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Posted in: NPA urges police to avoid impression of racial profiling in questioning people See in context

So this happened back in December and it’s just now making the news? The prefecture where I live did not get the message. Here all of the ALTs live in apartments managed by the city. Which means that the city has a key to each apartment and can enter freely. There is only one black ALT this year and she must’ve been shocked when she noticed that her apartment had been searched while she was working. No other apartments were known to be searched. Imagine having to continue working and living here after that. The poor girl…

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Posted in: EU lifts mask requirement for air travel as pandemic ebbs See in context

it seems that those who say Covid is endemic are also those who choose not to take any precautions whatsoever. The new variants are already driving a surge in cases with predictions for another very difficult fall and winter. These variants are so different from the original omicron that previous immunity from an infection or vaccine provides little protection.

Here in Japan we’ve had relatively minor restrictions compared to most countries, due to the fact that the general population can follow the advice of experts. Unlike those in western countries who believe wearing masks make them suffocate and demand to live a ‘full life’ in those windows between lockdowns and swamped hospitals.

It may sound like I’m worried but that’s not the case at all. Because I follow simple safety precautions I’ve been able to stay healthy and live well.

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Posted in: EU lifts mask requirement for air travel as pandemic ebbs See in context

So scrapping all of the restrictions that kept many people safe since the pandemic began is now seen as a good idea?

I would love for things to return to normal but that will not happen until the variants stop mutating or a vaccine is made effective. In the meantime is it really that hard to wear a mask or social distance?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,011 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 28,510 See in context

After each and every major holiday in Japan the Covid cases have boomed. Although today’s numbers are just half of yesterday’s which are double the day before. Let’s hope the numbers stay down.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,809 new coronavirus cases; Osaka 4,192 See in context

Those Okinawa numbers are the highest I’ve seen down there.

Since the pandemic started after each and every big holiday in Japan the numbers have boomed. I can’t think of any reason things will be different this time.

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Posted in: Japan considers programs to develop talent in semiconductors, batteries See in context

Until Japan can establish a basic computer literacy program in public schools there is no way universities can provide advanced computing education that will lead to cutting edge technologies. Even the top high school in my prefecture doesn’t have a basic computer programming class.

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Posted in: Qatar World Cup organizers admit workers were exploited See in context

So FIFA has known about these issues for over ten years but repeatedly fails to take any disciplinary actions or revoke their host status.

This kind of exploitation and racism seems all to common in Qatar and U.A.E.

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Posted in: Japan to extend virus restrictions in Tokyo, 12 other prefectures until March 6 See in context

Amazing that they’re extending the restrictions in places like Miyazaki. With case counts of a few hundred a day and the hospitals almost empty of serious cases, the justification must on some ulterior motives. Maybe it’s that the many small restaurants are happy to take the payments for early closures? Or the governor wants the votes in the next election? Who knows? The logic is baffling.

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Posted in: No. of daily new coronavirus cases in Tokyo passes 20,000 for first time See in context

The problem with living with the virus is that the hospitals will overflow with patients and then many will stop living, with many never settling foot in the hospital.

Japanese are accustomed to visiting the hospital for even small discomforts. It doesn’t matter if vaxxed or unvaxxed, old or young, the sheer magnitude will overwhelm the system if the numbers increase much more.

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Posted in: M6.6 quake hits southwestern Japan; over 10 injured See in context

Here in Miyazaki it was quite strong. It lasted about 30 seconds with up and down and side to side shaking. We live in an older house and it was rocking real good. My wife immediately went to work adding to our evacuation kit. It was the largest I’ve felt in my 13 years here.

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Posted in: Japan widens virus restrictions but some people becoming less cooperative See in context

Still so much complaining from those who have all the answers. I’m curious what countries people think have performed better than Japan during this pandemic. Considering all factors like lives lost, lockdowns and livelihoods.

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Posted in: Japan looks to expand COVID quasi-emergency to Tokyo, 10 other prefectures See in context

It really doesn’t matter what all the armchair experts here have to say, if your advice had been followed at any point in the pandemic there would have been major consequences.

If hospitalizations have crossed the previously agreed upon threshold then preventative measures will be enacted. Why is this seen as unreasonable? Very few rich countries have handled Covid as well as Japan.

Also, it’s interesting that those most bothered by these minor restrictions have an excessive love of alcohol and high levels of irritability.

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Posted in: S Korea, Taiwan expected to top Japan in GDP per capita in 2027, 2028 See in context

Great to see the JT community coming together here with excellent insights.

One more thing worth noting is the current five year low of JPY. Just a slight strengthening would put Japan back above these countries

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Posted in: Australian Open players tire of Djokovic saga See in context

Djokovic, although an amazing player, has a history of being irritating. He’s always bent the rules to his advantage, shown arrogance, and poked fun at other players. With this recent covid debacle he’s been deceitful, irresponsible, and selfish, not just in Australia but in many instances.

The other players are clearly tired of his games and would relish the extra chances they’ll have if he doesn’t play. I can’t imagine many tears being shed for Novak.

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Posted in: Japan Post reveals more lost personal info affecting 290,000 clients See in context

I sent a package to the US a couple weeks ago and learned that starting in January all packages will have to be first registered online. We went ahead and registered online and found the process very time consuming and demanded excessive personal info. This story confirms that my fears were fully warranted. Our data is doomed.

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Posted in: S Africa dismayed at 'punishment' for honesty over Omicron variant See in context

I’ve read that South Africa has millions of unused and unwanted vaccines. So many that they’ve asked for future deliveries to be postponed so they aren’t wasted. They clearly have issues with convincing people to get vaccinated yet they lash out at the world and attempt to play the innocent victim card.

