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Posted in: The cruel truths behind the pet boom See in context

Is it really cute for goer to the shop, cats in this kind of cafes? You should be able to derive the really happiness only from owing their cat and loving it.

I don't wanna have a lunch with animals on the knee, caressing them. They can take a dump when I am eating!!

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Posted in: Missing Hokkaido boy found alive in SDF hut in forest after 6 days See in context

That father should have been suffering not only from the concern about safety of his child, but also heartless severe criticisms by anonymous on the internet.

I knew from the beginning he had been alive while you were saying that "The boy must be dead already" What are people doing who had been insisting that "the father is suspicious, definitely he had to kill him" ? You have to say something to that boy's father, don't you?

but it is great that finally the boy found totally safe. I hope they can build good relationship again from now on.

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Sharing car system sounds great. I haven't knew it. If you want to use the internet site of sharing car systems, first ,confirming users safety, you have to file your identification papers or some others on most of that kind of sites. Everybody should not take a long distance trip very often so I don't think that it is not worth spending much time to follow this troublesome procedure.

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Posted in: Man shoves girlfriend into sea at Yokohama’s Yamashita Park See in context

Women' mind will never change, no matter how old she gets.

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Posted in: New photo of Japanese journalist missing in Syria appears with message plea for help See in context

Nusra Front is threatening Japan, saying they will send him to ISIS in hostage exchange unless the deadline is ignored. Why is it that Nusra Front basically will not kill their hostage?

It make me in trouble that my 14-years-old, who will never show any interest on social problems, will get interested in whenever someone has got captured by Islamic extremist and exposed in danger of death with him made in orange!!!

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Posted in: Missing 7-year-old boy left in mountains by parents as punishment See in context

I don't think from that depressed face of him in the interview of TV that the father is hiding other things furthermore. He seemed to me to be really in sorrow and must be regretful for his act. To be sure, he was wrong, but there is no need to blame him.

Thinking the boy may be shaking his body in fear for help as I am writing here, I become very sad. I hope he will be found totally safe. He is definitely still alive.

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Posted in: Attack on singer sheds light on risks of stalkers-in-waiting See in context

She is still unconscious, I hope she will pull through and she will be able to live safe with her family as before..

The police can't begin to act their duty unless something actually have happened. Almost stalking cases like that eventually don't go beyond the certain line. If the police is ganna deal with every cases like that seriously, they would be so swamped that they can't move.

By the way, Here is one futile thing.It is revealed that the culprit, Iwasaki, have shown up in porno video as a amateur actor two years ago. the video feature that mans who have never had a sexual deed is introduced to sensual touch or even genital sex by famous porno star!! indicating he had never had a sexual intercourse by that time. He might have starved for love. He might have decided to star in the video longing for anything like love.

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Posted in: 'I still hate the glow of the sun': Hiroshima survivors' tales See in context

Though it may be not concerned with this article, when I was elementary school student, I was vividly impressed with its cruelty of the war in reading the book "Hadashi No Gen", which a number of school in Japan have in their library. I am 20-years-old Japanese now, not a few friends of mine have read the book at the youth,and they said "it was impressive". "Hadashi No Gen" is being removed from elementary schools across the Japan, since it isn't educationally proper for their age of the school. It is ridiculous. it is the very book that bring the reality and what happened in Hiroshima at the day.

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Posted in: American man gets 18 months for dumping woman's body in bay See in context

he conceded that he dumped her body in the bay? Does it mean he dumped her body after she committed suicide for fear that their intimacy would be revealed? not killed her?

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Posted in: Baby boy falls to death from 6th floor in Kyoto See in context

I don't think that a 1-year-old boy is capable of ripping up the windows net. I cannot stop catching the whiff of something like crime.

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