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Posted in: Israel says Rafah assault looms; massive Gaza airstrikes end weeks of relative calm See in context

Rafah is the last base of the people of Gaza. First, they moved them from the north of Gaza to the south, and now they plan to evict them from there as well

Oh, from their own land!

How many children were killed and how many children were orphaned. The world did not stop Israel. But the people of Gaza stood.

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Posted in: College students called on to help prevent suicides among young See in context

Suicide is forbidden in Islam. I think Christianity is the same.

That's why I never thought of it as a solution!

But what was interesting to me was this verse from the Quran

"No one despairs of God's mercy except the disbelievers"

It means that one should not despair of God's mercy

This means all those millions of people who suffered hardship in their poverty, but continued and hardship gave way to ease

However, for a good and purposeful life, it should be accepted that we need truth, we need the divine religion, which really connects us to God,

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Posted in: Pro-Palestinian rally See in context

Idon't know if I am allowed to show you a link of LinkedIn pages here or not. But it seems that I need to do this because the media won't let you see!



Israel is so bad that no media can cover his bad face.

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Posted in: Pro-Palestinian rally See in context

You don't have to stay in Japan to protest for your country. Japan is a peaceful country with a lovely livelihood. Don't spoil that.

Palestine was the same until Jews from all over the world came there and occupied it.

I know the media doesn't tell you much. But again, with the information that is published, some people are really doing injustice. Have a little fairness. Israel has killed 150,000 people in Palestine over the past few years. A large number of them were ordinary people and women and children.

Israel has shut off water, electricity and food to the people. Do Japanese or any country you are in, hospitals use a special system for electricity that I don't know about? that you don't realize the depth of the disaster?

People die while they are hungry.

Do you know anything about phosphorus bombs? Israel uses these bombs against ordinary people. can you believe

Children who are killed every day by aerial bombardment. I wish your media would talk about the lies that have been told. The story of the concert is narrated without any film. Even worse, the story of the 40 babies, for which the various journalists who covered the story are apologizing to the public because there is no evidence for it.

The Israeli army provided an image to prove it, it turned out that it used artificial intelligence to make it.

Now, if you do a search, you will see that the proof of the killing of Palestinian babies and children does not need anything, just look at the pictures! news! and... . Just look!

A Reuters reporter was also killed in Israel, but even Reuters did not mention that he was killed by Israel! Why? Because all the media are ordered to cover the news unilaterally.

At least nine journalists were killed in Palestine. Israel is killing everyone in Gaza.

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Posted in: Iran's Raisi urges Japan to release Tehran's frozen assets See in context

When you talk of Drones, I'd like to know what country you belong to?!

Because Iran, if he has given any Drones, has it to a country where there are military men fighting

But america killed hiroshima, bombed people and weddings in afghanistan, and killed innocent people for testing and … killing.

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