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Posted in: New magazine SAMURAI.JP launches in search of Japan’s lost values See in context

I find it pretty strange that so many people are indignant about the state of modern life when they ARE IN IT! Half the people you meet these days grew up in the materialistic world. Basically, Japan from the 70s was moving in that vein. You have to be really old to qualify as someone who knows what Japan was about before its current material streak.

Samurai spirit isn't gone. It's just reimagined because it's nebulous and never really had a form. It's another legend that doesn't reflect the truth of the times. Knights weren't so chivalrous either. It's just rose glasses and fondness for the past.

And without a digital presence, yes, this magazine is shooting itself in the foot.

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Posted in: Train operator criticized after derailment, fire See in context

I agree with both ben and shinjukuboy. Seize your moment yourself.

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Posted in: A Geek in Japan See in context

I actually feel like these kind of books can be counter-productive because they focus on all the famous Japanese things, without concentrating any energy on the not-so-famous. Anyone who's lived in Japan has heard it all before; Anime, tea-ceremony, geisha girls, etc etc ad infinitum. But isn't Japan more than that? Isn't it a country that has more to offer the world? It feels to me like these books encourage Japan to rest on its laurels culturally when Japan is actually in deep poopoo right now. Japan needs to be invigorating and reinventing, trimming the fat and making big decisions to prevent its industry from falling further behind.

Stop looking at the past glories and focus on the next one, Japan!

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Posted in: Protest See in context

Hey, at least they are making an effort to lobby for change, unlike people sitting at home with a cup of coffee and reading JT. And Japan desperately needs a more volatile element in its populace to combat the stoic shrug that usually comes as the conclusion of serious discussions here.

And who knows - their conviction might sway the mind of someone on the fence who goes on to create helpful changes. That's what it is for.

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Posted in: Inspection See in context

What on EARTH are those posters in the background above the door? They look like a mind-map done by 14-year-olds at a weekend retreat!

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Posted in: Good PR and crisis management plans needed more than ever See in context

Reckon Sony might need their PR department working overtime. Japan Inc can't afford to have a meltdown with China on the rise.

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Posted in: Yahoo ready to deliver on promise to upgrade email See in context

Pff, Yahoo lost the email wars a long time ago. I have a gmail account and a yahoo account, and I know which one I prefer for my professional mail use. I get almost no spam to my gmail because I don't sign up with it for anything at all that isn't important, and it loads pretty quick. And it's got built in video chat and online chat. And nothing else. No popup ads, no unnecessary 'front page' that I'm always going to click straight past, and the login page is nice and empty. Going to yahoo, on the other hand, the only way to get to my mail is to click a tiny text box to 'Mail' that they clearly try to hide amongst all the crap, then put in my details, then load the useless splash page that contains nothing of any value, and THEN I can get to my mail. It's not a hardship but it's just poor design in action.

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Posted in: Amazon says e-book sales surpass printed books See in context

I'd love to get an e-reader with a Japanese/English dictionary, so I can read Japanese without a separate tool. Anyone know of such a thing?

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Posted in: A new era for universities See in context

Totally agree, Kevin. This is a textwall with no direction or point, randomly flopping into irrelevant history. And I say that as a history major. I suppose when you're dealing with a topic as nebulous and conceptual as globalisation you're always going to struggle... but this is so unsure where it's going, I thought it was a translation of a terrible Japanese article (seeing that it's written by a business specialist also explains the carefully crafted rubbish, though). There are way too many thoughts begun and then left without any sort of explanation. It's like the writer had a word limit and desperately wanted to cram in every possible angle without actually exploring any of them.

Which is a pity, because the overarching point is a good one: That universities don't just disseminate technology and knowledge, but also create run-on affects if you can inculcate your ideas in exchange students. The professor needs to ratchet it back and actually talk about some consequences rather than just stuffing so many ideas in.

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Posted in: Taxi break See in context

Really great picture. Has an odd mix of sadness and beauty.... what dreams did this guy have as a young man? And how did he wind up driving cabs? How does that make him feel? Does he shrug it off as life's winding path or does he hate every day he climbs into the cab...?

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Posted in: Depp steers 'Pirates' into critical seas of Cannes See in context

Just proves that Disney can only make cringeworthily lame stuff if left to the execs.

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Posted in: Design Festa See in context

If you like biology, I think they're great. I'm not that interested in physiology myself, but they're hardly morbid. About as morbid as the chicken bones on your plate after dinner.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga to debut songs on online game FarmVille See in context

She's very clever and creates an extremely vivid image. That might not be difficult per se but it's certainly worth something.

I like her. Needs more boobs though.

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Posted in: Tales of Japanese science fiction and fantasy See in context

Speaking of Kindle in Asia, does anyone know of a e-reader that contains a japanese-english dictionary and can download japanese books? I'd love to make a stronger habit of reading j-novels without the odd gap in my understanding.

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Posted in: Kan to forgo PM's salary until nuclear crisis brought under control See in context

A bit late. He should have the balls to make a call about his performance and explain why he's doing this.

Doesn't make a whole lot of sense really. Nuclear wasn't his decision and it's been around for awhile, as have these reactors. What is the message he's trying to send?

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Posted in: New language learning tool, Japanese Flash, launches on App Store See in context

Hi folks - I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a dictionary App that integrates with e-reader software - or an E-reader that contains J-E/E-J dictionaries? ? That is, something I can use to read Japanese e-novels, and when I want to find a word or kanji, I just press it. This seems to me to more or less be the holy grail of foreign language/literature study... Books that enable you to literally press their words and get definitions. Of course those definitions won't be exhuastive or anything like learning a word through different contexts, but it would be incredible for learning during commuting/etc. Imagine being able to read a Japanese novel with confidence about every word because you were able to simply click through to basic information?

