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Posted in: China says U.S. should be concerned about Japanese nationalism See in context

@Tony Ew

All I hear from my buddy in the Marines is how they trained to counter an invasion from china. I'm pretty sure the U.S.A is going to pick another democracy over a communist state, if push comes to shove.

[the following is a poorly constructed opinion] I can't honestly say I know of a person with my circle of friends or family that would think anything terribly negative about japan. I have family living there, and from what I hear its a very friendly, welcoming, and warm country. As opposed to a friend of mine who studied in china and said the place was filthy and you could barely breath the air and drink the water. I've never been to either country, so my opinion is drawn entirely from 3rd party perspective/experience. The only thing I've heard that has been negative about japan is the amount of xenophobia. China while posturing, doesn't really seem all that much of a threat to me. I mean, they pirate most of their technology and and 'try' to implement it.. only to have it explode or sink. And Japanese nationalism? I seriously doubt Japan herself wants to dominate the world, or invade china for its rich amounts of desert. I don't doubt however, that there are several hundreds or more people wishing Japan would just break free of American bondage, we have that kind of thing here in the states.. its called wackos and cranks. The evangelical right and the socialist left contain people who think the U.S.A. 'ish der berst and better invade canadiana'. People with too much time and not enough hobbies. To give one extreme example, its the extreme right/left populace's belief in the that we're hot stuff and everyone had better start being us or you. ( you = JDAMs). I'm not about to damn an entire country for having a few politicians with extreme ideals, china however, is a commie state which is extreme already. The whole place is a joke.

I probably come across as someone with little knowledge or experience on the matter. Sorry.

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Posted in: Tohoku drug dealers slow to anticipate local demand See in context

All drugs are dangerous, but if I experienced that tsunami, I would want something to help me sleep too.

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Posted in: Beta males rejoice! 77% of women say geeky 'otaku' A-OK See in context

Nothing wrong with people and their hobbies, its just the ones who take it too far that get all the attention..

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Posted in: Thousands march for gay rights in Japan's first 'Rainbow Week' See in context

This kind of news brings me hope, being born inter-sex and in the middle of transitioning(While also being lesbian), I have always feared that I wouldn't be welcome in Japan. Glad to see times are changing for the better.

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