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Posted in: Plutonium found in urine of 5 workers exposed to radiation See in context

Reember, Albert Stevens was injected with enough plutonium to accumulate a dose of ~64Sv. If that had been acute, he would be dead 6 times over. As it was, he died of something unrelated to radiation.

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Posted in: Plutonium found in urine of 5 workers exposed to radiation See in context

With plutonium and basically every other material that is toxic in large amounts, small amounts can be beneficial. It is a biological effect called hormesis.

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Posted in: Fukushima plant's new ice wall not watertight, TEPCO says See in context

It is TEPCO policy to announce worst possible case. What will actually need to be pumped and stored will undoubtedly be much lower than that.

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Posted in: Sendai reactor power ramp-up halted due to pump problem See in context

Sendai Nuclear Plant, Thank you for being cautious in your ramp up to full power. It shows that safety is uppermost in your mind.

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Posted in: Technology to look inside Fukushima reactors faces challenge See in context

jerseyboyMAR. 30, 2015 - 11:05AM JST But a programming glitch could not be fixed in time for Friday’s demonstration at Toshiba’s research center, near Tokyo, to show any image, even a mock-up, from the muons.

A perfect microcosm of the entire four-year clean-up effort. But, hell, what's another 500 million yen compared to the huge amount that has already been wasted?

True, the amount wasted on paying for the EXTRA petro-carbon needed because the other nuclear plants were hysterically shut down is grotesque. Japan would benefit by turning them all back on NOW and using the money saved (~3X the clean-up effort so far) to make the most needed changes first (FLEX system) and also speed the Fukushima clean-up.

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Posted in: Japan opts for massive, costly sea wall to fend off tsunamis See in context

Couldn't a series of breakwaters strategically placed so as not to disrupt the current or harm the environment serve to reflect future tsunamis before they ever got to shallow water and strted to pile up?

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Posted in: New radioactive water leak detected at Fukushima plant See in context

How MUCH? Who in their right mind cares if it is "70 times average" if it is teaspoons per fortnight?

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Posted in: Worker crushed to death by falling panel at school construction site See in context

BAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS! This elementry school has already killed more people than Fukushima Rad-Con! |rolls eyes|

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Posted in: Abe seeks overseas help on Fukushima water leaks See in context

I notice that many commented about TEPCO doing things "on the cheap". Well, when the Japanese Gov shut off one of their main sources of revenue, there is not much left to do things top notch. Seems they have done what they could all on their own.

Does Japan have the equivalent of the Price-Anderson Act that makes the entire industry liable for the acts of any plant? If not, might I suggest that is the next step?

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Posted in: Plastic pad clogs up Fukushima water cleaning system See in context

The ALPS is overkill. A simple high reflux still would remove all isotopes other than tritium. That makes up part of the water. That water (tritiated distillate) can be frozen into a stable glacier andafter about 120 years, it will be effectively decayed away.

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Posted in: Record radiation readings seen near Fukushima water tanks See in context

52atomsrgodSEP. 05, 2013 - 10:03AM JST Radiation does not DILUTE. In the environment, land or ocean, plants and animals accumulate (add up and store) radiation over the lifetime of that animal. This property is called BIOACCUMULATION. Look it up, there is no debating on this issue.

Actually, it does dilute. It the bioaccumulates from the much lower level. But bioaccumulation is a function of the outside level, so if it is much lower, the internal accumulation would be much lower too.

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Posted in: Record radiation readings seen near Fukushima water tanks See in context

Rick KisaSEP. 04, 2013 - 02:52PM JST

That is the 100th radiation record reading we have had this year. Poor irradiated workers and neighbouring communities must be having it rough..The myth that nuke energy is cheap, sustainable, pro-people, clean and ecologically sound is busted for good!

To those who actually understand the meaning of the readings, the list of attributes you give are recognized to be true. Only those who's ability to understand the reality of the situation has been compromised by the fear mongering anti-nukes believe otherwise.

The numbers are: Fossil fuels kill . . . . . ~3,000,000 per year. Renewables kill . . . . .~2,000,000 per year. Meanwhile, including ALL the accidents etc., on average, Nuclear Power MIGHT kill . <300 per year.

I still like those numbers, they tell me we should be pushing nuclear as hard as possible.

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Posted in: NRA says tainted water may have to be released into ocean See in context

How much radioactivity is building up in the sea life around Japan? Hasn't the NRA heard of bioaccumulatation???

The only radioisotope that cannot be easily removed (tritium) does not bio-accumulate.

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Posted in: NRA says tainted water may have to be released into ocean See in context

“I’m afraid that it is unavoidable to dump or release the water into the sea” after it is purified to levels recognised as safe under international standards, Tanaka told a news conference.

Actually, there is an alternative to dumping into the ocean.

After the water is high-reflux distilled to rid it of everything but tritium, the water can be frozen into a stable glacier in antarctica where it will remain sequestered till it decays away.

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