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Posted in: Japan to replace cedars with low-pollen trees to tackle hay fever See in context

Down here in Miyazaki and Kagoshima we have a massive industry based around sugi. New areas of forest are constantly being felled with new saplings planted soon after. It can take 40 years before they reach maturity and can be harvested. Introducing new low pollen varieties is great but any possible impact is decades away.

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Posted in: Feeling flush: Japan's high-tech toilets go global See in context

We live in an old house and had a simple dry toilet for years that emptied into the septic tank. But then we got connected to city sewage and the landlord decided to put in a new basic toilet. The plumber offered to put on a washlet lid for an extra ¥15000. It had all the same features as the more expensive toilets. I was loving it until the spray strength function malfunctioned. After which upon pressing you would wait in horror for two seconds before you received either a light gentle spray or full force firehose. I had to stop using it until my wife told me the bidet function will also work when adjusted. Now I’m happy and fully clean again.

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Posted in: Foreign thieves likely behind stolen Japan bonsai amid boom abroad See in context

What a shame. But it seems like they may have figured out a solution. An AirTag placed in the soil of each pot will allow them to track the plants and shut down these operations.

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Posted in: Solar storm puts on brilliant light show across the globe, but no serious problems reported See in context

There were some solar flares seen in Hokkaido yesterday. I wonder if the rest of Japan has any chance of seeing them? Especially as places like Florida have seen them and their latitude is lower than even Kyushu.

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Posted in: Kenyan Olympic marathon medalist referred to prosecutors over assault See in context

The young girl may not have been as innocent as her defenders believe. If she was grabbing this man to keep him from leaving then she went too far. Especially if she was just upset about him using a phone on the train. That is hardly something worth holding him in the station and calling the police.

Of course any violence is not acceptable but the girl seems to have been provoking him and escalating the situation. If this was a Japanese man it would surely not be a news story.

Let him do some community service and continue living in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan enacts revised law for swift removal of defamatory online posts See in context

As another poster mentioned the Ocean Dome closed 16 years ago. The attraction was massive but too ambitious. It cost too much to run and operated at a loss.

But the Miyazaki area has been booming since 3/11 with many families relocating and enjoying the mild weather and low costs. Aoshima particularly has developed quite a bit recently and attracts visitors from all over Japan and Asia.

This was a wise purchase by the Fortress group as the area will continue to attract more people.

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Posted in: Yen briefly rises to 151 in New York after weak U.S. labor data See in context

Back in 2019 the yen was around ¥110/USD when the US interest rate was 2.5%.

Then in 2022 the yen went up to 148 as the US increased interest rates from 0-4%.

The BOJ will probably intervene as much as necessary to keep the yen from free falling and the speculators guessing.

For everyone living in Japan let’s hope the yen returns to a reasonable level.

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Posted in: Another suspected market intervention likely cost Japan ¥3 tril See in context

The yen has fallen so much this year that some traders and investment banks are taking gains off the table. Two interventions in one week will definitely cause concern among traders.

This may or may not be true but I’ll take any strengthening of the yen as a positive.

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Posted in: Biden blames China, Japan and India's economic woes on 'xenophobia' See in context

As an American I do agree that immigration has been great for America. But adopting similar policies does not work for every country. Immigration has clearly failed in many European countries.

And the best and the brightest of many countries still feel the urge to come to America. This is clearly not the case with China, Japan and India.

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Posted in: On first day of Trump hush money trial, prosecutors say he corrupted 2016 election See in context

Michael Cohen was found guilty in a federal court of campaign finance violations over the hush money payments to Stormy and McDougal. This was way back in August of 2018.

There is no question that Trump will be found guilty as well, especially considering all of the newer and more incriminating evidence that will be presented.

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Posted in: Japan seeks to reclaim tech edge with overseas help See in context

As others have hinted, innovation is a foreign word here in Japan. It is not possible to train an adult to be innovative or to accept innovation. By then it is far too late. These mindsets are nurtured in schools where creativity is encouraged and supported.

IT literacy is uncommon in Japan, with many families not having computers and most people fearing the internet. The high schools teach Microsoft Office and a handful teach programming at the most basic level. By the time students reach university they ranked near the bottom of computer competency.

The USA and Japan pumping money into semiconductors and AI is more about geopolitics than giving Japan any chance of becoming an international leader again.

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Posted in: Ohtani's ex-interpreter negotiating guilty plea: New York Times See in context

Until this issue is completely investigated and resolved I am a skeptic. Otani has more than enough money to make Mizuhara an offer he can’t refuse. Paying him off to take the full blame now or whenever he’s released from prison would be in both of their interests, along with the Dodgers and the MLB.

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Posted in: Song lyrics are getting simpler, more repetitive: study See in context

I’m guessing most of the people commenting here used to spend much time consuming music years ago. It was a different world and entertainment choices were much fewer and we were all less busy. People nowadays don’t have the time or desire to read the liner notes and uncover the mysteries of their favorite bands. There are also more artists than at any time in history all competing for the same short attention spans. The lyrics have clearly been dumbed down, notably today’s rap music which is an embarrassment to the greats of the 90s.