Does anyone know of such an e-reader, or a dictionary app that is integrated with e-book software on a tablet / phone? This is what I am waiting on before purchasing a tablet.

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Posted in: Apple juggernaut sends ripples through tech world See in context

Wow! What kind of fanboy guff IS this article? I realise Apple's sales have been pretty great, but who uses subtitles in a short article calling companies 'losers' ?? If you want to shine Apple's apples, just do it with facts, not name-calling!

As for the 'facts' mentioned above, try digging a little deeper, please. I have read that Apple instructs its iPhone retailers to limit monthly sales to create artificial delays. In other words, there are warehouses full of phones that aren't allowed to be moved because Apple wants to create chances for conspicious consumption, and you can't be elite and a trendsetter if everyone else on your bus or train has an iPhone too. And I'll bet this applies to iPads too. I was told at a store they 'didn't know' when they'd be getting more iPad2 in stock - but I'm pretty sure it's when Bill at the depot gets told to relinquish the keys.

All of which can only be viewed as savvy marketing which creates the kind of cultural cache you need to be number one. So, well done Apple. But it doesn't make their closed-shop format any more attractive. I already have an iPod touch, and with iTunes being so terribly clumsy to use, I'll be looking to an Android tablet in future. I will be able to do what I want, how I want, and not have to convert every video and music file in order to do so!

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Posted in: iPad2 arrives See in context

WilliB, I don't think I've seen a more ridiculous conflation of Japanese trending and cults in all my time reading JT. Absurd. LostinNagoya is right. Apple is as much about branding as products now; while some people can't fathom gadget spending that isn't carefully researched and sensible, others revel in the chance to be the first with the new toy. Maybe it's a deficinecy in attention or confidence. Or maybe they just really love certain products. In any case, the posters suggesting that this kind of fandom is uniquely Japanese are kidding themselves. Apple has been the darling of the chic designer set for years now; and gadgets are as elegant as and marketed like watches or cars now. It makes perfect sense for geeky types who might not be enthusiastic about physical competition to do it with their money; it's just like clothes, cars, and every other bit of conspicious consumption.

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Posted in: Men act stupid when talking to beautiful women, study shows See in context

What a ridiculous study. If workplaces in Japan rewarded application and idea-generation, they wouldn't need to point the finger at boobies creating a lack of focus.

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Posted in: AKB48 to join Avex artists at this year's A-Nation music festival See in context

Part of the proceeds? Should be ALL. If they were smart, they'd go for the win-win and get themselves brand credit whilst helping their countrymen and women.

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Posted in: Tourists wanted See in context

It's not as simple as just dropping prices. There's the whole austerity / restraint thing going on which just means some people aren't willing to go on holiday now. Not to mention prices are not always inflated needlessly. Some places will take a huge profit but others won't. Those simple can't drop their prices much lower. Just because YOUR holiday browsing wasn't cheap doesn't mean it could be.

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Posted in: NHK to broadcast UK royal wedding live See in context

Hoo-rah, pip pip , good show old boy wot

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Posted in: 23-year-old man arrested over death of girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter See in context

Dammit, you still aren't adressing the core issue, whether or not the speculation is true. The point laconic's getting at is that killing this one guy won't prevent this sort of thing happening again. Prevention is better than punishment. If he was to live and be a recidivist, that would be tragic, but that's so far into speculation as to be more speculative than the predictable and measurable good of social services.

This keeps cropping up in Japan, and if I had to give a reason, I'm pointing to both home 'discipline' and club discipline, where assigned leaders and even teachers brutalise kids as 'training'.

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Posted in: Spicy noodles See in context

So you get paid to promote noodles, right jobseeker? I think you better find a nicer job.

Nobody in their right mind would eat instant noodles every day for a whole year. They are full of preservatives.

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Posted in: Cheer up See in context

It's a curious thing when people from different backgrounds meet up and one has to bridge the divide to the other in body language and tone. From the two photos we've seen, people all react differently.

It would be nice if the royals could be removed from their other duties and placed in a group spearheading relief efforts. They could use their clout to make companies and money move, while leaving the details to the experts.

Just showing up and sympathising is nice, but it won't put rice on the table.

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Posted in: Pitching in See in context

Hard work, but at least they will know people appreciate it.

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Posted in: Grand Hyatt Tokyo launches 'Smiles for All' campaign See in context

Give them a break, not all businesses can afford to give everything to charity and expect to keep themselves afloat.

Why don't we be positive and see this as a step in the right direction and credit it as such? Being suspicious and hateful doesn't solve any problems.

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Posted in: Deal me in See in context

Kids can sit like that just fine. For those interested, the global giving website is doing a collection specifically for children orphaned by the crises.

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Posted in: Site for movie fans See in context

A clever idea! Only concern is that his audience needs to be somewhat tech-savvy; there is an entry bar to possible attendees. But a very forward-looking guy.

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Posted in: Few were prepared for nuclear crisis See in context

Well, to be fair, this is a bigger quake than was ever expected to hit; though I don't know how they calculated the figures. I wonder if it was just a guess figure that slipped into common acceptance?

It's certainly pretty shameful that more wasn't done sooner for the plants though. They should have been working at 100% disaster management from day one, not trying to manage things by themselves however they could. With this sort of thing, you call in the cavalry, foreign and otherwise.

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