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Posted in: Japan's Atlantic bluefin tuna quota for 2022 increases by 257 tons See in context

Last I heard Japan consumes 70% of the worlds bluefin tuna. Happy to see the fish stocks are recovering.

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Posted in: Japanese-inspired forests take root in COP26 host city See in context

The Japanese seem to have a love/hate relationship with trees. They admire their beauty out in parks and shrines, but any trees near houses are seen as a danger or a nuisance.

I have seen this Miyawaki method in a number of areas locally. In fact, it seems to be the dominant afforestation method nowadays. It is also well known within the permaculture, reforestation and organic farming communities.

it is wonderful to see Japanese pioneers like Miyawaki and Fukuoka admired and respected for their contributions to agriculture.

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Posted in: Scientists comb Japanese waters to study new eco threat See in context

Interesting article. After watching the Netflix documentary, Seaspiracy, I learned that most plastics in the ocean originate from commercial fishing. So the best way to reduce microplastics is to stop eating fish.

Also, if Japan could launch an effort to fine those who dump trash on roads or remote areas this would have an impact. After any major rain the beaches are littered with all types of waste that found its way into the rivers and then the ocean. The people dumping this trash probably have no idea it ends up in the ocean and the general Japanese public would probably be shocked to know most beach trash is actually of domestic origin.

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Posted in: Man arrested for forcing his pet cat to swim See in context

I’m very surprised and encouraged that this is news.

There’s a restaurant nearby me where they’ve kept a wild pig in a very small cage for about two years. They’re fattening him up for an eventual eating. Hot, cold, rain or shine he’s stuck there right next to the road, barely able to turn around. Wouldn’t this also fall under the animal protection law??

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Posted in: Amazon unveils robot that can patrol homes See in context

Netflix did an expose piece on this new technology. Check out Love Sex and Death.

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Posted in: Japan reviews medical system ahead of possible 6th COVID wave See in context

Why would the possible benefits be minimal? If that's possible now wouldn't that have translated to saving at least a few of those who died outside hospitals, in best case scenario everyone of them?

according to the data in Japan the antiviral cocktails that are being used only reduce COVID symptoms by about 5%. It sounds low to me but that's what this expert said.

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Posted in: Japan reviews medical system ahead of possible 6th COVID wave See in context

it seems that many people here agree that private hospitals should be treating these Covid-19 patients, myself included. So, a few weeks ago I asked my student, who is one of the top covid doctors in my prefecture, this same question. He said that many of these private hospitals would be unable to provide adequate care for these patients, as the doctors often specialize in something unrelated and are a bit incompetent. Based upon my experience with doctors here in the countryside, it is a very good point.

There is some work being done to change existing laws that prevent treatments outside of hospitals so that those in the covid hotels could receive antiviral treatments, but the possible benefits would be minimal.

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Posted in: Land prices continue to fall in Japan amid pandemic See in context

Ive considered buying land and building a house here in Japan but i fail to see any benefits over renting. I’m paying ¥45,000/mo for a nice house with lots of parking, a shed, and a garden. If their are any problems the landlord resolves them immediately and the owner gave us permission to do anything we choose inside and out. I’m guessing my yearly rent may be comparable to a home owners property taxes and insurance alone, without considering any repairs they’ll need to pay for, or their mortgage. The money I save goes into investments that appreciate nicely and will allow us to retire early.

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy drowns in river in Shiga Prefecture See in context

I also regularly swim in the ocean and rivers. I even enjoy taking my big tube down rough rapids. But the currents in large rivers can sometimes be surprising and unpredictable. Some years ago my friends tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate a boy who was enjoying a rock slide in a lovely river. The water coming off the rocks was so strong it pushed him under and he never came up. So tragic. And the river I swam in today is technically closed for swimming due to a death a few years back. Weak swimmers should never enter a river if there’s even the slightest chance of danger. Condolences to the boy’s family. Rest In Peace little guy.

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Posted in: Immigration agency admits to mistreatment of Sri Lankan before her death See in context

What a horribly tragic story. It is very disturbing to know that the country I love and call my home can allow this behavior with no ramifications.

Imagine the Japanese out roar if this happened to a Japanese national overseas. Like the Japanese friend I once had in California who had overstayed his student visa by five years. If he’d been detained, become ill, and then died due to neglect - there would surely be outrage in Japan.

The staff in this detention center are clearly racist, do not respect basic human rights, and should be punished severely. Sadly, this will not happen.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after being hit by truck outside supermarket See in context

Another horrible tragedy. Clearly the boy should not have been allowed to run into a parking lot, but I have seen many a driver going entirely too fast in parking lots or even residential streets with children nearby. If pedestrians are not on a sidewalk then drivers must go SLOWLY to prevent accidents.

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Posted in: Online trolls targeting transgender Olympian: Kiwi official See in context

Laurel is 185cm and 130kg. How many women in her division are anywhere near this size?

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Posted in: Surfing finally makes Olympic bow under blazing Japanese sun See in context


waves will be good on Tuesday and Wednesday. As a surfer you should know this.

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Posted in: Japan's Horigome wins first ever Olympic skateboard gold See in context

We are not out there trying to vandalize or trespass, or the way a lot of people see it. We are just out there doing our jobs, to be honest, and having an awesome time.

this excuse is ridiculous. When skating street it’s almost impossible to avoid damaging things, and saying it’s a job implies that one has no choice in the matter, or it should be fine if one is making money from skating. His attitude shows the perfect irony of skateboarding being an Olympic sport. It always has and always will be annoying to pedestrians and property owners. The Olympics may get more skateparks built but it’ll never be accepted on the streets.

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