defeatist attitudes are not the solution to Covid. They allow the virus to mutate and infect more people, ensuring never ending pandemic pandemonium.

As long as people travel internationally the variants will find a way to survive. This is now the 7th wave and more will surely follow. Allowing oneself to catch each variant is clearly not a viable strategy. I don’t claim to have the answer but being safe and following precautions seems to be the only way forward.

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Other than Italy I can’t recall any countries having any empathy for one another. And although Japan has been a bit arrogant occasionally, the deaths per capita stats do show that they fared better than almost all countries in the world while also having no strict lockdowns.

I can’t think of another country besides Japan that I would’ve chosen to ride through this Covid madness.

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Many people were upset for months at the lack of testing here in Japan. And now that they are testing the numbers are probably the most accurate they’ve been. Whereas the US is hardly testing at all and people have that defeatist attitude that catching it is inevitable, as many posters here also believe.

But the most telling stat is the number of deaths per capita. And Japan is still ranked in the bottom five or ten globally. So all those people that continue to think they have the all the answers can just continue to ignore the damming evidence. Don’t let data get in the way of your beliefs.

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Gee…..what a surprise.

it seems like the only people wanting to hold the 2020 Olympics were those receiving bribes.

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Does anyone know if the Novavax vaccine is available as a booster here? A couple months ago I read that it was approved for use but haven’t seen anything about it since.

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I’m lucky in that my gym no longer requires masks. Although when they did I wore them with no complaints. It definitely helps vo2max.

Interestingly I’ve had three friends recently travel overseas, two to England and one to the US. While in Japan they always wore masks because everyone does. But back home they didn’t wear masks, and two of them caught Covid on their first day. The other friend took a week to catch it. Here in Japan none of them had caught it. Make of it what you will.

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What’s the point of military spending if the US military is here to protect Japan? Isn’t the national debt high enough already?

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Does anyone know if the novavax vaccine is available as a booster here in Japan?

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A recent Lancet study determined that the vaccines prevented 20 million deaths. Thankfully those 20 million weren’t taking the advice of all the “experts” on this message board.

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Here in Miyazaki the schools are all closed, yet there is no rain or winds. This happens for almost every typhoon.

At least the students and teachers can get a break

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Having had Covid does little to protect against getting it again. Million of people have had it more than once. In America 60% of people have had Covid while in Japan it’s only 10%. Japan’s safety protocols must have something to do with it.

Record numbers again in Okinawa and Miyazaki.

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So this happened back in December and it’s just now making the news? The prefecture where I live did not get the message. Here all of the ALTs live in apartments managed by the city. Which means that the city has a key to each apartment and can enter freely. There is only one black ALT this year and she must’ve been shocked when she noticed that her apartment had been searched while she was working. No other apartments were known to be searched. Imagine having to continue working and living here after that. The poor girl…

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it seems that those who say Covid is endemic are also those who choose not to take any precautions whatsoever. The new variants are already driving a surge in cases with predictions for another very difficult fall and winter. These variants are so different from the original omicron that previous immunity from an infection or vaccine provides little protection.

Here in Japan we’ve had relatively minor restrictions compared to most countries, due to the fact that the general population can follow the advice of experts. Unlike those in western countries who believe wearing masks make them suffocate and demand to live a ‘full life’ in those windows between lockdowns and swamped hospitals.

It may sound like I’m worried but that’s not the case at all. Because I follow simple safety precautions I’ve been able to stay healthy and live well.

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So scrapping all of the restrictions that kept many people safe since the pandemic began is now seen as a good idea?

I would love for things to return to normal but that will not happen until the variants stop mutating or a vaccine is made effective. In the meantime is it really that hard to wear a mask or social distance?

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After each and every major holiday in Japan the Covid cases have boomed. Although today’s numbers are just half of yesterday’s which are double the day before. Let’s hope the numbers stay down.

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Those Okinawa numbers are the highest I’ve seen down there.

Since the pandemic started after each and every big holiday in Japan the numbers have boomed. I can’t think of any reason things will be different this time.

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Until Japan can establish a basic computer literacy program in public schools there is no way universities can provide advanced computing education that will lead to cutting edge technologies. Even the top high school in my prefecture doesn’t have a basic computer programming class.

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So FIFA has known about these issues for over ten years but repeatedly fails to take any disciplinary actions or revoke their host status.

This kind of exploitation and racism seems all to common in Qatar and U.A.E.

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Amazing that they’re extending the restrictions in places like Miyazaki. With case counts of a few hundred a day and the hospitals almost empty of serious cases, the justification must on some ulterior motives. Maybe it’s that the many small restaurants are happy to take the payments for early closures? Or the governor wants the votes in the next election? Who knows? The logic is baffling.

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The problem with living with the virus is that the hospitals will overflow with patients and then many will stop living, with many never settling foot in the hospital.

Japanese are accustomed to visiting the hospital for even small discomforts. It doesn’t matter if vaxxed or unvaxxed, old or young, the sheer magnitude will overwhelm the system if the numbers increase much more.

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Here in Miyazaki it was quite strong. It lasted about 30 seconds with up and down and side to side shaking. We live in an older house and it was rocking real good. My wife immediately went to work adding to our evacuation kit. It was the largest I’ve felt in my 13 years here.

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Still so much complaining from those who have all the answers. I’m curious what countries people think have performed better than Japan during this pandemic. Considering all factors like lives lost, lockdowns and livelihoods.

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It really doesn’t matter what all the armchair experts here have to say, if your advice had been followed at any point in the pandemic there would have been major consequences.

If hospitalizations have crossed the previously agreed upon threshold then preventative measures will be enacted. Why is this seen as unreasonable? Very few rich countries have handled Covid as well as Japan.

Also, it’s interesting that those most bothered by these minor restrictions have an excessive love of alcohol and high levels of irritability.

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Great to see the JT community coming together here with excellent insights.

One more thing worth noting is the current five year low of JPY. Just a slight strengthening would put Japan back above these countries

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Djokovic, although an amazing player, has a history of being irritating. He’s always bent the rules to his advantage, shown arrogance, and poked fun at other players. With this recent covid debacle he’s been deceitful, irresponsible, and selfish, not just in Australia but in many instances.

The other players are clearly tired of his games and would relish the extra chances they’ll have if he doesn’t play. I can’t imagine many tears being shed for Novak.

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