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Posted in: 2 die, 100 hospitalized after consuming Japan drugmaker's health supplements See in context

The company will consider compensation for those companies that have been asked to conduct voluntary recalls.

But will they consider compensation for the dead and ill? And will this product be taken off the market until the investigation is complete?

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Posted in: Sumo great Hakuho could lose stable over protege's bullying: reports See in context

I wonder if it was difficult for a Mongolian to master the art of bullying. Good to see that he feels remorse and takes responsibility for his mistakes.

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Posted in: Takarazuka Revue director to quit post after death of actress See in context

Didn't this unfortunate suicide happen about a year ago? Why has it taken so long for this resignation?

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Posted in: Takarazuka Revue director to quit post after death of actress See in context

 …..conveyed to the bereaved family his intention to apologize.

This says a lot about their lack of shame and responsibility.

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Posted in: Unusually warm weather in northern Japan puts damper on winter events See in context

As others have mentioned the cause is probably the combination of global warm and El Niño. This may be a very wet rainy season as El Niño ends and leaves its moisture in the Indian Ocean which then comes our way.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo to launch new 5-year program with 50% foreign students See in context

This is definitely a step in the right direction when Japan’s universities are already competing for students as the population drops. The only way to maintain status quo is to find a source of students from outside Japan and then recruit enough to keep the universities full.

Unfortunately the program goal is 25 years from now and the final outcome is really just a few dozen students a year. More needs to be done faster.

It would also have to nice to know how many other universities in Japan have implemented similar programs and what the numbers are.

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Posted in: Nikkei briefly hits 34-year high, with many Asian markets shut for Lunar New Year holiday See in context

The more they gain the more the poor fail.

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Posted in: Noto locals pin hopes on return of tourists to hasten quake recovery See in context

Yes it does seem a bit soon to be talking about recovery. This part of Japan is lovely and I greatly enjoyed traveling around the area pre pandemic. But even then there were very few tourists and you could clearly see that its best days were decades ago. The population is aged and young people do not want to live there. Rebuilding will take years and the population will have dropped even further by the time it’s finished. I wish them all the best but a future dependent on tourism is not practical or realistic.

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Posted in: Japan inflation slows in December as energy bills fall See in context

As long as the largest corporations continue to take in big profits and the stock market reaches new highs the interest rates won’t be changing. Clearly the govt cares more about the health of the corporations than its citizens. It’s obvious those old dinosaurs care little about the future of Japan.

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Posted in: 9-month-old girl being carried by mother dies after car backs into them at supermarket See in context

My wife arrived at this same store to do some shopping right after the accident happened and as the police were investigating. Supposedly the mother had just walked out of the store when she was hit and the driver was wearing sandals that got caught on the gas pedal.

Hard to know the truth but this is what my wife was told. RIP little girl.

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Posted in: Japan to provide ¥10 bil to support ASEAN-linked research center See in context

call me crazy but these funds could be much better spent supporting the thousands of researchers here in Japan who compete for dwindling funds while watching China and other much smaller countries overtake them.

Additionally many of Japan’s best and brightest head to the US or Europe where there is more respect and funding for research.

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Posted in: G7 nations call for 'humanitarian pauses' in Israel-Hamas war See in context

The difference between the Israel/Hamas war and the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is that the civilians/refugees actually had places or countries they could escape to. Millions went to bordering countries.

In Gaza there is nowhere to run, and even when they run south as instructed they may still be bombed. It is hardly a similar situation.

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Posted in: Japan mulls economic package of around ¥17 tril See in context

And this is why the yen continues to weaken. The govt keeps printing that money as if it’s the only way to solve problems.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. and Japan condemn N Korea's alleged supply of munitions to Russia See in context

If Russia didn’t care about UN sanctions and inventions before they attacked Ukraine they’re surely not going to care about previous agreements they made. What is surprising is that they are so desperate for munitions that they would ask North Korea for help. Hopefully that means the end is near.

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Posted in: Japan's inflation slows to 2.8% in Sept as energy impact lessens See in context

So….without govt fuel subsidies the core CPI would’ve risen 3.8%, even more than the August increase.

The headline here is not accurate at all.

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Posted in: Japan to promote security camera use to curb child sexual abuse See in context

I can’t understand the logic of people being against a sex offender registry. Without it pedophiles will continue jumping from one job to another after arrests or convictions.

Some people are more concerned about the employment prospects of a convicted offender than they are about the lifelong suffering of a sexual abuse victim.

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Posted in: Japan lagging world in introducing livestock welfare standards See in context

Every month a big box of organic free range eggs is delivered to our house. The price is higher than standard mass produced eggs but the quality is excellent. This farmer is very concerned about animal welfare and the demand is strong, with a long waiting list.

Wagyu are in most cases not humanely raised whatsoever. I’m in Miyazaki, which often receives top Wagyu rankings in the country, and there are three farms near my house. Two of the farms leave their cattle knee deep in crap year round except for inspection visits. Their cattle never see the light of day. The cattle cry and scream at all hours and the vets regularly visit to supply medication. The whole purpose of Wagyu is to make them as obese as possible, with no exercise and very little movement.

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